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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Histology and Light Microscopy

arrow14Paraffin Embedding and Section Mounting

Forceps WarmerForceps Warmerarrow12Forceps

This forceps warmer is indestructible: An all metal, space saving unit. Three heated wells prevent wax build-up and allow for easy tissue orientation at the embedding centers. Dimensions are: 5”W x3 1⁄4”D x 3”

63201-10 Forceps Warmer, 100-120 VAC, 50/60Hz, 0.5A each 687.00 Add to Cart
63201-20 Forceps Warmer, 220-240 VAC, 50/60Hz, 0.25A each 695.00 Add to Cart

Forceps Warmerarrow12Forceps Warmer

This forceps warmer is a low voltage unit for heating up to four pairs of metal forceps. Each well has a diameter of 11 mm and depth of 25 mm and is manufactured to operate at a fix temperature of approximately 75°C.

The top is epoxy-coating finish, and has a removable aluminum block, which helps to clean and de-contaminate the forceps wells. The unit is also supplied with a removable tray to catch any drips from the forceps.


Dimensions: 155 mm (W) x 75 mm (Depth) x 65 mm (H)
Temperature Range: Nominal 75°C
Power Supply/Rating: 110 – 240V 50/60Hz
Weight: 1 kg
63202-10 Forceps Warmer each 625.00 Add to Cart

Paraffin Wax Dispenser Electrothermal arrow12Paraffin Wax Dispenser Electrothermal

The most Reliable Wax Dispenser in the Market!

  • Provides immediate "Wax on Tap"
  • For use in pathology laboratories
  • Thermally insulated tap heater with independent temperature contol eliminates wax solidification

Product Description

  • Anodized black interior stove enameled black and white aluminum exterior and black metal lid are durable and easy to clean
  • Capacity of 1 gallon (4.5 liters)
  • Built in controller provides temperature control from ambient to 75°C
  • A non-drip swivel lever with replaceable filter makes the dispensing of wax easy.
  • Tap heater maintains temperature within the tap to keep the wax molten.


  • Safety over-temperature at 105°C
  • Non-resettable thermal fuse

Product Specifications

Model  MH8523B8    MH8523BX1
Chamber Capacity 4.5 L 4.5 L
Overall Dimensions 12"(H) x 11 " Dia (30 x 28cm) 12"(H) x 11 " Dia (30 x 28cm)
Chamber Dimensions 8.25"(H) x 8.25 " Dia (15 x 15cm) 8.25"(H) x 8.25 " Dia (15 x 15cm)
Weight: Shipping 10 lbs (4.5kg) 10 lbs (4.5kg)
Electrical 50/60 Hertz 230 Volts, 175 Watts 115 Volts, 175 Watts
EMS# 62839-20 62839-10
62839-10 1 Gal Paraffin Dispenser, 115 V each 3,539.00 Add to Cart
62839-20 1 Gal Paraffin Dispenser, 230 V each 3,795.00 Add to Cart

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de-wrinkling" of paraffin sectionsarrow12Histo Orientator

The convenient 2"x2" (51x51mm) heated surface can be used for either "de-wrinkling" of paraffin sections or for the "rapid attachment" of fresh frozen sections. A quick touch of the slide to the hot plate will remove wrinkles and bubbles on your sections. You can also keep a unit on your cryostat to ensure solid attachment of frozen sections to the slide which prevents loosening of the tissue during agitation in hand staining.

  • The unit measures: 4½" x 23/4" x 31/4" (114 x 70 x 82mm).
  • Electrical: 120 Vac, 60 Hz, 12 Watts.
  • Temperature range: Ambient to 65°C.
63205 Histo Orientator each 656.00 Add to Cart

Paraffin Block Trimmer – Wax Trimmerarrow10Paraffin Block Trimmer – Wax Trimmer

Our Wax Trimmer is an appliance for removing excess paraffin from embedding tissue cassettes.It is compact, tabletop design fits easily in any histology lab. Melted paraffin is shaved away. Collection tray stays in place by magnetic contact with the unit. The convenient PE disposable tray liner allows easy disposal of the runoff wax. No need to scrape out the collection tray.


