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Electron Microscopy Sciences


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Ice Buckets Iris Scissors
Ice Pans Isolators, Press to Seal Silicone
Ice; U-tek Blue Isopropyl Alcohol
Ice; U-tek Packets Jack; Laboratory
Ilford Jars:
· Developer · Coverglass
· Film · Microwave
· Multigrade Paper · Staining General
· RC Deluxe · Staining Slide
Illuminated Magnifiers Jaw Forceps
Illuminator: JB-4 Embedding Media Kit
Image Rotation JB-4 Plus Embedding Media Kit
Imaging Chamber Jenner Stain Solution
Imidazole Jelly, Glycerin
Immersion Oil: Jewelers Saw
· Type 300 Karatin Stains
· Type A Karnovsky’s Fixative
· Type B Kelly Forceps
· Type NVH Kempad-Pan W
· Type 37 Kimwipes
· Type DF Kinyoun’s Solution
· Type FF Kits:
· Type LDF · Dissecting
· Type OVH · Freeze Substitution
Immuno-Bed Embedding Kit · Tool
Immuno Gold Reagents · Ultrabed
Immunofluorescence Chamber Knife:
Immunolabeling Syringe Filters · Autopsy
Immunosaver, Antigen Retriever · Cartilage
Immuno Slide Staining Trays · Diamond; Diatome
Inclusion Body Stains · Diamond Dissecting
Incubation Chamber · Frisket
Incubation Tray · Glass Strips
· Petri Dish · Microsurgical
Incubator · Sapphire
· Enviro-Genie® 6-in-1 · Trimming
· General Protocol Microbiological Knife & Tool Set
· General Purpose Knives; Dissecting
· Low Cost Kodak :
Indicator; pH · Cleaning Chemicals
Indigo Carmine · Developer Cleaner
Indium Trichloride · Neutralizer
Ingrain Blue, IC · Film
Innoculating:   · 4489 Electron Microscopy Film
· Loop   · SO-163 Electron Image
· Needle   · T-Max 100
Inserts:   · T-Max 400
Instant Glue; Mascot   · T-Max P3200 Professional
Instant Hand Sanitizer · Media Products
Instrument Tray · Ribbons
Inverted Compound Microscope · Transparency Media
Ion Beam Sputter Deposition and Etch · Photographic Products
Ion Etcher Komet Stir Bar
Ion Mill Stage Kraft Envelopes