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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Histology and Light Microscopy

arrow13Reagents for Histology: Fixing, Dehydrating, Clearing and Staining

msdsarrow11HISTOCHOICE® Clearing Agent

Histology Grade – Non flammable, replacement for Xylene for all tissue clearing needs.

HISTOCHOICE® Clearing Agent is on long-term backorder... please check back for updates or select catalog numbers 64110 or 64111 as a substitute.

RT 64114-01 Histochoice Clearing Agent 4 L 62.00 Add to Cart
RT 64114-04 Histochoice Clearing Agent 4 x 4 L 240.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow11HISTOCHOICE™MB®* – The Molecular Biology Fixative

  • SAFE – Contains no Formaldehyde, Glutaraldehyde or Mercury.
  • NON-TOXIC – Is completely odorless and can be safely disposed of down the drain.

HISTOCHOICE™ MB® Tissue Fixative is the first fixative designed for the molecular biologist. It is specialty formulated to preserve antigenic sites for antibody probes and nucleic acid sites for immunohistochemistry. HISTOCHOICE™MB® replaces formaldehyde based, alcohol based, Zenkers, B-5, B-3, Bouin's and other fixatives with superior results. Tissue fixed in HISTOCHOICE™MB® exhibit vibrant staining, better nuclear and cytoplasmic detail, and will retain a crisp appearance even after long-term fixation.

Because this formula is designed specially for molecular biology applications, HISTOCHOICE™MB® fixed sections do not require pre-digestion or other recovery procedures to make important sites available.This means you spend less time preparing slides and more time doing research.

More than a fixative, HISTOCHOICE™MB® is a preservative that leaves antigens and nucleic acids in their native state, allowing binding for specific probes. Primary antibodies can often be diluted several-fold due to the increased number of preserved antigenic sites, saving cost on every slide you process.

HISTOCHOICE™MB® fixed tissue retains a much more natural look and feel than formalin fixed tissue. It is important to remember that these tissues are not fixed by formalin, but rather preserved by HISTOCHOICE™MB®.

HISTOCHOICE™MB® is on long-term backorder... please check back for updates.

RT 64115-01 HISTOCHOICE™MB® Fixative 1 L 60.00 Add to Cart
RT 64115-04 HISTOCHOICE™MB® Fixative 4 L 190.00 Add to Cart
RT 64115-44 HISTOCHOICE™MB® Fixative 4 x 4 L 695.00 Add to Cart

*HISTOCHOICE is registered name of Amresco

msdsmsdsarrow11Histo-Clear®/Histo-Clear II®

Histo-Clear® (Distilled essential oils – food grade) and Histo-Clear II® (A mixtureof Aliphatic Hydrocarbon and Distilled essential oils – food grade, reduced citrus odor) are excellent non-toxic clearing agents replacing Xylene.

RT 64110-01 Histo-Clear® 1 L 34.00 Add to Cart
RT 64110-04 Histo-Clear® 1 gal 105.00 Add to Cart
RT 64110-10 Histo-Clear® 5 gal 450.00 Add to Cart
RT 64111-01 Histo-Clear II® 1 L 22.00 Add to Cart
RT 64111-04 Histo-Clear II® 1 gal 80.00 Add to Cart
RT 64111-10 Histo-Clear II® 5 gal 360.00 Add to Cart

® is register name of National Diagnostics

msdsarrow11Hollande's Fixative

A modification of Bouin's solution. It is stable and will decalcify small bone specimens. Tissue that is fixed with Hollande's can be stained successfully with most stains, and the cupric acetate in the solution stabilizes red blood cell membranes and cosinophil and endocrine cell granules so that less lysis occurs than with Bouin's solution. Hollande's is widely used as a fixative for biopsy specimens of the gastrointestinal tract.

Thorough washing of the fixative prior to placing the specimen in a phosphate buffered formalin solution is necessary because the salts present in the solution will form an insoluble phosphate precipitate. Packaged in leak-proof histo-containers; prefilled ready-to-use.

  Catalog # Cup Size Filled Pack/cs Price
RT 64120-10 15 ml 10 ml 50 78.00 Add to Cart
RT 64120-20 30 ml 20 ml 50 98.00 Add to Cart
RT 64120-30 60 ml 30 ml 20 46.00 Add to Cart

Bulk packaging is available:

RT 64120-01 Hollande's Fixative 1 L 46.00 Add to Cart
RT 64120-04 Hollande's Fixative 4 L 168.00 Add to Cart

arrow11Hydrochloric Acid, Diluted, (w/v)

HCl F.W. 36.46 CAS 7647-01-0

RT 16762 Hydrochloric Acid, 1% Aqueous msds 500 ml 25.00 Add to Cart
RT 16763 Hydrochloric Acid, 2% Aqueous msds 500 ml 25.00 Add to Cart
RT 16765 Hydrochloric Acid, 10% Aqueous msds 500 ml 28.00 Add to Cart
RT 16766 Hydrochloric Acid, 20% Aqueous msds 500 ml 30.00 Add to Cart

arrow11Hydrogen Peroxide 30% Solution – Stabilized, Reagent, A.C.S.

