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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Cryo Supplies and Accessories

arrow14Cryo Vials and Cryo Vial Racks, Holders, and Boxes


Specially Formulated Polypropylene, is certified Rnase-free, Dnase-free, Pyrogen-free, and DNA-free

Specially Formulated Polypropylene, is certified Rnase-free, Dnase-free, Pyrogen-free, and DNA-free.

  • Designed for storage of biological material, human or animal cells, at temperatures as low as -190°C.
  • The cap features a long skirt for one hand aseptic technique.
  • A super fast thread design that allows tightening or removal with a mere 11⁄4" turn, and an inside thread design that will not contribute to possible contamination.
  • Tubes are provided with white marking area for sample identification, and can be color-coded by the use of a CAPINSERT®.
  • These CRYOVIALS® are compatible with most storage systems.
  • Vials are sterilized by gamma irradiation, and are packaged in unique tempered-proof, reseal-able, safety-lock-bags of 100, and 10bags to a case.
  • The closures and tubes are both manufactured of polypropylene having the same coefficient of expansion, which further enhances the leak-proof qualities of these vials at changing temperatures.

Tubes are available in three series:
Series T309

  • Lip-Seal Design Tube
  • Tube withExternal Threads

Series T310

  • Silicone Washer Seal
  • Tube with External Threads

Series T311

  • Silicone Washer Seal
  • Tube with Internal Threads


All Cryovials® are sold by case quantity (10x100 per case)
** Item 61801-10A (10 ml Self-Standing 17x84mm) are only 50x10 per case.

Catalog # Series # Volume (ml) Style Size (mm) Price  
61800-1A T309-1A 1.2 Self-Standing 12.5 x 43 240.00 Add to Cart
61800-02 T309-2 2 Round-Bottom 12.5 x 48 240.00 Add to Cart
61800-2A T309-2A 2 Self-Standing 12.5 x 49 240.00 Add to Cart
61800-3A T309-3A 3 Self-Standing 12.5 x 72 252.00 Add to Cart
61800-4A T309-4A 4 Self-Standing 12.5 x 78 270.00 Add to Cart
61800-5A T309-5A 5 Self-Standing 12.5 x 92 304.00 Add to Cart
61801-1A T310-1A 1.2 Self-Standing 12.5 x 43 310.00 Add to Cart
61801-02 T310-2 2 Round-Bottom 12.5 x 48 310.00 Add to Cart
61801-2A T310-2A 2 Self-Standing 12.5 x 49 310.00 Add to Cart
61801-3A T310-3A 3 Self-Standing 12.5 x 72 320.00 Add to Cart
61801-4A T310-4A 4 Self-Standing 12.5 x 78 349.00 Add to Cart
61801-5A T310-5A 5 Self-Standing 12.5 x 92 400.00 Add to Cart
61801-10A T310-10A 10 Self-Standing 17 x 84 260.00 Add to Cart
61802-1A T311-1 1.2 Self-Standing 12.5 x 43 300.00 Add to Cart
61802-02 T311-2 2 Self-Standing 12.5 x 49 300.00 Add to Cart
61802-2A T311-3 2 Round-Bottom 12.5 x 48 300.00 Add to Cart
61802-3A T311-4 4 Round-Bottom 12.5 x 72 345.00 Add to Cart
61802-4A T311-4A 4 Self-Standing 12.5 x 72 345.00 Add to Cart
61802-5A T311-5 5 Round-Bottom 12.5 x 92 402.00 Add to Cart

capinsert for cryovial tubesarrow12CapInsert™ for Cryovial® Tubes

Made from polypropylene. Color-coded inserts fit precisely into the cap of the CRYOVIAL® above for color identification. CapInsert® are sold 500 per bag.

61805-W CapInsert™, White 500/bag 15.50 Add to Cart
61805-B CapInsert™, Blue 500/bag 15.50 Add to Cart
61805-R CapInsert™, Red 500/bag 15.50 Add to Cart
61805-G CapInsert™, Green 500/bag 15.50 Add to Cart
61805-Y CapInsert™, Yellow 500/bag 15.50 Add to Cart
61805-T CapInsert™, Tan 500/bag 15.50 Add to Cart
61805-GR CapInsert™, Gray 500/bag 15.50 Add to Cart
61805-L CapInsert™, Lilac 500/bag 15.50 Add to Cart
61805-O CapInsert™, Burnt-Orange 500/bag 15.50 Add to Cart
61805-V CapInsert™, Violet 500/bag 15.50 Add to Cart
61805-P CapInsert™, Pink 500/bag 15.50 Add to Cart

wide mouth cryogenic vialarrow12Wide Mouth Cryogenic Vial

A wide mouth vial with 15 ml capacity. Useful for the storage and retrieval of solid specimens, such as bone, tumor, and organ samples. Made from polypropylene with high- density polyethylene screw closures. Selfstanding. Radiation sterilized, noncytotoxic, non-pyrogenic. Caps are attached in 15 bags of 5 vials each or 75 per case.

