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Electron Microscopy Sciences


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B&L Illuminated Magnifier Block Trimmer; Butler
Bacterial Stains Blocks:
Bacti Cinerator IV Blocks:
Bag; Specimen Transport Blocks:
Bags; Biopsy Paper Blocks:
Bags; Biopsy Plastic Blocks:
Balance Spoon Blocks:
Balsam Bottles Blocks:
Bamboo Tongs Blocks:
Bars; Stirring: Blocks:
· Color Coded Blocks:
· Egg · Dri Bath
· Metric · Embedding
· Micro Blotter Books
· Mini Boards:
· Mixing Boards:
· Octagon Boards:
· Retrieving Boards:
· Round Boards:
· Spin Bar; Komet Boards:
Base Mold Boards:
Base Molds, Stainless Steel Boards:
Bases, Goniometer Boards:
Basic Fuchsin Boards:
Basic Green 4 · Cutting
Basic Fuchin Solution · Dissecting
Basic Orange Boats:
Baskets: Boats:
Baskets: Boats:
Baskets: Boats:
Baskets: Boats:
Baskets: Boats:
Baskets: Boats:
Baskets: Boats:
Baskets: Boats:
Baskets: Boats:
Baskets: Quick Boat
· Autopsy · Metal
· Cleaning · Molybdenum
· Mesh · Pyrolytic Graphite
· Micro · Tungsten
· Specimen Bone Cutters – All
· Tungsten Wire Bone Marrow Stain
Bath: Bone Rongeurs – All
Bath: Bone Saw
Bath: Bone Shears
Bath: Bones And Calcium Stains
Bath: Book Holders
Bath: Books:
Bath: Books:
Bath: Books:
Bath: Books:
Bath: Books:
· Dri Books:
· Paraffin Books:
· Tissue Floating Books:
· Ultrasonic Books:
BDMA, Benzyldimethylamine Books:
Beaker Buddy · Blotter
Beakers: · Microwave ToolBook
Beakers: · Microwave Cookbook
Beakers: · Reference+
Beakers: B.O.P. Kit, Biopsy Organizer Plate
Beakers: Borax Tetra
Beakers: Boric Acid
Beakers: Boron Carbide
Beakers: Borosilicate Capillary Micro Glass Slide
Beakers: Bottle Carriers
Beakers: Bottle Openers
· Glass Micro Bottle Rest
· Paper Bottles:
· PTFE Bottles:
· Staccup Bottles:
· Sure-footed BioPure Bottles:
· Tri-Corn Bottles:
· Weighted Bottles:
BEEM®: Bottles:
BEEM®: Bottles:
BEEM®: Bottles:
BEEM®: Bottles:
BEEM®: · Air-Evac
BEEM®: · Balsam
BEEM®: · Bellows
BEEM®: · Blank Natural Wash
BEEM®: · Dispenser
BEEM®: · Dispensing
· Block Storage System · Dropping
· Capsule Press · Media Lab
· Dial-A-Grid Grid Holder · Sample
· Dial-A-Grid and Block Holder in One · PVC
· Embedding Capsules · Serum
· Embedding Capsule Holder · Specimen
· Flat Embedding Molds · Sterile Collecting
· Multi-task Capsule Holder · Stoppered
Bellco Coverslips · Wash
Bell Jar; Vacuum · Wide Mouth
Bellows Dropping Bottle Bouin's Fixative
Benchtop Mat Bouin's Solution
Benchtop Shelves Bovine Serum Albumin
Benchtop Workstation Boxes:
Benzoin Boxes:
Benzoin Ethyl Ether Boxes:
Benzoin Methyl Ether Boxes:
Benzyldimethylamine (BDMA) Boxes:
Beryllium: Boxes:
Beryllium: Boxes:
Beryllium: Boxes:
Beryllium: Boxes:
Beryllium: Boxes:
Beryllium: · Biohazard
Beryllium: · Carrier
Beryllium: · Cocoon
Beryllium: · Cryo Storage
Beryllium: · Cryotransport
· Film · Freezer
· Grids · Gel-Pak®
· Planchets · Glass Disposable
Beta Shield · Glass Knife
BGE, n-Butyl Glycidyl Ether · Glass Slide
Bibulous Paper · Light
Biebrich Scarlet · Match
Biebrich Scarlet Solution · Membrane
Binder; 3 Ring · Micro Portion
BioBond Slide Coating Adhesive · Pasteboard
BioCulture Microbial Air Sampler · Pasteboard Sliding
Bioguard SilverAnti-Microbial Mat · Pill
Biohazard Waste Box · Plastic Storage
BioMeda™ Substitutes · SEM
BioMount Mounting Media · Slide
Biopsy: · Slide Tray
Biopsy: · Slide-Wood
Biopsy: · Round
Biopsy: · Tweezer
Biopsy: Brain Matrice Blades
Biopsy: Brilliant Cresyl Blue
Biopsy: Bromophenol Blue
Biopsy: Brun’s Metacarpal Saw
Biopsy: Brushes:
Biopsy: Brushes:
· Bags Brushes:
· Cassette Brushes:
· Foam Pads Brushes:
· Insert; Cellsafe Brushes:
· Organizer Plates Brushes:
· Paper Bags Brushes:
· Processing Cassette Brushes:
· Punch Brushes:
Bio-Pure Beakers Sure-Footed · Anti-Static
Bio-Pure Surfactant Wipes · Glasgow
Bismarck Brown Y · Metal
Bismuth Carbonate, Purified · Mottler
Bismuth Stain Kits · Red Sable
Bismuth Subcarbonate · Scratch
Bismuth Subnitrate · Static Master
Bits, Drill · Ultra
Black & White Dry Transfer Sheets BSA-C
Blade Breaker Buckets; Ice
Blade Holder: Buffered Formalin
Blade Holder: Buffers, Prepared; General
Blade Holder: · Acetate
Blade Holder: · Borate
Blade Holder: · Citrate
Blade Holder: · Hepes - Good’s
Blade Holder: · Hepes Solution
Blade Holder: · Millonig’s Phosphate
Blade Holder: · Mops
Blade Holder: · Phosphate Mixed Sodium Salts
· Cryostat · Pipes, Goods Buffer
· Microtome · Pipes Solution
Blades: · Sodium Cacodylate Buffer
Blades: · Sorensen’s Phosphate
Blades: · Sym-Collidine
Blades: · Tris Maleate
Blades: · Trump’s
Blades: Bulb; Atomizer
Blades: Bulbs, Microscope
Blades: Bulb; Safety
Blades: Burner; Alcohol
Blades: Burnishers
· Diamond Burnishing; Sapphire
· Microtome: Burnishing Tool
· Disposable Tissue-Tek 1,4-Butanediol Diglycidyl Ether
· Heavy Duty Butanol
· High Profile Butler Block Trimmer
· Leica 2-Butoxy Ethanol
· Low Profile Butvar B-98:
· Standard Butvar B-98:
· Platinum Coated Butvar B-98:
· Razor Butvar B-98:
· Feather® Butvar B-98:
· Scalpel with Handle Butvar B-98:
· Brain Matrice Butvar B-98:
· General Butvar B-98:
· Sapphire Butvar B-98:
· Saw Butvar B-98:
· Scalpel · Powder
· Spiral · Solution
· Tissue Tek n-Butyl Acetate
· Weck Extra Long n-Butyl Alcohol
· Weck Prep n-Butyl Glycidyl Ether (BGE)
Block Holders n-Butyl Methacrylate