H2O2   F.W. 34.01   CAS #7722-84-1

Assay   29-32%
Maximum of Impurities:    
Chloride(Cl)   0.0003%
Nitrate   0.0002%
Phosphate   0.0002%
Sulfate   0.0005%
Heavy Metal   0.0001%
Iron   0.00005%
Titratable Acid   0.0006 meq/g
RT 16790 Hydrogen Peroxide, 30% msds 100 ml 72.00 Add to Cart
RT 16792 Hydrogen Peroxide, 30% msds 450 ml 138.00 Add to Cart
0-4°C 16793 Hydrogen Peroxide, 3% Aqueous msds 500 ml 50.00 Add to Cart

arrow11Hydroquinone Aqueous Solution

0-4°C 16795-1 Hydroquinone, 1% msds 500 ml 54.00 Add to Cart
0-4°C 16795-2 Hydroquinone, 2% msds 500 ml 54.00 Add to Cart
0-4°C 16795-4 Hydroquinone, 4% msds 500 ml 61.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow11Isopropyl Alcohol, Reagent, A.C.S.

CH3CH(OH)CH3   F.W. 60.10   CAS #67-63-0

A.C.S. Specifications:

Color (APHA) . 10
Density @ 25°C . 0.781-0.783
Boiling Range (including 82.3°C) . 1°C
Titratable Acid or Base . 0.0001 meq/g
Residue after Evaporation . 0.001%
Solubility in water . To pass test
Water . 0.2%
RT 16930 Isopropyl Alcohol, Reagent, A.C.S. 1 qt 13.00 Add to Cart
RT 16931 Isopropyl Alcohol, Reagent, A.C.S. 4x1 qt 45.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow11McDowell Trumps Fixative

RT 18030-05 McDowell Trumps Fixative 500 ml 33.00 Add to Cart
RT 18030-10 McDowell Trumps Fixative 1 L 39.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow11Methanol, Reagent, A.C.S.

(Methyl Alcohol)
CH3OH   F.W. 32.04   CAS #67-56-1

Assay:   99.8%
Specific Gravity :   0.79

A.C.S. Specifications:

Residue after Evaporation . 0.001%
Boiling Range (Boiling point 64.6°C) . 2°C max
Appearance . Clear
Color (A.P.H.A.) . 10 max
Acetone & Aldehydes (0.001%) . To pass test
Titratable Acid . 0.0003 meq/g
Titratable Base . 0.0002 meq/g
Water . 0.2% max
RT 18510 Methanol, Reagent, A.C.S. 1 qt 15.00 Add to Cart
RT 18511 Methanol, Reagent, A.C.S. 4 x 1 qt 54.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow11Michel's Buffer

RT 18041-05 Michel's Buffer 500 ml 22.00 Add to Cart
RT 18041-10 Michel's Buffer 1 L 29.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow11Michel's Fixative, pH 7.0 – 7.4

RT 18040-05 Michel's Fixative 500 ml 50.00 Add to Cart
RT 18040-10 Michel's Fixative 1 L 85.00 Add to Cart
RT 18040-20 Michel's Fixative Pre-filled 20 x 10 ml 75.00 Add to Cart

Technical Tip

Preparation of Tissue Biopsy in Michel's Fixative.

arrow12Michel's Transport Medium

Michel's Transport Medium allows for the shipping of specimens for further immunofluorescence work. It preserves morphology and antigenicity during transport. It is not a buffer or fixative. It is simply a vehicle to transport samples. The solution must be stored at refrigerated temperatures. Do not freeze. Samples may be stored up to 5 days in this medium at room temperature.


  • Comes in 250ml, 500ml, 1 Liter, Gallon, or 15ml fill in SecurTainer™
  • Can be used with Michel's Buffer (washing solution)
4-8°C 18042-05 Michel's Transport Medium 250 ml 28.00 Add to Cart
4-8°C 18042-10 Michel's Transport Medium 500 ml 48.00 Add to Cart
4-8°C 18042-15 Michel's Transport Medium 1 L 65.00 Add to Cart
4-8°C 18042-16 Michel's Transport Medium gal 142.00 Add to Cart
4-8°C 18042-17 Michel's Transport Medium, 15ml fill in SecurTainer™ 50/cs 80.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow11Millonig's Phosphate Buffer

Millonig (1964); Karlsson and Schultz (1965)
Sodium Phosphate, monobasic (NaH2PO4xH2O)
Sodium Phosphate, dibasic (Na2HPO4xH2O)
0.5% Sodium Chloride (NaCl)
Shipping Conditions: Ambient Temperature

The pH of this buffer is 7.4 (0.1M); the osmolarity is 440 mosmols, so this buffer is hypertonic to most body fluids. Millonig recommended to use this buffer for the fixation of very hydrated tissues with osmium tetroxide. For marine organisms, a higher concentration of sodium chloride (3%) is recommended. We supply it in a double strength (0.2M), pH 7.4. Dilution is needed before use.

0-5°C 11582-05 Millonig's Phosphate Buffer 0.2M 500 ml 23.00 Add to Cart
0-5°C 11582-10 Millonig's Phosphate Buffer 0.2M 1 L 32.00 Add to Cart

