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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Material Science and Metrology

arrow13Cold and Hot Mounting Media, Molds, and Pressure Chamber

EMS introduces a selective range of embedding and mounting medium on the market for both HOT MOUNTING and COLD MOUNTING - for literally all kinds of material specimens.

For a complete line of all of our Embedding Media Kits.

msdsmsdsarrow111. Hot Mounting

When preparation requirements include less expensive, uniform size and shape, and short processing times, hot mounting (hot compression mounting) is ideal.

Hot mounting takes place under pressure in a mounting press, where the specimen is placed in a cylinder together with the appropriate mounting resin. A temperature of up to 200°C, and a pressure of up to 50kN are then applied during the embedding of the specimen. There are two types of hot mounting processes: thermoplastic resins and thermo-setting resins.

Thermoplastic Resins melt when heated, offering the opportunity of repeating the process with the same specimen if the result is not satisfactory the first time. Thermoplastic resins harden during a chemical reaction with or without pressure. That means high pressure is not necessary during heating and cooling. This process is good when mounting fragile specimens.

Thermo-setting Resins cure at elevated temperatures under pressure. Thermo-setting resins cannot be re-melted after mounting.

Hot Compression Mounting Resins Selection Guide

Resin Recommended
Specific Properties Comments Resin
Gray Resin
Gray Resin
Electrically conductive mounts
Electrically conductive
Very low shrinkage
Acrylic resin with iron filler
Thermoplastic powder
Clear Resin
Clear Resin
Glass clear mounts
Porous samples
Surface electrical insulator for Gray Resin
Medium shrinkage
Transparent acrylic resin
Green Resin
Green Resin
High edge retention needed
Very hard mount
Low shrinkage
Low removal rate
Diallyl phthalate with glass fiber filler

Ordering Hot Mount Resins:

Cat # Descriptions Pkg. Size    
1210 Gray Resin - Thermoplastic 1 kg 158.00 Add to Cart
1212 Clear Resin - Thermoplastic 1 kg 150.00 Add to Cart
1214 Green Resin - Thermosetting 1 kg 130.00 Add to Cart

Cold mounting or embeddingarrow112. Cold Mounting

Cold mounting or embedding is when a resin is mixed with a hardener (or accelerator) to provide the mounting compound, and then the polymerization process take place to form the block. In some cases, this process gives-off heat. However this heat generation can be controlled by the use of ice or cool air blow setting. Cold mounting compounds are preferred for specimens that are sensitive to the heat or pressure, which applies during the hot mounting process. There are three types of cold mounting:

1. Epoxy Systems - Epoxies have the lowest shrinkage of all cold mounting resins. The curing time is relatively long, but the adhesion to most materials is excellent. They are also used for vacuum impregnation. The hardened epoxy is duroplastic and not affected by moderate heat or chemicals.

2. Acrylic System - Acrylics are easy to use resins with short curing times and negligible shrinkage. They consist of self-polymerizing components that harden with the addition of catalyst. Hardened acrylic is thermoplastic and resistant to most chemicals.

3. Polyester Systems - Polyester belongs to the catalyzed system, like acrylics. Curing times are relatively short and the hardened specimen is duroplastic.

Cold Mounting and Embedding Resins Selection Guide

Resin Recommended Use Specific Properties Curing Time Recommended Mounting Cup

Vacuum impregnation
Porous & complicated specimens
Mineralogical specimens
Transparent Epoxy
Negligible curing heat
Low viscosity
Practically no shrinkage
Excellent wetting and adhesion
Peak temperature 43°C
8 hours at room
Mold Cups (50480-10)

Vacuum impregnation
Porous specimens
Mineralogical specimens
Need more time to manipulating
Transparent Epoxy
Low viscosity
Excellent penetration to cracks & pores
No shrinkage
Peak temperature 130°C
3.5 hours at 40-60°C Disposable
Mold Cups (50480-10)

Routine work
Single or small series of specimens
Translucent Acrylic 9 – 10 minutes at room
Mold Cups (50480-10)
Silicone Molds

Large series of uncomplicated specimens
Used for specimens are not sensitive to
Transparent Polyester
Low viscosity
Due to shrinkage, it's recommended for
specimens without holes or cavities.
45 minutes at room
Mold Cups (50480-10)
Silicone Molds

Edge retension
Complicated specimens
Mineral filler
Peak temperature 114°C
Excellent hardness
Practically no shrinkage
25 – 18 minutes Disposable
Mold Cups (50480-10)
Silicone Molds
Epoxy-Dye For use with EpoFix and Unimount Fluorescent dye for use in microscopy
to make cracks and pores visible.
Special filters for microscopy
Acrylic-Dye For use with Acrylmount For color-coding specimens
Colors include blue, red & yellow


Catalog # msds
1232  EpoFix Cold-Setting Embedding Resin   1232-A
1234  Unimount Kit   1234-A
1245  Epoxy Dye Set   1245
1256  AcryMount Embedding Resin   1256-H
1265  Acrylic Dye Set   1265
1270  Poly-Mount   1270-A
1276  Poly-Acrymount Embedding Kit   1276-A1


