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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Technical Data Sheets

Application Sheet for Citifluor Permafix-1 (HRF) Solution

EMS Catalog #17979-50


Permafix-1 (HRF) is an aqueous solution of a chemically modified poly (vinyl alcohol) containing additives for use as a permanent mountant having a high refractive index (~1.52). The solution may be used with either AF100 or AF200 where it is important to reduce the photobleaching of fluorochromes, but the dilution with these solutions will reduce the refractive index of the dried films. Permafix-1 HRF should only be used with specimens that have been fixed, e.g. the biopolymers have been crosslinked or where the fluorochrome is chemically bonded to the substrate. The additives in the formulation will dissolve linear polymers, e.g. proteins etc. leading to problems with obtaining good images.

A few drops of the solution should be applied to the specimen followed by a cover slip. Evaporation of the water leads to formation of a clear film which holds the cover slip in place, thereby aiding the safe storage of the specimen.

Properties and Storage of Permafix-1 (HRF) Solution

The solutions are of medium viscosity and are water-white in appearance. They contain a small amount of sodium azide to prevent fungal growth. They may be stored at room temperature. The cap of the bottles should always be replaced after use to prevent evaporation of water, which leads to film formation and ultimately to solidification of the product. Samples stored under these conditions for 6 months have been found to exhibit little apparent deterioration, e.g. no gel formation.

Product Information

Citifluor Hardening Antifadents