arrow11Periodic Acid, Reagent

H5IO6   F.W. 227.96   CAS #10450-60-9

Assay   >99.0%
Heavy Metals   .0.005%
Insoluble Matters   0.01%
Iron   .0.003%
Other Halogen (Cl)   0.01%
Residue after Ignition   0.01%
Sulfate   0.01%
  • Ainsworth, S.K. et al. (1972). Alkaline bismuth reagent for high resolution ultrastructural demonstration of periodic-reactive sites. J. Histochem. Cytochem., 20:995.
  • Mowry, R.W. (1958). Improved procedure for the staining of acid polysaccharides by Muller's colloidal (hydrous) ferric oxide and its combination with the Feulgen and the periodic acid Schiff reaction. Lab. Invest., 7:566.
  • Mowry, R.W. (1959). Effect of Periodic Acid used prior to Chromic Acid on the staining of Polysaccharides by Gomori's methenamine silver. J. Histochem. Cytochem., 7:288.
  • Tsuchiya, A. and Ogawa, K. (1973). Ultracytochemistry of the Periodic Acid (PA) – Phosphotungstic Acid (PTA) reaction. J. Electr. Microsc., 22:290.
  • Hanker, J.S. et al (1964). Osmiophilic reagents: new cytochemical principles for light and electron microscopy. Science New York, 146:1039.
  • Derenzini, M. et al (1986). An improved periodic acid-thiosemicarbazide-osmium technique to reveal glycoconjugates at the molecular level in-situ. J. Histochem. Cytochem., 34:1161.
RT 19325 Periodic Acid, Reagent msds 25g 33.00 Add to Cart

arrow11Periodic Acid Aqueous Solutions

  19324-05 Periodic Acid, 0.5% Aqueous msds 500 ml 25.00 Add to Cart
  19324-10 Periodic Acid, 1% Aqueous msds 500 ml 28.00 Add to Cart
  19324-50 Periodic Acid, 5% Aqueous msds 500 ml 38.00 Add to Cart

arrow11Phosphate Buffer, 0.1M*

Prepared from Sodium Phosphate Monobasic Hydrate and Sodium Phosphate Dibasic Heptahydrate. Non-Sterile. Meant for research purposes only.

  19340-60 Phosphate Buffer, pH 6.0 msds 1 L 40.00 Add to Cart
  19340-65 Phosphate Buffer, pH 6.5 msds 1 L 40.00 Add to Cart
  19340-70 Phosphate Buffer, pH 7.0 msds 1 L 40.00 Add to Cart
  19340-72 Phosphate Buffer, pH 7.2 msds 1 L 40.00 Add to Cart

*Meant for biological research only. Not to be used for medical or any other purposes.

arrow11Phosphate Buffer Saline (PBS)

PBS is commonly used in biochemistry. It is a salty solution containing sodium chloride, potassium chloride, sodium phosphate and potassium phosphate. PBS is isotonic and non-toxic to cells. 1X PBS final concentration is 8.0 g/L NaCl, 0.2 g/L KCl, 1.42 g/L Na2HPO4, 0.24 g/L KH2PO4 and pH 7.4.

RT 19342-10 Phosphate Buffered Saline, 10X msds 1 L 32.00 Add to Cart
RT 19242-40 Phosphate Buffered Saline, 10X 1 gal 98.00 Add to Cart
RT 19343-10 Phosphate Buffered Saline, 2X msds 1 L 28.00 Add to Cart
RT 19343-40 Phosphate Buffered Saline, 2X 1 gal 88.00 Add to Cart
RT 19344-10 Phosphate Buffered Saline, 1X msds 1 L 24.00 Add to Cart
RT 19344-20 Phosphate Buffered Saline, 1X 1 gal 76.00 Add to Cart

For a complete line of all of our Salt Buffers, click here

msdsarrow11Phosphomolybdic Acid

Crystal, Reagent, A.C.S.

(dodeca-Molybdophosphoric Acid)

H3PO4·12(MoO3)·24H2O   F.W. 2257.6   CAS #51429-74-4

RT 19400 Phosphomolybdic Acid 100g 58.00 Add to Cart

arrow11Phosphomolybdic Acid Aqueous Solutions

RT 19402-1 Phosphomolybdic Acid, 1% Aqueous msds 500 ml 38.00 Add to Cart
RT 19402-10 Phosphomolybdic Acid, 10% Aqueous msds 500 ml 108.00 Add to Cart

arrow11Phosphotungstic Acid, Crystal, Reagent, Highest Purity

(Tungstophosphoric Acid)

H3[P(W3O10)4]   aq F.W. 2880.17+aq   CAS #12501-23-4


Appearance   Practically clear, colorless solution.
Ammonia (NH )   0.004%
Chloride (Cl)   0.03%
Insoluble Matter   0.02%
Nitrate (NO3 )   0.004%
Sulfate (SO4 )   0.005%
Heavy Metals and Iron.   No color formation onaddition of Hydrogen Sulfide

Used as a Fixative

Issidorides, M.R., and Kasorchis, T. (1981).
Dispersed and compact chromatin demonstrated with a new EM Method: phosphotungstic acid-hematoxylin block-staining. Histochemistry 73,21.

Used widely as a Negative Stain

  • As Spray method: Horne, R.W., and Pasquali-Ronchette, I. (1974). A negative staining-carbon film technique for studying viruses in the electron microscope.
  • Preparation procedures for examining icosahedral and filamentous viruses. J. Ultrastruct. Res. 47, 361. Locke, M., and Kirhman, N. (1971).
  • Hot Alcoholic phosphotungstic acid and uranyl acetate as routine stains for thick and thin sections. J. Cell Biol., 50, 550., Farragiana, T., and Marinozzi, V. (1979).
  • Phosphotungstic acid staining of polysaccharides containing structures on epoxy embedded tissues. J. Submicrosc. Cytol. 11, 263.Bloom, E.E., And Aghajanian, G.K. (1968).
  • Fine structural and cytochemical analysis of the staining of synaptic junctions with PTA. J. Ultrastruct. Res. 22, 261.
RT 19500 Phosphotungstic Acid, Crystal, Reagent, Highest Purity msds 100g 64.00 Add to Cart

arrow11Phosphotungstic Acid Aqueous Solutions

RT 19502-1 Phosphotungstic Acid, 1% Aqueous msds 500 ml 38.00 Add to Cart
RT 19502-3 Phosphotungstic Acid, 3% Aqueous msds 500 ml 50.00 Add to Cart
RT 19502-5 Phosphotungstic Acid, 5% Aqueous msds 500 ml 66.00 Add to Cart

arrow11 Picric Acid, Reagent, Crystal, A.C.S.


