Cell biology and general liquid sample Capsules

The QX-102 Capsules are used for imaging various wet materials and biological samples, such as liquid samples (foods, cosmetics, oils, paints, etc.), particles in solutions, adherent and non-adherent human and animal cells, and microorganisms. The samples can be visualized either directly or by following appropriate contrast enhancement staining or labeling procedures. The capsule serves as a cell culture dish, specifically designed for the SEM . No coating or embedding of the sample are required, enabling electron microscopy imaging with easy sample preparation comparable to light microscopy.

The QX-102 Capsules are supplied sterile for single use in boxes of 24.

Note: Capsules will no longer come in Stainles Steel. They will now arrive in a natural brown color, which is standard, and their functionality remains the same.

SKU: QX-102-24
Pack: 24 Pack