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Electron Microscopy Sciences


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Available as hard copy printed catalog and now as an eBook on CD-ROM, a completely interactive version of our catalog.

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Catalog  XVII is the most complete collection of products for light microscopy, histology and electron microscopy and general biological and materials research.  With over 12,000 products in total and over 2000 new unique items this catalog is truly an encyclopedia every lab should have on the shelf. Simply submit this form online or print and fax or mail the form to us.

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Chemicals: Evaporation
Embedding: Calibration:
Conjugates: Cryo Preparation:
General Supplies: Photography:
SEM: Safety:
TEM: Preparation:
Grids: Cleaning:
Tweezers: Cameras:


WETSEM®: Critical Point Dryer
Diamond Knives: Cryo Prepreparation:
Tissue Processor: Sputter Coater:
Microwave Ovens: Turbo Evaporator:
Tissuer Slicer: Plasma Etcher:
Plunge Freezer: Glow Discharge:
Freeze Dryer: Equipment Repair:

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All new for 2020 is a complete catalog of histology products.

Histology Catalog

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