C6H2(NO2) 3OH   FW 229.11   CAS #88-89-1

A.C.S. Specifications:

Water   min 30%
Melting Point (dried)   121-123°C
Insoluble in Resinous Matter.   0.01%
Insoluble in benzene   0.1%
Sulfate   0.01%
RT 19550 Picric Acid, Reagent, Crystal, A.C.S. msds 100g 94.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Picric Acid Solutions

RT 19552 Picric Acid Saturated, Aqueous msds 500 ml 46.00 Add to Cart
RT 19553 Picric Acid, 0.1% in Acetone msds 500 ml 52.00 Add to Cart
RT 19554 Picric Acid, 4.67% in 95% Alcohol msds 500 ml 53.00 Add to Cart

arrow11Poly-L-Lysine Solutions

msdsarrow11A/ Poly-L-Lysine Hydrobromide 30,000-70,000

CAS #25988-63-0

A polycation, which binds to DNA, red cell membranes and any negatively, charged proteins. It is useful for promoting cell adhesion; for the preparation of polycationic beads, useful in immobilization techniques; immobilization of membranes; immobilization of plant protoplasts. In cell culture, immobilization by micro encapsulation with the alginate-poly-L-lysine microcapsule system.

We offer a prepared 0.1% aqueous solution, micro-filtered, which is ideal for cell culture growth.

RT 19320-A Poly-L-Lysine, 0.1% Solution 10 ml 28.50 Add to Cart
RT 19321-A Poly-L-Lysine, 0.1% Aqueous Solution 100 ml 280.00 Add to Cart
msdsarrow11B/ Poly-L-Lysine Hydrobromide 70,000-150,000

CAS #25988-63-0

Poly-L-lysine with a molecular weight of >70,000. This solution is useful in promoting cell adhesion to solid substrates. Used for nuclear antigen-coated red cells in hymolytic plaque assay.

We offer a prepared 0.1% aqueous solution which is micro-filtered and is used to increase tissue adhesion to the glass slide, which is needed for immunohistochemical and immunolabeling techniques, as well as lengthy staining procedures.

RT 19320-B Poly-L-Lysine, 0.1% Solution 10 ml 23.00 Add to Cart
RT 19321-B Poly-L-Lysine, 0.1% Aqueous Solution 100 ml 180.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow12Potassium Dichromate, Crystal, Reagent, A.C.S.

K2Cr2O7   F.W. 294.18   CAS #7778-50-9

A.C.S. Specifications:

Insoluble and NH4OH ppt. 0.005%
Chloride 0.001%
Sulfate 0.005%
Calcium 0.003%
Sodium 0.02%
Loss on drying at 105°C 0.05%
RT 20100 Potassium Dichromate, Crystal, Reagent, A.C.S. 250g 42.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Potassium Dichromate Aqueous Solution

RT 20103-3 Potassium Dichromate, 3% Aqueous msds 500 ml 31.00 Add to Cart
RT 20103-4 Potassium Dichromate, 5% Aqueous msds 500 ml 38.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Potassium Ferricyanide, Reagent, A.C.S.

K3Fe(CN)6   F.W. 329.25   CAS #13746-66-2

A.C.S. Specifications:

Chloride 0.01%
Ferro Compounds (Fe(Cn)4) 0.05%
Insoluble Matters. 0.005%
Sulfate 0.01%
RT 20150 Potassium Ferricyanide msds 100g 49.00 Add to Cart
RT 25102-20 Potassium Ferricyanide, 20% Aqueous msds 500 ml 39.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Potassium Ferrocyanide Aqueous Solution

RT 25154-2 Potassium Ferrocyanide, 2% Aqueous msds 500 ml 25.00 Add to Cart
RT 25154-5 Potassium Ferrocyanide, 5% Aqueous msds 500 ml 34.00 Add to Cart
RT 25154-10 Potassium Ferrocyanide, 10% Aqueous msds 500 ml 28.00 Add to Cart
RT 25154-20 Potassium Ferrocyanide, 20% Aqueous msds 500 ml 35.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow12Potassium Hydroxide, Pellets, Reagent, A.C.S.

KOH   F.W. 56.11   CAS #1310-58-3

Assay   >85.0%
Water contains:   10-15%
RT 20155 Potassium Hydroxide, Pellets, Reagent, A.C.S. 100g 10.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Potassium Hydroxide Aqueous Solutions

RT 20156-1 Potassium Hydroxide, 1% Aqueous msds 500 ml 25.00 Add to Cart
RT 20156-2 Potassium Hydroxide, 4% Aqueous msds 500 ml 26.00 Add to Cart
RT 20156-10 Potassium Hydroxide, 10% Aqueous msds 500 ml 32.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Potassium Iodide, Granular, Reagent, A.C.S.

KI F.W. 166.00 CAS #7681-11-0

Refer to Bismuth Carbonate for references on use.