61850-15 Wide Mouth Cryogenic Vial 75/case 129.00 Add to Cart

cryo-lok cryogenic vialarrow12Cryo-Lok Cryogenic Vials

CYO-LOK vials are ideal for storage or transport of material of extremely low temperatures. The vials have external threads, providing a smooth and uniform inner surface. This eliminates the problem of air born contamination and/or sample loss so common when vials with internal threads are used. The screw top incorporates a molded-in sealing ring, which assures a tight leak-proof seal.

  • Graduated in 0.5 ml increments
  • Conical bottom with slotted skirt
  • For use in vapor phase of liquid nitrogen
  • Color Caps also Available*
72650 2ml, Non-Sterile 1000/pack 86.00 Add to Cart
72651 2ml Sterile 500/pack 84.00 Add to Cart
72652 2.5 ml, Non Sterile 1000/pack 84.00 Add to Cart
72653 2.5 ml, Sterile 500/pack 84.00 Add to Cart
72654 3.5 ml, Non Sterile 1000/pack 90.00 Add to Cart
72655 3.5 ml, Sterile 500/pack 94.00 Add to Cart
*Cap color Red, Yellow, Orange and Green are available upon request.

cryogenic vial rackarrow12Cryogenic Vial Rack

Made from durable polycarbonate. Its unique design with slotted cavities accepts vials with slotted skirts. When placed in the holes the vials become locked in position, enabling the user to attach or remove the cap with one hand. It accommodates up to 50 vials(½ " or 13.5mm diameter) in a 4x10 array with alphanumeric indexing. Autoclavable at 121°C.

Measures: 7½"x4½"x 7/8" (190x108x22mm)

62015-01 Cryogenic Vial Rack each 15.00 Add to Cart
62015-04 Cryogenic Vial Rack 4/pack 50.00 Add to Cart

Polycarbonate Boxes for Freezer Storagearrow12Simport Cryostore® Boxes

Polycarbonate Boxes for Freezer Storage

Stackable – Racks stack on top of each other to consolidate storage space

Easy Reference – Transparent lid allows for easy viewing of samples and location

Autoclavable – Polycarbonate boxes areautoclavable at 120°C for 20 min. at 15psi

Self Draining – Each box includes drain holes in the base and air vents in the lid to minimize condensation

Multiple Colors – Available in Blue, Green, Red and Yellow

Made from strong Polycarbonate, these durable cryogenic storage boxes are designed to be used at temp-eratures between -190°C and +121°C and are auto-clavable. Different models are available to accommodate ®tubes from 1ml to 5 ml.

A transparent cover allows the user to see the contents of the box, and is keyed to the base to prevent misalignment. Being printed with a series of squares (numbered from 1 to 81, or from 1 to 100), the surface accepts writing with markers for better inventory control.

A unique color-coding system uses color plastic grids inserted to separate the cover from the base of the 81-place box. Boxes are made to accept 100 tubes have a colored base instead of grid. A choice of four popular colors is available: blue, green, red and yellow.

Removal of vials is facilitated by an innovative tool called the Vial Picker, which is supplied with each storage box.

cryostore boxes
  1. Writing surface has numbered squares for easy sample identification
  2. Stackable
  3. Vials readily visible through transparent cover
  4. Four colors available for better color-coding
  5. Cover and base are keyed to prevent misalignment
  6. Drain holes under base
  7. Made to fit freezer metal racks
  8. Writing surface for identifying base and/or cover
  9. Autoclavable at 120°C, 15 psig (1 bar) for 20 minutes
  10. Numeric identification of each vial
  11. Air vents minimizing condensation
Catalog # Box Type For Tubes
Square Height Qty/Pk Qty/cs Price Select Color
61809-x 25-Place 1.0-2.0 ml 3” 2 1/16” 8   41.00
61810-x 81-Place 1.0-2.0 ml 5 1/4” 2 1/16” 4 24 226.00
61811-x 81-Place 4.0 ml 5 1/4” 3 1/8” 6 12 128.00
61812-x 81-Place 5.0 ml 5 1/4” 3 3/4” 5 10 105.00
61813-x 100-Place 1.0-2.0 ml 5 1/4” 2 1/16” 4 24 199.00

cryo storage boxesarrow12Cryo Storage Box

Made from heavy-duty chipboard. These boxes store vials neatly and fit most standard rack systems. They come with dividers and are slotted for cross-ventilation. The small box is 5½ " (132mm) square, 2" (50mm) high and contains divided spaces for up to 81 2ml vials.

