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Electron Microscopy Sciences

The most comprehensive source for electron microscopy, light microscopy, and histology supplies, chemicals, and equipment.

EMS is committed to providing the highest quality products along with competitive pricing, prompt delivery and outstanding customer service.

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Purchase a NIGHTSEA™ Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter
and receive 20% off an additional Light and Filter Set.

NIGHTSEA™ Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter Light and Filter Set

New products for light and electon microscopes

Recent Catalog Addendums

  • New Products for 2013, including C-Chip disposable Hemacytometer, JuLI™ Smart Fluorescent Cell Analyzer, BrightSlide™ D, AziGrip4™ Bio-Functional Coatings, ACLAR® Fluoropolymer Films, Quantifoil® Holey Carbon Films, Vacuum Greases, Omniprobe Accessories and Consumables, Coverslips, Combination Scales, Incubators (Compact Low-Cost, Isotemp Standard, General and Advanced Protocol), Freeze Substitution Kits, and EVOS Digital Microscopes Download here
  • Technovit® Embedding Kits and Mounting Mediums, Embedding Molds, Specialty Counting Chambers, Chamber Cover Glasses, Magnifying Lights, MeX, and Standard Loop Filaments Download here
  • Chambers slides and wells for microarraying, hybridization & incubation, cell culture, imaging, cytochemistry, and protein crystallization Download here
  • Compound and Stereo microscopes for Clinical, Research, materials and Educationsl use, Gold paste, EMS Sheild, and Anapore and Polycarbonate membranes Download here
  • Over 50 updated and new items including including products for laboratory and cryo labelling, microtube and tube cooling, tube storage, gel electrophoresis, and autography. - Download here
  • EMS 150T Turbo Pumped Sputter Coater / Carbon Coater and SEM DigiCam 2 Download here

Product Updates


See our list of upcoming webinars. Look for this graphic on our pages to see product-specific webinars.

EM Instant Film

Not quite ready to convert to digital? Our solution to the discontinuation of Polaroid film is instant film packs from Fujifilm. Click here.

Ilford Black and White Paper

Do not be forced to go digital. Due to the recent discontinuation of many of the Black and White photography papers, we are offering a complete line of equivalent paper from Ilford that will meet or exceed those papers you have used in the past . As well, we also have the Ilford line of chemicals for fixing and developing. Click here.

SALE - Discontinued Items

Take advantage of the low prices of our discontinued items, found on our Sales & Discontinued page, available here.