RT 20158 Potassium Iodide msds 50g 48.00 Add to Cart
RT 25109-3 Potassium Iodide, 3% Aqueous msds 500 ml 26.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow12Potassium Permanganate, Reagent, A.C.S.

KMnO4   F.W. 158.03   CAS #7722-64-7

A.C.S. Specifications:

Chloride & Chlorate 0.005%
Nitrogen Compounds 0.005%
Sulfate .0.02%
Insoluble Matters 0.2%

An EM fixative and a metal stain.

J. Ultrastruct. Res., 21,424 (1968)

RT 20200 Potassium Permanganate 250g 36.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Potassium Permanganate, Aqueous Solutions

RT 20202 Potassium Permanganate, 0.25% Aqueous msds 500 ml 25.00 Add to Cart
RT 20203 Potassium Permanganate, 0.3% Aqueous msds 500 ml 26.00 Add to Cart
RT 20204 Potassium Permanganate, 1% Aqueous msds 500 ml 30.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow12Propylene Glycol, Reagent, A.C.S.

CH3CHOHCH2OH   F.W. 76.10   CAS #57-55-6

Specific Gravity   (H2O=1): 1.04
Assay   >99.5%


Residue after Ignition 0.005%
Chloride 1ppm
Water 0.2%
Titratable Acid 0.0005 meq/g
RT 20350 Propylene Glycol, Reagent, A.C.S. 450 ml 29.00 Add to Cart
RT 20352 Propylene Glycol, Reagent, A.C.S. 4 x 450 ml 96.00 Add to Cart

Rosin Solution

RT 20550-05 Rosin Alcohol Stock Solution, 10% msds 500 ml 37.00 Add to Cart
RT 20550-15 Rosin Alcohol Working Solution msds 500 ml 34.00 Add to Cart

msdsScott's Tap Water Substitute

Magnesium sulfate buffered with sodium bicarbonate. Ready-to-use.

RT 26070-06 Scott's Tap Water Substitute 1 L 31.00 Add to Cart
RT 26070-07 Scott's Tap Water Substitute 4 L 96.00 Add to Cart

msdsTechnical DatasheetSchiff's Reagent

For use in the Periodic Acid Leucofuchsin (PAS) method as a general tissue stain.

0-5°C 26052-05 Schiff's Reagent 500 ml 48.00 Add to Cart
0-5°C 26052-06 Schiff's Reagent 1 L 82.00 Add to Cart

msdsSilver Nitrate, Reagent, A.C.S.

AgNO3   F.W. 169.89  CAS #7761-88-8

Assay   99.9+%

A.C.S. Specifications:

Substances not precipitated by HCl-max 0.010%
Sulfate max 0.0002%
Copper max 0.0002%
Iron max 0.0002%
Lead max 0.001%

References for Silver stain

  • Elektronemikrokopische Swift, J.A. (1968). The electron histochemistry of cystine-containing proteins in thin transverse sections of human hair. J.R. Microsc. Soc. 88,449.
  • Elektronemikrokopische Thiery, J.P. (1967). Mise en evidence des Polysaccharides sur coupes fines en microscopie eletronique. J. Microsc. (Paris) 6,987.
  • Elektronemikrokopische Rambourg, A. (1967). An improved silver methenamine technique for the detection of periodic acidreactive complex carbohydrates with the electron microscope.J. Histochem. Cytochem. 15, 409.
  • Elektronemikrokopische Hermandez et al. (1968). Periodic acid-chromic acid-methenamine silver technique for glycoprotein detection in the electron microscope. J. Histochem. Cystochem. 16, 507.
  • Elektronemikrokopische Ribi, W.A. (1976). A golgi-electron microscope method for insect nervous tissue. Stain Technol. 51,13.
  • Elektronemikrokopische Braak, H., and Braak, E. (1982). A simple procedure for electron microscopy of Golgi-impregnated nerve cells. Neurosci. Lett. 32,1.
RT 21050 Silver Nitrate, Reagent, A.C.S. 25g 70.00 Add to Cart
RT 21052 Silver Nitrate, Reagent, A.C.S. 100g 270.00 Add to Cart

Silver Nitrate Aqueous Solutions

RT 21054-1 Silver Nitrate, 1%, Aqueous msds 500 ml 61.00 Add to Cart
RT 21054-2 Silver Nitrate, 2%, Aqueous msds 500 ml 67.00 Add to Cart
RT 21054-5 Silver Nitrate, 5%, Aqueous msds 500 ml 135.00 Add to Cart
RT 21054-10 Silver Nitrate, 10%, Aqueous msds 500 ml 223.00 Add to Cart
RT 21054-20 Silver Nitrate, 20%, Aqueous msds 500 ml 352.00 Add to Cart

Sodium Bicarbonate, Powder, Reagent, A.C.S.

