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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Histology and Light Microscopy

arrow14Sectioning: Microtome Blades, Holders, and Supplies

arrow12Microtome Blade Holders

Stainless Steel, Disposable Microtome Blade Holders which fit most microtomes and cryostats. If you are looking for a system that combines the quality cutting characteristics of reusable blades with the convenience and consistency of disposable ones our blade holders are your answer.

Our blade holders are:

Versatile - The holders are designed to readily accommodate blades of differing thickness. Such adaptability allows the histologist maximum flexibility especially when difficult tissues are encountered.

Durable - Because we use the highest quality stainless steel and the most advanced manufacturing processes, these blade holders are less susceptible to nicks and normal wear and tear.

Convenient - Insert, clamp, adjust the angle, and cut. That's all it takes.

Universal - For the first time, the quality and convenience of disposable blades are available for all rotary microtomes and cryostats - Even the popular Miles Tissue Tek(TM) (adapter required).

Standard Microtome Blade Holder arrow101. Standard Microtome Blade Holder

For use with our disposable blades (#63061-01). 100% stainless steel construction. 2 years warranty. Holder measures: 6" (152mm) L x 1 1/2" (38mm) W x 7/16" (10mm) T.

63050 Disposable Microtome Blade Holder each 1,182.00 Add to Cart
Blade Holder with Extended Handle arrow102. Blade Holder with Extended Handle

Same as (#63050) except with an extended handle (E/H) to eliminate knife guard interference. 6 3/8" (160mm) long.

63050-E Blade Holder w/ Extended Handle each 1,356.00 Add to Cart
Blade Holder for Low Profile Blades arrow103. Blade Holder for Low Profile Blades

Same as (#63050) but designed for use with any low profile (L/P) microtome blades, #63063, #63065-LP, #63068-LP.

63050-LP Blade Holder for Low Profile Blades each 1,356.00 Add to Cart
arrow104. Blade Holder for Low Profile w/Extended Handle

Same as (#63050-LP) except with an extended handle (E/H) to eliminate knife guard interference.

63050-LPE Blade Holder for L/P Blades, w/ E/H each 1,356.00 Add to Cart
Blade Holder for High Profile Blade arrow105. Blade Holder for High Profile Blade

Same as #63050 but designed for use with any High Profile (H/P) Microtome Blades, #63062-01, #63065-HP, #63068-HP.

63050-HP Blade Holder for High Profile Blades each 1,356.00 Add to Cart
arrow106. Blade Holder for High Profile Blades w/ Extended Handle

Same as (#63050-HP) but comes with an Extended Handle (E/H) to eliminate knife guard interference.

63050-HPE Blade Holder for H/P Blades, w/ E/H each 1,356.00 Add to Cart
arrow107. Universal Blade Handle

Patented SHUR/Sharp™ blade holder designed for interchangeable use of Low and High profile blades.

63050-LH Universal Blade Handle each 1,356.00 Add to Cart
arrow12Cryostat Adapter

Cryostat adapter (C/A) when using our blade holder (#63050) in the Miles TissueTek(TM) II Cryostat.

63050-CA Cryostat Adapter for Blade Holder each 543.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Tissue-Tek® Accu-Edge® Rotary Microtome Blade Holders

Sakura Finetek - The Original One-touch and Heavy-duty holders. The one-touch holder offers easy and quick clamping of disposable blades. The heavy-duty holder has no internal parts to clean or maintain, making it virtually maintenance-free. These holders fit any rotary microtome, including Leica, Shandon, Leitz, Surgipath and Tissue-Tek. Each set includes a blade holder, one dispenser of Accu-Edge® Disposable Blades (63068-LP), maintenance tools, replacement parts and a storage case.

Cat. No. Tissue-Tek Description Pack Price  
63048-10 4687 One-Touch Holder each 835.00 Add to Cart
63048-20 4683 Heavy-Duty Holder each 725.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Tissue-Tek® Accu-Edge® Cryostat Disposable Blade Holders

Cryostat Disposable Blade HoldersSakura Finetek
1. For Tissue-Tek II® Cryostat

Designed for use with Tissue-Tek II® Microtome/cryostat. Long lasting, easy-to-maintain. This stainless steel blade holder provides easy access to the blade and the tissue section. A anti-roll device keep sections from curling. Built-in magnets facilitate blade positioning.

2. For AO/Reichert Cryostat

Designed for AO/Reichert cryostat microtome. It has a right mounted plate to accommodate its off-center blade position and anti-roll device and fits older AO/Reichert cryostat models.

