ASAP-1 IPS Digital Selected Area Preparation System

Product Highlights

  • Suits all sizes of die – package, wafer and board-level
  • Real Time Video Monitor with system parameter
  • Touchscreen control with physical joystick & controls
  • Rigidized Table Assembly and closed-loop, high-torque, motor control enhances the machining of tough and hard materials
  • X, Y and Z axes all have deep sub-micron accuracy
  • Accurately decaps, then thins substrate and polishes
  • Patented Floating Head provides a true polishing action – yields polishing quality & high survivability
  • Intuitive menus provide a powerful, easy to use, system
  • USB Flash Driveinterface for preparation recipe storage
  • Short set-up and process times
  • Accurate die-tilt adjustment 'on the fly'
  • Bench-top & Quiet in Operation

Since product launch, ASAP-1® hardware has become the standard piece of preparation equipment that engineers involved in disciplines such as failure analysis, yield enhancement, radiation testing, and competitive analysis have come to rely on for backside preparation. ULTRA TEC has produced leading solutions for backside preparation since 1999. With over 300 ASAP-1 units installed in Semiconductor industry labs throughout the world, we are proud to introduce the ASAP-1® IPS.

Enabling The Next Generation Of Failure Analysis

Ever since the inception of the ASAP-1 Project, ULTRA TEC's goal has been to offer both user-friendly and sample-friendly tools. The ASAP-1® analog systems offer elegant, intuitive controls which have enabled all labs to achieve quality results for subsequent analysis with Photon emission microscopes, laser/ thermal stimulus microscopes and FIB's. The user-friendly intutive nature of the analog units has been carried forward, and expanded with ASAP-1® IPS.

ASAP-1 IPS Digital Selected Area Preparation SystemDigital Control... Done Right!

ASAP-1® IPS offers deep sub-micron control on X, Y and Z axes, making it 'hands-down' the most accurate system ever seen in the market.

ASAP-1 IPS Digital Selected Area Preparation SystemMuch More Than A Mill

ASAP-1® IPS enhances the marketleading attributes of our legacy products with the latest digital technology. It is now possible to grind substrates thinner, polish flatter and de-process even more accurately. ASAP-1® IPS introduces a suite of features that automate many aspects of the process – from analyzing the part to be processed, to writing intuitive programmable recipes, to reading in-situ end-stop indicators that ensure each important sample is prepared correctly. The patented 'float down' polishing head design is retained, and enhanced with the use of force feedback. to achieve the quality of final polish demanded by customers for backside microscopy, Laser scan, FIB and SIL.

ASAP-1 IPS Digital Selected Area Preparation SystemImproved System Controls

The dedicated machine-vision monitor provides an 'always on' realtime view of the part, overlaid with current system coordinates and parameter. Now you can see the part as it is being processed

A touchscreen interface, a physical joystick and encoders – alongside a suite of intuitive software and hardware features — empowers the FA technician & engineering professional for the next generation of failure analysis.


Z-Vertical Direction Precision 0.04 microns (40 nanometers)
Table Precision (X& Y Travel) 0.2 microns (200 nanometers)
Table Travel Amplitude 100mm x 100mm
Polishing Method Patented ASAP-1 Float-down head, with Z-lock, enhanced with electronic sensors and tool patterns
Video Real-time machine vision with 6.5 inch video monitor. External Video Output (NTSC)
Programming Input Method Touchscreen with joystick and 3 physical rotary encoders
Machine Vision Real-time Video of overlaid with stage and process variables
Tilt Control Computer-aided 2-circle tilt control, ULTRACOLLIMATOR Measurement (option)
Force Control 1000grams (max) with 1 gram precision. Overall accuracy ± 10 grams
Recipe Load & Save USB Port, for removable flash drive (up to 2Gb) Z Position Touch-off Method Mechanical Positioning with Force-feedback (option) sensors
X & Y Position LASER Targeting
Power Consumption 300 Watts Maximum in use
Power Requirements Universal: 100-120VAC; 200-240VAC
Footprint 19 inches (480mm) Width x 25 inches (635 mm) Depth x 22 inches (560mm) Height
Wax-In Platearrow11Wax-In Plate

Holds difficult packages

The Wax-in plate allows for packages with long vertical leads ("dead bug") or those with 'difficult' or non-standard shapes to be held in position for Selected Area Preparation.

  • Works with paraffin wax or similar adhesives
  • Holds dead-bug type packages
XYBOVE Re-application Toolarrow11XYBOVE Re-application Tool

Re-mounting station for Xybove final polishing tips. The XYBOVE Re-Application Tool makes replacing XYBOVE Tips straightforward and rapid – especially on smaller 1mm and 2mm diameter tools.

  • Make Replacement XYBOVE Tips when required
  • Save on buying new tools
  • Fast and Convenient to use, especially on small diameter tools
Flip-over Workholderarrow11Flip-over Workholder

Allows optical alignment of nonoptically- accessible parts

Flip-over Sample Holder Allows for ULTRACOLLIMATOR alignment of packages and samples that have no access for 'opposite-side' alignment.

ASAP-1 Standard Mounting Platearrow11ASAP-1 Standard Mounting Plate

Standard Mounting Plate for ASAP-1 systems. Mounts on to the system with four corner dowel holes and screw holes for even stronger mounting, if required. Includes flat, ground and lapped anodized aluminum surfaces, with a center optical alignment for use with the ULTRACOLLIMATOR. Tapped holes are include for mechanical mounting with wafer clamps or similar.

ASAP-1 Repeat Positioning Holdersarrow11ASAP-1 Repeat Positioning Holders

Holders that work with the Standard Mounting Plate for ASAP-1 systems. Repeat Holders – namely the Corner Square and the Small wax-in holder – allow for many of the same part to be sequentially processed, without the need for re-centering or recalibration of the ASAP-1® system.

Particulate Vacuum Pumparrow11Particulate Vacuum Pump
  • Used with ASAP-1® IPS
  • Providesthe safest working conditions, particularly when dry grinding encapsulants and electronic components
  • Quiet and Efficient
  • HEPA filter
  • Allows best viewing in machine vision mode
  • Driven by ASAP-1® IPS Software

Ordering Information

Manufacturer: Ultra Tec