NaHCO3   F.W. 84.01   CAS #144-55-8

Assay   97.7-100.3%


Insoluble Matters .0.015%
Chloride 0.003%
Phosphate 0.001%
Sulfur Compounds 0.003%
Ammonium 5ppm
Iron 0.001%
Potassium 0.05%
RT 21125 Sodium Bicarbonate msds 500g 21.00 Add to Cart
RT 21127 Sodium Bicarbonate, 5% Aqueous msds 500 ml 16.00 Add to Cart

arrow11Sodium Cacodylate Buffer

Prepared from Sodium Cacodylate Trihydrate (F.W. 214.02)

0-5°C 11650 Sodium Cacodylate Buffer msds 225 ml 30.00 Add to Cart
0-5°C 11652 Sodium Cacodylate Buffer   500 ml 43.00 Add to Cart
0-5°C 11653 Sodium Cacodylate Buffer, 0.2M, pH 7.4   1 L 85.00 Add to Cart
0-5°C 11654 Sodium Cacodylate Buffer, 0.4M, pH 7.2 msds 500 ml 62.00 Add to Cart
0-5°C 11655 Sodium Cacodylate Buffer, 0.4M, pH 7.2   1 L 112.00 Add to Cart

Sodium Hydroxide, Solution

CAS #1310-73-2

Carbonate-free. This solution is prepared from A.C.S. Reagent grade sodium hydroxide, and is standardized colormetrically against potassium biphthalate primary reference material.

Normal Concentration 1.98-2.02

RT 21170 Sodium Hydroxide Solution, 2N msds 225 ml 15.00 Add to Cart
RT 21170-01 Sodium Hydroxide Solution, 1N msds 225 ml 14.00 Add to Cart

Sodium Hydroxide Aqueous Solutions

RT 21172-1 Sodium Hydroxide, 1% Aqueous msds 500 ml 20.00 Add to Cart
RT 21172-2 Sodium Hydroxide, 2.5% Aqueous msds 500 ml 25.00 Add to Cart
RT 21172-3 Sodium Hydroxide, 3.1% Aqueous msds 500 ml 30.00 Add to Cart
RT 21172-10 Sodium Hydroxide, 10% Aqueous msds 500 ml 34.00 Add to Cart

msdsSodium Bisulfite Solution

A 1% aqueous stock solution for fungal staining.

RT 26084-05 Sodium Bisulfite Solution 500 ml 20.00 Add to Cart
RT 26084-06 Sodium Bisulfite Solution 1 L 34.00 Add to Cart

Sodium Meta-Bisulfate Aqueous Solution

RT 21175-1 Sodium Meta-Bisulfite, 1% Aqueous msds 500 ml 30.00 Add to Cart
RT 21175-3 Sodium Meta-Bisulfite, 3% Aqueous msds 500 ml 31.00 Add to Cart
RT 21175-5 Sodium Meta-Bisulfite, 5% Aqueous msds 500 ml 32.00 Add to Cart

Sodium Thiosulfate Aqueous Solution

RT 21360-1 Sodium Thiosulfate, 1% Aqueous msds 500 ml 27.00 Add to Cart
RT 21360-2 Sodium Thiosulfate, 2% Aqueous msds 500 ml 34.00 Add to Cart
RT 21360-10 Sodium Thiosulfate, 10% Aqueous msds 500 ml 29.00 Add to Cart

arrow11Sorensen's Phosphate Buffer

A Phosphate buffered mixed salt prepared from sodium phosphate monobasic and sodium phosphate dibasic.

0-5°C 11600-10 Sorensens Phosphate Buffer, 0.2M, pH 7.2 msds 1 L 32.00 Add to Cart
0-5°C 11600-40 Sorensens Phosphate Buffer, 0.2M, pH 7.2 4 L 110.00 Add to Cart
0-5°C 11601-10 Sorensens Phosphate Buffer, 0.2M, pH 7.4 msds 1 L 33.00 Add to Cart
0-5°C 11601-40 Sorensens Phosphate Buffer, 0.2M, pH 7.4 4 L 110.00 Add to Cart

msdsSucrose, Reagent, A.C.S.

C12H22O11   F.W. 342.20   CAS #57-50-1


Insoluble Matters 0.005%
Loss on Drying 105°C 0.03%
Residue after Ignition 0.01%
Titratable acid 0.0008 meq/g
Chloride 0.005%
Sulfate 0.005%
Heavy Metals 5ppm
Iron 5ppm
Invert Sugar 0.05%
RT 21600 Sucrose, Reagent, A.C.S. 500g 24.00 Add to Cart

msdsTechnical Datasheetarrow11Tannic Acid, Reagent, A.C.S., EM Grade

C76H52O46   F.W. 1701.28   CAS #1401-55-4

RT 21700 Tannic Acid, Reagent, A.C.S., EM Grade 100g 13.00 Add to Cart

arrow11Tannic Acid Aqueous Solutions

  21702-5 Tannic Acid, 5% Aqueous msds 500 ml 27.00 Add to Cart
  21702-10 Tannic Acid, 10% Aqueous msds 500 ml 31.00 Add to Cart

arrow11Tartrazine Solutions

RT 21740 Tartrazine, 1.5% in 1.5% Acetic Acid, Aqueous msds 500 ml 29.00 Add to Cart
RT 21741 Tartrazine, 1.5% Aqueous msds 500 ml 30.00 Add to Cart
RT 21742 Tartrazine, Saturated in Cellosolve msds 500 ml 64.00 Add to Cart

arrow11Thionin Solutions

RT 21910 Thionin, 0.5% in 20% Alcohol msds 500 ml 58.00 Add to Cart
RT 21911 Thionin, 0.1% Aqueous msds 500 ml 47.00 Add to Cart

msdstissue-tek vip fixativearrow10 Tissue-Tek® VIP® Fixative

Eliminate the need for routine warm water flushing with the Tissue-Tek® VIP® Fixative. Using the unique Neutra-pHase™ technology, the Tissue-Tek® VIP® Fixative produces no precipitates in the presence of alcohol, contrary to all other 10% neutral buffered formalin products. The Tissue-Tek® VIP® Fixative will not promote formation of salts within the tissue processor lines which can cause costly damages to any brands of tissues processors unless regular maintenance is performed. Since the base ingredient is formalin, it is fully compatible and can replace 10% NBF without any adjustments to your procedures. The product is offered in three convenient package sizes: 1 gallon, 2.5 gallons and 5 gallons.