Ordering Cold Mount Resins:

(a) Epoxy Systems
1232 EpoFix - Kit with 1L liquid resin; 130 ml hardening liquid Kit 156.00 Add to Cart
1234 UniMount - Kit with 500 ml liquid resin; 200 ml hardening liquid Kit 370.00 Add to Cart
1245 Epoxy-Dye 20g 86.00 Add to Cart
(b) Acrylic Systems
1256 AcrylMount - Kit with 500g resin powder; 225 ml hardening liquid Kit 250.00 Add to Cart
1265 Acrylic-Dye, 60 ml (20 ml each yellow, red, blue) 20 ml x 3 116.00 Add to Cart
(c) Polyester Systems
1270 PolyMount - Kit with 500 ml liquid resin; 15 ml hardening liquid Kit 70.00 Add to Cart
(d) Polyester/Acrylic Systems
1276 PolyAcryMount - Kit with 870 g resin powder; 300 ml hardening liquid Kit 395.00 Add to Cart

Cold Embedding Moldsarrow11Cold Embedding Molds

These 2 part molds may be used for all cold embedding epoxies. Comes with a detached cap for easy removal. The molds come in 3 different sizes to accommodate all of the samples you may have. The molds are made from HDPE and we recommend the use of mold release spray (Catalog #72619) prior to use.

50481-20 Cold Embedding Molds 1" 10/pk 35.00 Add to Cart
50481-21 Cold Embedding Molds 1½" 10/pk 38.00 Add to Cart
50481-22 Cold Embedding Molds 1¼" 10/pk 42.00 Add to Cart

arrow11Mounting Cups for Cold Mounting/EmbeddingMounting Cups for Cold Mounting Embedding

Disposable Mold Cup

Polyethylene, one part molds. Closed one end. Red

50480-10 1 1/8" 50/pk 32.00 Add to Cart
50480-15 1¼" 50/pk 32.00 Add to Cart
50480-20 1½" 50/pk 32.00 Add to Cart
Silicone Mold

Flexible Silicone Rubber, Closed bottom; red

51012-25 25mm 5/pk 122.00 Add to Cart
51012-30 30mm 5/pk 122.00 Add to Cart
51012-40 40mm 5/pk 122.00 Add to Cart
Phenolic Ring Mold

impregnated phenolic, 3/4" high

50483-15 1/4" 10/pk 13.50 Add to Cart
50483-20 1 1/2" 10/pk 14.00 Add to Cart

msdsmsdsmold clipsarrow11Hot & Cold Mounting/Embedding Thermo Conductive PasteAccessories


50486-00 6mm height metal spring clip to hold or position a small specimen upright. 100/pk 48.00 Add to Cart
50487-25 PlastiClips - Plastic clip used to support up to 5 small, thin specimens. (May not be suitable with Acrylic Resins), 25/pk 68.00 Add to Cart
50488-10 Mold Release - Mold release agent to be used with mounting press. 8g 58.00 Add to Cart
72619 Mold Release - Mold release agent to be used with cold mounting mold. 15 oz can 23.00 Add to Cart
50494-25 Thermo Conductive Paste - For better heat transfer between heating/cooling unit and cylinder in hot mounting press. 25g 58.00 Add to Cart

Round Silicone Rubber Molds, ReusableRectangular Silicone Rubber Molds, Reusablearrow11Silicone Rubber Molds, Reusable

These reusable molds for cold embedding are made from sturdy, flexible, white silicone, and are easily removed without the need for release agents. Much smoother than rubber molds, enabling easy identification of samples in clear resins. They hold their shape to produce consistent, reliable round embedding.

arrow12Round Silicone Rubber Molds, Reusable

1" high, ¾" internal depth.

50484-10 1" (25.4mm) dia. 10/pk 68.00 Add to Cart
50484-12 1¼" (31.75mm) dia. 10/pk 70.00 Add to Cart
50484-14 1½" (38.1mm) dia. 10/pk 78.00 Add to Cart
50484-16 2" (50.8mm) dia. 5/pk 78.00 Add to Cart
arrow11Rectangular Silicone Rubber Molds, Reusable

1" high, ¾" internal depth.

50484-17 2¼ x 1" 5/pk 163.00 Add to Cart
50484-18 3 x 2" each 173.00 Add to Cart

arrow11Pressure Chamber

This chamber is designed in conjunction with our cold molded acrylic and epoxy media. After encapsulating the sample, they are placed inside the chamber. By applying between 30 to 40 PSI during the cure time, the mounting compound is compressed down and around the sample, forcing air up to the surface. This process helps eliminate shrinkage and increase clarity and edge retention. As an option an air pump tank is available. This Air Pump is designed for hand pumping pressure.

50465-10 Pressure Chamber each 425.00 Add to Cart
50465-20 Air Pump each 193.00 Add to Cart

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