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Electron Microscopy Sciences


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Lab: · Ross
· Cart Levered Micro Slide Dispenser
· Drawer Organizer Lieshman's Stain
· Set Forceps LIBRA Personal Sampling Pump
· Spill Pads Lifter Slip
· Spoon Lifter Slip Coverglass
· Turntable Lift-n-Press Tabs
Lab-Air; Air Purifiers Lift-Out Grids
LaB6 Cathodes Light-Bloc Labels
Lab6 Denka Filaments Light:
Label: · Ultra-thin
· Chameleon Tough· Tags Light Gathering Magnifiers
· Centrifuge Tubes Light Guides
· Colored Light Pipe Scintillators
· Cryo Light Ring
· Cryo-Babies® Light Green SF Yellowish
· Cryo-Tags® Light Green Solution
· Direct Thermal Cryo Light Microscopy Reagents
· Expiration Lighted:
· Histology/Cytology · Magnifiers
· Laboratory Reagent · Scissors
· Laser Tough Spots® Line Grating Replicas with Latex Spheres
· Light-Bloc Linking Solution; Via-Cell
· Microscope Slide Lint & Dust Remover
· Microtube Liqui-Nox Detergent
· Oven Safe Marking Liquid Blocker Pen
· Pathology Liquid CoverGlass; Shur/Mount
· Pathology Specimen Liquid Release Agent
· Remover Liquid Wicks
· Roll Lissamine Fast Red Solution
· Satin Cloth LKB Grid Box
· Sheet Loctite Adhesives
· Slides Loop:
· Thermal Transfer · Bio
· Tough Tags® · Calibrated
· Tape · Innoculating
· Warning · Perfect
· Wet Grip Lotion; Anti-Microbial Hand
· Wash-Off Loupes:
· Write Protect · Binocular
· Xylene Resistant Thermal Transfer · Eyeglass
Labeling Tape · Folding
Lab-Tek: Low Viscosity Embedding Kit
· Chamber Slides Low Viscosity Embedding Kit (Dr. Spurr)
· Chambered Coverglass Lowicryl Embedding Kit:
Labkit · HM20
Laboratory Notebook, Paper · HM23
Laboratory Notebook, PolyPaper · K4M
Laboratory Jack · K11M
Lamps; UV · Monostep
Lanthanum Nitrate, Hexahydrate LR Gold Embedding Kit
Lapping Fixtures LR Gold Resin
Lapping Machine LR White Embedding Kit:
Lasner-DaMan Forceps · Hard Grade
Latex Aggulation Slides · Medium Grade
Latex, Polystyrene Lubrication Kit
LatticeGear ·Microtome
Lattice Plane Specimens Lucifer Yellow, Dilithium Salt
Lead Acetate Lugol’s Iodine
Lead Citrate Luminex Cleaning Cloth
Lead Nitrate Luminescent Thermometer
Leica Microtome Blades Luminox
Leit-C- Plast Adhesive Luxol Fast Blue Solution
Lens: LV CryoOil
· Cleaner Lynx II Tissue Processor
· Cleaning Tissue Lynx I Consumables and Parts
· Cleaning Wipes Lyophilization Containers
· Tissue: Lyophilization Stoppers