Not for sale overseas
Catalog # Tissue-Tek Description Pack Price  
62582-01 5990 VIP® Fixative 1gal 52.00 Add to Cart
62582-04 5990 VIP® Fixative 4 x 1gal 188.00 Add to Cart
62582-02 5989 VIP® Fixative 2.5 gal 131.00 Add to Cart
62582-05 5991 VIP® Fixative 5 gal 200.00 Add to Cart
62582-50 5992 Spigot for 62582-02 & 62582-05 each 14.00 Add to Cart


Cytology fixative spray designed for slide based cytology specimens for cellular preservation and transport.

Quickly spray a fine mist over the slide (covering the entire specimen) for cellular fixation and reduce air drying of the material.

CytoFix forms a thin, tough, clear protective coating over the specimen with a water and alcohol solution of Polyethylene glycol for cellular fixation and does not require rehydration by the laboratory prior to staining. Allows safe storing or transporting of slides.

Allow specimens to dry before sending to lab or for storage.

  • Dries in 4 to 6 minutes
  • Water soluble
  • Won't cloud or obscure specimen
  • Contains no chlorofluorocarbons

Available in pump bottle or aerosol can.

22805-01 CytoFix (Non-Aerosol) 100 ml 14.50 Add to Cart
22805-02 CytoFix Can 4 oz 14.50 Add to Cart

msdsarrowToluene Reagent, A.C.S.

C6H5CH3   FW 92.14   CAS #108-88-3
Specific Gravity (H2O=1): 0.866
b.p. 110-111°C (230-222°F)
Assay. 99.9%


Color (A.P.H.A.) 10
Residue after evaporation 0.001%
Subs. darkened by H2SO4 To pass test
Sulfur compound (as S) 0.003%
Water 0.03%
RT 22030 Toluene Reagent, A.C.S. 450 ml 10.50 Add to Cart
RT 22032 Toluene Reagent, A.C.S. 4 x 450 ml 38.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrowTris (Hydroxymethyl) Aminomethane, Free-base, Reagent Grade

White crystalline powder
C4H11NO3   F.W. 121.14   CAS #77-86-1
A 40% (w/v) aqueous solution. It is clear and colorless.
Assay >99.9%
Water .<0.2%
Heavy Metals.-2ppm

RT 11700 Tris (Hydroxymethyl) Aminomethane, Free-base, Reagent Grade 100g 19.00 Add to Cart
RT 11720 Tris (Hydroxymethyl) Aminomethane, Free-base, Reagent Grade 500g 72.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrowTris, (hydroxymethyl) aminomethane maleate

Tris Maleate Buffer
0.2M pH range 6.4-8.0

0-5°C 11730 Tris Maleate Buffer 250 ml 23.00 Add to Cart
0-5°C 11740 Tris Maleate Buffer 500 ml 30.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrowWater Deionized, Reagent Grade A.C.S.

H2O F.W. 18.02 CAS #7732-18-5
EMS Reagent Grade Water is typically prepared at 18 megohm/cm specific resistance using a reverse osmosis, mixed deionization, activated filtration and final filtration at 0.2 microns.
Color (APHA) <+/-5
Bacteriological purity 0 CFUs/L
Residue after evaporation 10ppm
Coliform negative

RT 22800-01 Deionized Water 1 gal 12.00 Add to Cart
RT 22800-05 Deionized Water 5 gal 50.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrowXylenes, Reagent, A.C.S.

(Xylol, Dimethylbenzene)
C6H4(CH3)2   FW 106.27   CAS #1330-20-7
Specific Gravity (H2O=1): 0.865
b.p. 136-140°C
This reagent is a mixture of isomers (ortho, meta, and para) and may contain Ethylbenzene.


Color (A.P.H.A.) 10
Subs. darkened by H2SO4 To pass test
Sulfur Compounds (as S) 0.003%
Water 0.05%
Residue after evaporation 0.002%
RT 23400 Xylenes, Reagent, A.C.S. 450 ml 8.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow11Xylene: Peanut oil, 2:1

RT 23402 Xylene: Peanut oil, 2:1 500 ml 69.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow11Xylene Substitute

A xylene substitute for use in histology and cytology. It is safer and a more preferable alternative to xylene. It can be used as a solvent and clearing agent, as well as for dissolving paraffin waxes, glues and adhesives.


  • Minimal tissue shrinkage
  • Dries slowly with no residue
  • Less toxic than xylene
  • Soluble with alcohol, paraffin embedding media, and mounting media

It can be used in all procedures that require xylene. Biodegradable.

RT 23410-01 Xylene Substitute 1 gal 112.00 Add to Cart
RT 23410-04 Xylene Substitute 4x1 gal 420.00 Add to Cart
RT 23410-05 Xylene Substitute 5 gal 450.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow11SlideBrite™ Xylene Substitute

The safest choice for a xylene alternative available today

Reduce your risks & enhance your personnel safety with "The Original" high quality performance clearing agent. It performs equal-to or better than Xylene, yet smells like water! A non-hazardous clearing agent, it is non-flammable and odorless, with no vapor disguising additives.