  • Multiple blocks may be trimmed simultaneously
  • Grooved surface for proper wax drainage
  • Two temperature settings – Low setting is approx. 80°F and high setting is 90°F
  • UL listed power cord
  • Includes 5 pieces disposable drip tray liner
  • Dimensions: 11 ¼” (including tray) W x 5”D x 8”H (15x23x18 cm). 8 lbs (3.6kg)
  • Electrical 115VAC, 50/60Hz, 4 Amp
62850-10 Wax Trimmer, 115VAC each 874.00 Add to Cart
62850-50 Replacement Plastic Liner 50/pack 12.00 Add to Cart
62850-51 Replacement Plastic Liner 6packs/cs 60.00 Add to Cart

Large Paraffin Wax Dispenserarrow10Large Paraffin Wax Dispenser

6.25 Gallons of Liquid Paraffin on Demand!

Holds 6.25 gallons of paraffin wax with clear lexan lid permits easy viewing of paraffin without contamination. High spigot accommodates large transfer vessels. The unit comes with microprocessor temperature regulation, built-in clock. Ambient to 65°C. Dimensions: 14” W x 15”D x 23”H (35.6 x 38.1 x 58.4 cm), weight 45 lbs (20.5 kg).

  • Microprocessor controlled – Accurate and uniformity temperature control
  • Security – Advanced software & mechanical devices assure safety.

The Paraffin Dispenser have been tested by a registered independent body to rigorous international quality and safety standards, and, have been found to be in compliance with UL, CSA and CE.

62840-10 Large Paraffin Dispenser, 100-120VAC, 50/60Hz, 4.5 Amp each 3,238.00 Add to Cart
62840-20 Large Paraffin Dispenser, 220-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 2.25 Amp each 3,238.00 Add to Cart

Flotation Workstationarrow10Floatation Bath & Flotation Workstations

Made in the USA

This Flotation Workstation helps your tissue preparation easier, safer and more efficient.

The unit comes with conveniently removable glass dish, scratch and chemical resistant plastic housing, microprocessor controlled electronics and a high contrast background for optimum specimen viewing combined with the HISTO Orientator™ for flattening sections and a Slide Dryer, all in one compact unit. The systems are now available in Low Profile 8"x8"x2 ¼" deep dish versions as well as for those labs wanting to float larger ribbons, 8"x11"x2".

  • Magnetic non-contact switch function for years flawlessly
  • Microprocessor-controlled heating, ambient to 65°C
  • Flat membrane switches for safety and simplicity
  • Fluorescent white lighting positioned for improve tissue viewing glare-free
  • Heat-resistant plastic housing maintains cosmetic appearance
  • Removable glass dish for easy cleaning
  • 2"x6" or 2"x8" Convection Slide dryer & 2"X2" HISTO Orientator™ for eliminating wrinkles.

For those flotation bath applications not requiring the add convenience of Slide Dryer and HISTO Orientator™, the basic Flotation Bath provides all the functional need of the Flotation Workstation at the affordable price. The baths again come in two sizes , 8x8x2 ¼" or 8x11x2" .

The Floatation Bath and Flotation Workstation have been tested by a registered independent body to rigorous international quality and safety standards, and, have been found to be in compliance with UL, CSA and CE.

63214-10 Flotation Workstation, 8x8x2 ¼" Deep Dish, 2 x6" Slide Dryer,120VAC each 2,755.25 Add to Cart
63214-11 Flotation Workstation, 8x11x2", Deep Dish, 2x8" Slide Dryer 120VAC each 2,800.00 Add to Cart
63214-20 Flotation Workstation, 8x8x2 ¼" Deep Dish, 2x6" Slide Dryer 220VAC each 2,800.00 Add to Cart
63214-21 Flotation Workstation, 8x11x2" Deep Dish, 2x8" Slide Dryer 220VAC each 2,875.00 Add to Cart
63213-10 Flotation Bath, 8x8x2 ¼" Deep Dish, 120VAC each 2,413.00 Add to Cart
63213-11 Flotation Bath, 8x11x2", 120VAC each 2,475.00 Add to Cart
63213-20 Flotation Bath, 8x8x2 ¼" Deep Dish , 220VAC each 2,413.00 Add to Cart
63213-21 Flotation Bath, 8x11x2", 220VAC each 2,343.25 Add to Cart
63214-50 Glass Dish Replacement, 8x8x2" (20x20x5mm) each 35.00 Add to Cart
63214-52 Glass Dish Replacement, 8x11x2" (20x28x6mm) each 35.00 Add to Cart
63214-53 Slide Drying Rack, Front mounted, for 8x11dishes holds 39 slides, a 13" x 1" space is available for placing blotting paper each 295.00 Add to Cart
63214-54 Slide Drying Rack, Front mounted, for 8x8 models, holds 39 slides, a 13" x 1" space is available for placing blotting paper each 295.00 Add to Cart
63214-55 Slide Drying Rack, Side mounted, for all 8x8 and 8x11 models; Can be mounted on left or right side, older models may require some assembly; holds 34 slides, a 13" x 1" space is available for placing blotting paper each 225.00 Add to Cart
63214-51 Fluorescent Light Bulb Replacement 2/pk 96.00 Add to Cart

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