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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Specimen Preparation and Embedding Supplies

arrow13Biopsy Pads, Cloth, Lens Tissue, and Applicators

Biopsy Foam Padsarrow12Biopsy Foam Pads

A cellular polyester blue foam that has uniform air pockets throughout the pad for optimal fluid flow. It prevents either small or fragmented tissue specimens from being lost.
To Use: Place small samples or specimen fragments between the two pads and place the specimen in a cassette or capsule.

Cat. No. Foam Pad Size Use With Pack Price  
62325-01 25mm Diameter 29mm Capsules 1000/pk 26.00 Add to Cart
62325-04 35mm Diameter 38mm Capsules 1000/pk 31.00 Add to Cart
62325-06 25mmx32mm 1x1¼"Cassettes 1000/pk 20.00 Add to Cart

Paper Biopsy Bagsarrow12Paper Biopsy Bags

These bags are made from porous paper which provides maximum tissue safety during processing. They permit proper fluid exchange and drainage. Available in three sizes.

To Use: Simply introduce the specimen into the bag and fold it enclosing the cassette or capsule. You are now ready to process as usual.

62326-01 Biopsy Paper Bags, 45 mm x 75 mm 100/pk 9.00 Add to Cart
62326-05 Biopsy Paper Bags, 45 mm x 75 mm 500/pk 36.00 Add to Cart
62326-02 Biopsy Paper Bags, 30 mm x 50 mm 100/pk 8.00 Add to Cart
62326-10 Biopsy Paper Bags, 30 mm x 50 mm 500/pk 35.00 Add to Cart
62326-03 Biopsy Paper Bags, 75 mm x 94 mm 100/pk 10.00 Add to Cart
62326-15 Biopsy Paper Bags, 75 mm x 94 mm 500/pk 38.00 Add to Cart

twill jean cotton wipearrow12Cloth;

A twill jean cotton wipe made from 100% cotton fiber that is woven in an extremely tight construction. The extractable trace elements are effectively reduced in the cleaning process which removes impurities in the cotton as well as any starches or binders used in the manufacturing process.


  • Highly absorbent.
  • Thermal stability; good for high heat applications.
  • Excellent wipeability.
  • Acid resistant and solvent compatible.
  • Low metallic ion content
  • Low static generation.
71750 Lint Free Cloth 9"x9" 100/pk 30.00 Add to Cart
71752 Lint Free Cloth 9"x9" 300/pk 80.00 Add to Cart
71753 Lint Free Cloth 13"x13" 150/pk 76.00 Add to Cart

Cheese Clotharrow12Cheese Cloth

Cotton woven cloth in the pattern of 44x36 (44 lines/inch horizontally and 36 lines/inch vertically) which makes it suitable for cleaning and polishing. Supplied in 60 yard rolls (continuous) 36" in width; This configuration allows you to cut out the exact length you desire.

71748-00 Cheese Cloth box 72.00 Add to Cart

Ross Lens tissue arrow12 Lens Tissue; EMS (Formerly Ross)

EMS (Formerly Ross) Lens tissue does not lint or scratch and it is free from mineral or vegetable filler.

71700 Lens Tissue, 4½"x5", 1000 sheets/box box 17.50 Add to Cart

EMS Lens Tissue arrow12EMS Lens Tissue

EMS Lens Tissue is the world's finest optical tissue. It's extremely soft and virtually lint-free. Safe for any optical surface such as camera lenses, microscopes, telescopes, and eye-glasses. Each tissue is perforated for easy removal from the booklet. Tissue size: 4"x6", 50 sheets/bk

71712-01 EMS Booklet Lens Tissue 50/bk 3.50 Add to Cart
71712-10 EMS Booklet Lens Tissue 10 bk/lot 33.00 Add to Cart

Towel; Disposablearrow12Towel; Disposable

A large size towel (13.3"x23") suitable for many uses around the lab. High absorbency and strong, even when wet

72610 Towel; Disposable, 45 towels/box box 15.00 Add to Cart

Micro Fiber Cleaning Clotharrow12Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth

Chemical free. Safely and easily removes fingerprints and smudges from all glass and plastic lenses. The advanced technology of the Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth makes it ideal for cleaning any high gloss surface such as:

  • Camera Lenses, Scopes & Binoculars
  • Eye Glasses & Jewelry
  • Photographs
  • Scanners, Computers, Copy Machines
  • TV Screens, Mirrors & Chrome
  • Compact & Laser Discs • Musical Instruments

Care of the Cloth: Machine or hand wash and dry. The unique properties will not change. May be ironed with cool iron, if desired.

71717-01 Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth each 6.00 Add to Cart
71717-12 Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth 12/pk 60.00 Add to Cart

Disposable Bibulous Paperarrow12Disposable Bibulous Paper

  • Highly absorbent white fiber paper
  • Lint and dust free
  • Recommended for drying microscope slides and other small lab glass items
  • Size: 4 x 6


70086-01 Disposable Bibulous Paper Book, each 50/pk 3.50 Add to Cart
70086-10 Disposable Bibulous Paper Book, 10 each 50/pk 32.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Thirsty Swabs

Thirty StixThirty StixThirsty-Swabs may be squeezed and reused. Upon squeezing out any liquid, Thirsty-Swabs will retain approximately 80% of their absorbency.

Thirty StixThirty Stix


Absorption Weight:
70996-01 = aprox. 0.135g
70996-02 = aprox. 0.50g

70996-01 Thirsty Swabs - Round tip 100/pk 42.00 Add to Cart
70996-02 Thirsty Swabs - Spear tip 100/pk 42.00 Add to Cart

Scribers and Slide Coating arrow13arrow13