  • Enhances nuclear detail
  • Fast slide drying time
  • Gentle, yet very effective deparaffinization
  • No tissue shrinkage or morphology change
  • No brittle tissue subsequent to tissue processing
RT 23401-01 SlideBrite™ Xylene Substitute 1 gal 50.00 Add to Cart
RT 23401-04 SlideBrite™ Xylene Substitute 4 x 1 gal 190.00 Add to Cart

msdsHistosolarrow11Histosol™ Xylene Substitute

Histosol™ is the original high flash point (114°F TCC) histological clearing agent. It is intended to be used as a replacement for xylene where the hazards associated with aromatic hydrocarbon vapors are to be reduced. Museum-quality tissue slides can be prepared with Hitosol without change in protocol or procedure. Histosol is manufactured from petrochemical products and is miscible in all proportions with ethanol, isopropanol, and t-butanol. It is also miscible with all paraffin-based tissue embedding media and all permanent mounting materials.

RT 23405-01 Histosol™ Xylene Substitute 1 gal 68.00 Add to Cart
RT 23405-04 Histosol™ Xylene Substitute 4 x 1 gal 225.00 Add to Cart

msdsTechnical Datasheetarrow11Hemo-De®* Xylene Substitute

An intensive study from 1992 throughout 2000 has shown that Hemo-De® (d-Limonene) a terpene-based chemical with a pleasant citrus fragrance, was able to replace many of the clinical laboratories toxic reagents, such as carbol-xylene, xylene, ethyl acetate and formalin.

In Parasitology – Hemo-De replaces ethyl acetate in the concentration procedure; Hemo-De replaces carbol-xylene, xylene and formalin in the trichrome procedure.

In Histology – Hemo-De replaces xylene in most all procedures. Hem-De is a superior solvent and Clearing agent that can be used in all tissue processing, deparaffiniating and slide preparation.

Hemo-De Features

  • Soluble with alcohol and mounting media
  • Biodegradable, non-corrosive, non-flammable (Combustible)
  • Contains no benzene and no toluene
  • Low toxicity levels
  • Minimal tissue shrinkage
  • Reasonably fast drying and leaves no residue

Hemo-De Application

In Research and Medical – Hematology, Cytology, Pathology, Microbiology, Histology, Pathology, Hospital.

In Mechanical Applications – Cleaning of machine parts, cleaning tools, engines etc.

In Electronic Applications – Circuits boards, electronic components, tools.

General Applications – Clean metal and glass surfaces. Dilute with water can be used to clean all plastic surfaces. Removal of adhesives, glues, tars…

Hemo-De Information

Chemical name: d-Limonene (Terpene Hydrocarbon, n.o.s.)
Composition: d-Limonene, CAS [5989-27-5]98.0%
Butylated Hydroxyanisolve (BHA), CAS
Flash Point (TCC): 121°F (49.4°C)
Boiling Point: 349°F (176°C) @ 760 mmHg
Freezing Point: -74°C
Shipping: Terpene Hydrocarbons, n.o.s. ID No.
04858003, Flammable Liquid, Group III


  1. W.E. Aldeen and D. Hale. "Use of Hem-De to eliminate toxic agents used for concentration and trichrome staining of intestinal parasites" J. of Clinical Microbiology, July 1992, 1893-1895, Vol. 30, No. 7.
  2. Metzger, Zvi DMD et al. "Gutta-Percha Softening: 'Hem-De' as a Xylene Substitute" J. of Endodontics". 26(7):385-388, July 2000.
  3. Devon C. Hale, MD; et al. "Use of a Single Slide Trichrome-Stained Concentrate for the detection of intestinal Parasites Stained Concentration Procedure for Ova and Parasites" American Journal of Clinical Pathology, Vol. 106, N0. 2. Aug. 1996.
  4. J. M. Miller et al. "Biodegradable, effective substitute for xylene in the Ehrlich indole procedure". J. of Clinical Microbiology, Aug. 1994, 2028-2030, Vol 32, No 8.
RT 23412-01 Hemo-De® Xylene Substitute 1 gal 120.00 Add to Cart
RT 23412-04 Hemo-De® Xylene Substitute 4 x 1 gal 450.00 Add to Cart
RT 23412-05 Xylene Substitute – Hemo-De® 5 gal 469.00 Add to Cart

*Hemo-De® is a product of Scientific Solvents.

Z-Fix Concentratearrow11Z-Fix Concentrate

Concentrate for buffered aqueous zinc formalin

Zinc formalin fixatives improve general morphology and immunohistochemical staining and can reduce or eliminate the need for antigen recovery procedures while preserving immunoreactivity for months.

  • Compatible with all tissue processors
  • May be used in place of neutral buffered formalin
  • Easy to dilute with water
  • Make 5 gallons of fixative using just one gallon of concentrate
RT 64125-01 Z-Fix Concentrate, 1 gal each 78.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow11Russell's Zenker Fixative (Russel's Modified Zenker)

Due to the hazardous nature of mercury, Zenker's fluid is no longer available. In place we are offering Russell's Zenker Fixative, which contains Zinc Chloride. The staining results produced by this fixative are comparable to those of Zenker's Stock solution. Russell's Modified Zenker's is used in the same manner as Zenker's stock solution.

RT 64123-05 Russell's Zenker Fixative 500 ml 27.00 Add to Cart
RT 64123-06 Russell's Zenker Fixative 1 L 46.00 Add to Cart


See Formaldehyde/Zinc

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