3. Universal Cryostat Holder

Designed to fit IEC, Bright, Leitz, Shandon-Lipshaw and other models. It features a centered blade fixing plate, an anti-roll device. All the above Holders comes with a black resin coated faceplate which offers better visualization of specimens. Each set includes a blade holder, one disposable blade (#63068-LP), maintenance tools, replacement anti-roll plate and storage case.

Cat. No. Tissue-Tek Description Pack Price  
63046-02 4682 Tissue-Tek II Blade Holder each 1,031.00 Add to Cart
63046-10 4680 AO/Reichert Blade Holder each 881.00 Add to Cart
63046-20 4681 Universal Blade Holder each 851.00 Add to Cart

Anti-Roll Device arrow12Anti-Roll Device

An Anti-Roll (A/R) Device which may be used with all our blade holders. It snaps on or off by a unique magnetic attachment system. Its clear plastic plate which is positioned above the sectioning blade prevents any sample curling.

63051-10 Anti-Roll Device each 575.00 Add to Cart
63051-12 Extra Plate each 141.00 Add to Cart

Text Box:  arrow12EMS Ultra-Microtome Aid

Made from hard plastic (Delrin) with a beautifully machined finish to handle many of your instruments that need to be at your fingertips during sectioning.

This EMS Ultra-microtome Aid is a safe place to rest your diamond knife, diamond  trimming tool, tweezers, hair curl or eye lash, diamond knife cleaning rods, perfect-loop for picking up sections.

Note: This unit is not a safe device to store your sectioning knives, such as diamond or glass knives, after you’re done the sectioning.

70612  EMS Ultramicrotome Aid  each $150.00 Add to Cart

Object Holder Mechanismarrow12Tissue-Tek® Object Holder Mechanism

The Tissue-Tek Object Holder Mechanism is a unique device which conveniently fits into existing Miles Tissue Tek cryostats and permits X,Y and Z orientation of ball end chucks. It speeds up the process of cutting frozen sections. The Object Holder also enables the histologist to orient the specimen at any plane making sectioning of the correct portion of the specimen much easier. The holder comes complete with clamp and three ball end chucks.

63055-10 Tissue-Tek Object Holder each 766.00 Add to Cart
63055-12 Extra Ball End Chucks each 180.00 Add to Cart

Knife Handle for Reusable Microtome Blades arrow12Knife Handle for Reusable Microtome Blades

No longer is it necessary to throw away your valuable used microtome blades! This comfortable handle allows you to reuse your microtome blades for routine grossing. Its patented locking mechanism provides a safer blade replacement system than those products presently on the market. The handle is available in either an angled or straight configuration.

63015-00 Knife Handle, Straight each 250.00 Add to Cart
63015-45 Knife Handle, 45° Angle each 192.00 Add to Cart

disposable microtome bladearrow12Disposable Microtome Blades; Stainless Steel

The quality of sectioning depends on the quality of the blade being used. With sharp durable edges, our blades represent a new standard in sectioning quality.
Our blades are available in three different types:

Standard Blade: For routine tissue samples, the standard blade offers an unsurpassed level of quality at an affordable price.

Premium Blade: When more difficult specimens are encountered, simply switch to our premium type- a heavy duty blade which allows you to achieve ribbons of unsurpassed quality.

The Edge: Years of research went into choosing the optimum stainless steel and edge combination. Repeated testing was performed by histologists to assure that SHUR/SHARP blades represent the ultimate in consistency for sectioning technology. Chatterless and compression free ribbons will become routine
no matter what the tissue is.

63061-01 Disposable Microtome Blade, Uncoated, Heavy Duty. Measures: 3”L x 0.498”W x 0.02”T (76.22 x 12.6 x 0.52mm). 35/bx 181.00 Add to Cart
63061-10 10bx/cs 1,806.00 Add to Cart
63062-01 Disposable Microtome Blade, Uncoated. Use with 63050-HP, 63050-HPE and all high profile blade holders. Measures: 3”L x 0.562”W x 0.012”T (76.22 x 14.28 x 0.32mm). 60/bx 129.00 Add to Cart
63062-10 10bx/cs 1,275.00 Add to Cart
63063-01 Disposable Microtome Blade, Low Profile, Coated. Measures: 3”L x 0.312”W x 0.012”T (76.22 x 7.92 x 0.32mm). 50/bx 143.00 Add to Cart
63063-10 10bx/cs 1,397.00 Add to Cart
63064-01 Disposable Microtome Blade, High Profile, Coated. Measures: 3”L x 0.553”W x 0.012”T (76.22 x 14.05 x 0.32mm). 50/bx 143.00 Add to Cart
63064-10 10bx/cs 1,397.00 Add to Cart