62010-10 Small Cryo Storage Box 4/pack 30.00 Add to Cart

Cryo Transport Boxarrow12Cryo Transport Box

Made from high impact polystyrene

  • Ideal for transporting Cryo Vials
  • Durable construction
  • Organizes small amounts of Cryo Vials
  • Holds 1.0 – 2.0 ml Cryo Vials
62004-05 Cryo Transport Box for 5 Tubes 20/pk 55.00 Add to Cart
62004-10 Cryo Transport Box for 10 Tubes 10/pk 36.00 Add to Cart

arrow12NovaRack™ and NovaChamber™

Unique Cone-Shaped Storage Racks For Easy Sample Viewing

Organize Easily view, organize and track up to 46 tubes including 24 - 0.5 to 2.0 ml tubes, 14 tubes up to 8ml in size including cryovials and 12x75mm culture/blood collection tubes, 7 - 15 ml tubes and 1 - 50 ml tube

Durable Constructed of durable polypropylene and autoclavable

Stackable Use the Stacking Adapter to double available bench space

Freezable Turn the rack over and fill with water for freezing. A non-slip rubber bottom (included with each NovaChamber) keeps the water/ice contained for a portable ice chamber rack.

Molded numbers - Foe easy sample tracking each rack rack has molded numbers.

61610-x NovaRack each 40.00
61611-x NovaChamber each 59.00
61610-50 Stacking Adapter - Purple each 12.00 Add to Cart

Rota-Rack™ Tube Racksinfo available in pdfarrow12One-Rack® Test Tube Racks

These durable racks are molded in a single, continuous piece - no assembly required and no detachable pieces. Racks are made of Delrin® fiberglassreinforced polyoxymethylene, an engineered polymer developed by DuPont to have exceptional chemical and heat resistance. Molded index coordinates and flat labeling areas keep samples organized. Delrin® is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company

Temp. Range: -40°C to 140°C

61617-0(x) One-Rack® Test Tube Racks for 16mm Tubes, 36-place 127x250x70mm each 22.00
61618-0(x) One-Rack® Test Tube Racks for 20mm Tubes, 20-place 100x252x83mm each 30.00
61619-0(x) One-Rack® Test Tube Racks for 30mm Tubes, 9-place 110x282x85mm each 29.00

Rota-Rack™ Tube Racksinfo available in pdfarrow12Rota-Rack™ Tube Racks

Connect up to 4 interlocking racks. Twist and turn to suit your application!

Rotate each of the four modules independently. Use several sizes of test tubes, culture tubes, centrifuge tubes, or microcentrifuge tubes at the same time. Click each module into place, load with tubes, and carry! Rack maintains its orientation until you twist it again. Comes fully assembled. Autoclavable. Each module of the Rota-Rack for large tubes holds two 50 ml tubes, eight 15 ml tubes, six 20 mm tubes, or ten 10-13 mm tubes. Each module of the Rota Rack for microtubes holds six 15 ml tubes, nine 1.5/2.0 ml tubes, twelve 0.5/0.6 ml tubes, or thirty-two 0.2 ml PCR* tubes or four 8-tube strips.

61604-10 Rota-Rack for Large Tubes each 40.00 Add to Cart
61604-20 Rota-Rack for Microtubes each 40.00 Add to Cart

4-Way Microtube Racksinfo available in pdfarrow124-Way Microtube Racks

Create as large a rack as you need by linking together multiple racks. Heavyduty polypropylene racks feature a unique system of tabs and slots, that facilitate easy connection and sturdy fit. Autoclavable. Assorted colors or natural.

Measurements: 174 x 95 x 52 mm

61615-00 4-Way Microtube Rack Assorted 5/pack 49.00 Add to Cart
61615-20 4-Way Microtube Rack Natural 5/pack 54.00 Add to Cart

81-Well Freezer Storage Rack info available in pdfarrow1281-Well Freezer Storage Rack

Durable polypropylene rack fits in standard 5.25” square freezer modules and holds 1.5 to 2.0 ml microtubes and cryovials. Features molded grid lines on the lid, imprinted coordinates on the bottom of base, and a molded reference point on the lid. Rack measures 5.125 x 5.125 x 1.75".


61600-x 81-Well Storage Rack 5/pack 32.00


80-Well Microtube Storage Rackinfo available in pdfarrow1280-Well Microtube Rack

Popular fraction-collector-plate style rack. Rack holds 1.5 to 2.0 ml microtubes in a 5 x 16 array. Tubes sit in large wells with conical bottoms. Polypropylene rack is ideal for freezer storage. Autoclavable. Rack measures 8.875 x 2.625 x 1.125".

