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Electron Microscopy Sciences


arrow14Online Catalog Table of Contents

arrow121. Chemicals for Electron Microscopy, Light Microscopy and Histology

Custom chemicals are available. Please email

arrow122. ImmunoGold Reagents

arrow123. Embedding Media Kits for the Biological & Materials Science:

arrow124. Grids, TEM Support Films, Grid Staining & Storage

arrow125. Silicone Nitride Mesh and Films

arrow126. Calibration Standards, Specimens, and Aids

arrow127. Microscope Accessories

arrow128. Nanomanipulation and FIB Lift Outs

arrow129. MAC Standards

arrow1210. Mailers and Shippers

arrow1211. Specimen Preparation and Embedding Supplies

arrow1212. Material Sciences and Metrology

arrow12*NEW* Online - Silicon Wafer Cleaving System, Tools and General Accessories

arrow1213. Histology and Light Microscopy

arrow1214. Scanning Electron Microscope Supplies

arrow1215. Cryo Supplies and Accessories

arrow1216. DiATOME Diamond Knives

arrow1217. Photography: Film and Supplies

arrow12 18. Tweezers, Dissecting Tools, Instruments, and Gadgets

arrow12 19. Tools for MicroSample Manipulation and Measurement

arrow1220. Illuminators, Magnifiers, Microscopes and Graticules

arrow1221. Air and Environmental

arrow1222. Cleaning Solutions and Accessories

arrow1223. Vacuum Pumps & Evaporation Supplies 

arrow1224. Cell Stretcher

arrow1226. Vibration Isolation

arrow1226. Equipment and Accessories

arrow1227. Safety and Lab Organization

arrow1228. Labels, Tapes, Dispensers

arrow1229. Starter EM Kits

arrow1230. Technical Tips, Data Sheets, MSDS

arrow1231. Scientific Equipment Repair Center