Note: Coated Blades: blades are coated with PTFE

Leica® Disposable Microtome Blades arrow12Leica® Disposable Microtome Blades

MMade from high quality stainless steel. High and low profile disposable blades for use with all Leica microtomes as well as the Cryocut and Cryostat. A teflon-fluorocarbon resin-coated edge allows sections to slide off the edge without distortion. They minimize compression. Comes 50 blades in a dispenser box.

Low profile blade measures: 2.98”(L) x 0.318”(W) x 0.010”(T) (75.74 x 8.09 x 0.27mm)
High profile blade measures: 2.98”(L) x 0.557”(W) x 0.012”(T) (75.74 x 14.14 x 0.32mm)

63065-LP Leica 819 Microtome Blades, Low Profile 50/bx 160.00 Add to Cart
63065-HP Leica 818 Microtome Blades, High Profile 50/bx 160.00 Add to Cart

Tissue-Tek® Accu-Edgearrow12Tissue-Tek® Accu-Edge® Disposable Microtome Blades

Sakura Finetek - These ultra sharp, high quality microtome sectioning blades offer striation, distortion and chatter free sections.

Comes in a dispenser with 50 blades. Low profile blades fit all Accu-EdgeÆ Blade Holders for microtomy and cryotomy #63048-10, #63048-20, #63046-02, #63046-10, #63046-20. The high profile blades are suitable for blade holders that are 14mm in height. Packed 50 blades per dispenser.

Low profile blade measures: 3.15”(L) x 0.314”(W) x 0.010”(T) (80.07x8.31x0.26mm)
High profile blade measures: 2.982”(L) x 0.550”(W) x 0.012”(T) (75.74 x 13.98 x 0.31mm)

Cat. No. Tissue-Tek Description Pack Price  
63068-LP 4689 Low Profile Blades 50/bx 98.00 Add to Cart
63068-HP 4685 High Profile Blades 50/bx 103.00 Add to Cart

Disposable Microtome Blades arrow12Disposable Microtome Blades - Feather® Blades

These ultra-sharp blades section specimens without striations, distortions, or chattering. The dispenser delivers a new blade in seconds, automatically ejecting the used blade. Holds 50 blades. Low profile blades fit all Accu-Edge Blade Holders for microtomy and cryotomy: 63048-10, 63048-20, 63-46-10, 63046-20, and 63046-02. 50 blades per dispenser, 10 dispensers per case. The blades measure:3.15” x 0.31 x 0.09” (80.0 x 8 x 0.24mm)

63069-LP Low Profile Microtome Feather® Blade 50/bx 205.00 Add to Cart

Microtome Lubrication Kitarrow12 Tissue-Tek® Microtome Lubrication Kit

This kit contains special low temperature blended lubricants and grease for the routine maintenance of all of the Tissue-Tek microtomes. Tissue-Tek® II and Tissue-Tek® brand Cryo 2000™.

Cat. # TisTek Description Pack Price  
62556-01 4556 Lubricating Kit each 104.00 Add to Cart

Section Lifters arrow12 Section Lifters

Made from polished stainless steel. These section lifters come in two sizes:

Model A: Blade measures 17/8"x1½" (4.8x3.8cm), overall length is 6" (15.2cm)

Model B: Perforated blade. Blade measures: 2½"x2" (6.4x5.1cm). Overall length is 7" (17.8cm)

63076-10 Section Lifter Model A each 52.00 Add to Cart
63076-20 Section Lifter Model B each 54.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow12Microtome Oil

A chemically pure, high-grade lubricant used in precision instruments. Should be used periodically to lubricate cross-rollerbearings for microtomes.

60744 Microtome Oil 100 ml 72.00 Add to Cart

arrow10Top Shelf with Light

This optional Workshelf with light is an added for user convenience when operating Tisue-Tek® Cryo 2000™ Microtome/Cryostat.

62547-06 Top Shelf with Light each 479.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Tissue Processing Wells : Netwell

A device for processing tissues
Please see listing in Specimen Preparation Dishes for a complete description.

arrow12Product Links

Tissue-Tek® Tissue Processor and Embedding System arrow10