61603-x 80-Well Microtube Rack 5/pack 18.00

100-Well Microtube Storage Rackinfo available in pdfarrow1296-Well Reversible Rack

Polypropylene rack has 96 wells to accommodate 0.5 ml micro centrifuge tubes on one side, or 96 wells for 1.5 to 2.0 ml micro centrifuge tubes on the other side. Arranged in standard 8 x 12 array. Handy lid snaps into place in the tabs on each end of rack. Grid lines are molded on the side of the rack that accommodates the smaller tubes making it easier to see the wells. Raised rings are molded on the opposite side of the rack making it easier to replace the 1.5 to 2.0 ml tubes from those wells. Rack measures 9.75 x 4.75 x 1.875".

61602-x 96-Well Reversible Rack - Assorted Colors 5/pack 44.00

Polypropylene rack has 96 wellsinfo available in pdfarrow12100-Well Microtube Storage Rack

Polypropylene rack features durable three point hinges and clasp for secure lid closure. Holds 1.5 to 2.0 ml microtubes and cryovials. User friendly rack features molded gridlines on the lid, imprinted coordinates on the bottom of base, and imprinted and raised coordinates on the box. Rack measures 5.625 x 5.875 x 2.25".

61601-x 100-Well Storage Rack 5/pack 32.00

True North Microscope Slide BoxTrue North Microscope Slide Boxarrow12True North™ Slide Box

These purple unique boxes which are made from durable polycarbonate and rugged stainless steel will protect your slides in ultra-low temperatures (as low as -80 O C). These boxes provide for safe storage and transport of 25x75mm and 1x3” Slides. With temperature sensitive foam lining and grooved slide slots which separate the slides there is always protection for slide contact.

For easy slide retrieval, identification sheet, lining, and grooved slots are numbered. These boxes are stackable and autoclavable. They measure 208x175x34mm.

71485-01 True North™ Slide Box each 20.00 Add to Cart

info available in pdf electropolished stainless steel freezer racks arrow12Electropolished Stainless Steel Freezer Racks

High Quality, Ultra-Durable Freezer Racks for Long Term Sample Storage

  • No Sharp Edges - All edges have been ground down to remove the sharp surfaces that plague standard freezer racks.
  • Electropolished - This step cleans up all weld points that, over time, may be the starting points for corrosion.
  • Superior Construction - Superior construction and design have created a more sturdy rack than what is currently available on the market.
  • Durable - Racks are designed and finished to last longer in the demanding freezer environment where samples are housed.
  • Surgical Finish - Electropolishing leaves racks ultra-shiny and free from any surface contaminants.
  • Multiple Sizes - Several vertical and horizontal options are available to fit a variety of freezer configurations.
61615-25 4x4 Freezer Rack, holds 16, 3" boxes rack 174.00 Add to Cart
61615-30 3x4 Freezer Rack, holds 12, 3" boxes rack 160.00 Add to Cart
61615-35 3x3 Freezer Rack, holds 9, 3" boxes rack 160.00 Add to Cart
61615-40 3x4 Freezer Rack, holds 12, 2" boxes rack 152.00 Add to Cart
61615-45 4x4 Freezer Rack, holds 16, 2" boxes rack 179.00 Add to Cart
61615-50 4x5 Freezer Rack, holds 20, 2" boxes rack 192.00 Add to Cart
61615-55 1x9 Freezer Rack, holds 9, 3" boxes rack 146.00 Add to Cart
61615-60 1x9 Freezer Rack, holds 9, 2" boxes rack 140.00 Add to Cart

cardboard freezer boxes and dividersarrow10Cardboard Freezer Boxes and Dividers

For use with Stainless Steel Freezer Racks.

Store cryogenic vials in liquid nitrogen or in mechanical freezers in our freezer storage boxes. Box footprint is 133 x 133 mm. Select a box and a partition that fit the size and number of vials for your needs. Cardboard boxes can be labelled with Cryo-Tags for easy identification. Both the boxes and dividers are available in packs of 12.

61615-65 2" Freezer Boxes 133mm x 133mm, 50mm 12/pack 36.00 Add to Cart
61615-70 3" Freezer Boxes 133mm x 133mm, 75mm 12/pack 36.00 Add to Cart
61615-75 Freezer Box Divider, 64 Hole 8 Columns, 8 Rows 12/pack 22.00 Add to Cart
61615-80 Freezer Box Divider, 81 Hole 9 Columns, 9 Rows 12/pack 22.00 Add to Cart
61615-85 Freezer Box Divider, 49 Hole 7 Columns, 7 Rows 12/pack 22.00 Add to Cart
61615-90 Freezer Box Divider, 100 Hole 10 Columns, 10 Rows 12/pack 22.00 Add to Cart

Cooling Chambers and Ice Bathsarrow12