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Em1 Portable Microscope

x400 x600 x1000

Introducing the world's most versatile portable microscope.

Revolutionary in design, portability and application — with a price that's accessible to everyone. The Em1 sets up in seconds for use in numerous industries and fields of study, from tropical disease diagnosis and forensic sciences, to laboratory or classroom settings.

Ultra compact - 154 x 122 x 64mm with a weight of just 480 grams

Precision optics - High quality, precision ground Schott glass optics

Exceptional battery life - Up to 1,000 hours

Accessories - A range of accessories for phones and cameras

X100 - X1000 - Sharp, high quality images at all magnifications

Mountings - Two standard tripod mounting points for stability


The Em1 is an incredibly compact, rugged, lightweight, and powerful portable microscope, offering up to x1000 magnification with fully integrated LED lighting.

High-resolution digital images can be captured using any smartphone and camera accessories.

Due to its revolutionary design, engineering and portability, the Em1 microscope can be used for a wide variety of tasks. Its ease-of-use, compact form, and simple setup create a new and exciting benchmark in the world of microscopy.


The Em Microscope concept evolved from a challenging set of design criteria: to create a robust, portable, affordable microscope capable of diagnosing tropical diseases at the health periphery. The resulting product, the Em1 is has convincingly achieved those original objectives. But it is also very suitable for a range of other applications such as healthcare, field science, general microscopy, veterinary pathology, micro-photography, and academic research.

Despite the emergence of other field microscope designs over the last half century, no other instrument has fully satisfied these stringent requirements – the provision of a portable microscope with fully integrated lighting, XY indexing and high quality optics capable of diagnosing the blood-borne protists including malaria. The World Health Organization recently reaffirmed its conviction that microscopy remains the ‘gold standard’ for the diagnosis of malaria despite the availability of RDTs (Rapid Diagnosis Tests). The microscope, in capable hands, is able to diagnose a wide range of tropical diseases at far less cost per patient and may also make a significant contribution towards the mapping of disease prevalence to better guide vaccine and drug delivery programs.

The Em1's development program included laboratory equivalence testing and practical field trials in tropical locations for the diagnosis of malaria and the NTDs (Neglected Tropical Diseases). Innovative design, simplification and the application of state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and materials have made the Em1 a reality.

A new and exciting benchmark in the world of microscopy...

Wider Applications

While the driving force behind the concept of the Em1 is to help eradicate the world of tropical diseases, global use in 38 countries demonstrates that it's capable of numerous applications in different industries. Due to its revolutionary design, form factor, weight and features, the Em1 is being used in the following areas:

  • Healthcare/Medicine
  • Tropical Disease Diagnosis
  • Field Sciences
  • Science Education
  • Veterinary Pathology
  • Zoology
  • General Microscopy
  • Entomology
  • Parasitology
  • Environmental Science
  • Geographical Surveys
  • Horticulture
  • Law Enforcement/ Forensics
  • Micro-Photography
  • Defense/Homeland Security
  • Pollution Studies
  • Water Sanitation
  • Marine Science
  • Food Safety
  • Fiber Analysis
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Industrial Accidents
  • Aviation Accidents
  • Insurance Claims Investigations

...taking the microscope to the subject.


Ultra compact - At a weight of just 480g and a form factor of 154 x 122 x 64 mm, the Em1 is an unprecedented addition to the world of microscopes and can be carried anywhere with ease, yet will match the performance of the conventional laboratory-bound instrument.

Illumination - Fully integrated Illumination is provided by a white daylight-balanced miniature LED located in an adjustable lighting arm which can be moved to provide various lighting effects including darkground. The Em1 requires three AAA batteries which are extremely compact and widely available globally.

Focus - Focus is achieved with a rotating knob on the edge of the Em1. A continuous cam-action is employed and this novel feature ensures that focus is always achieved within a single revolution of the focus wheel no matter which way it is turned.

Fine Focus - A larger clip-on focus wheel is provided as standard to provide very precise focus especially at higher magnifications.

Slide Indexer - A micrometer XY indexer is provided as standard to allow very precise movement of specimen slides for scans and cell counts etc. It may easily be removed (two screws) and the provided slide clips may be substituted if desired.

Precision Optics - Special highly miniaturized objectives were developed for the Em1 microscope and are constructed from high quality precision ground Schott glass.

Magnification - The objectives are mounted on a carousel. Up to three may be provided depending on the model, with magnifications of x100, x400, x600 and x1000 (oil).

Brightness - This may be varied with the use of the thumbwheel and guided by the graphics. Higher microscope magnifications require more illumination and vice versa. Illumination levels may also be varied by lifting the lighting arm slightly.

1,000 hours - Extremely efficient LED circuitry delivers superb battery life. At high magnifications, which require brighter illumination, the internal battery pack should provide approximately 300 hours of use. At low magnifications the battery life will improve to approximately 1,000 hours.

External Power - The internal circuitry of the Em1 also permits illumination to be provided by an external USB connecter (supplied).

Mountings - The Em1 microscope may be attached to a small photo table tripod to convert it to a bench microscope. Two standard photographic tripod bushes (1/4" UNC) are provided on the underside of the Em1.

Optical System

The optical system is based on the standard RMS 160mm “tube” length and can accommodate an interchangeable range of standard RMS eyepieces. The compact hand-held form has an inverted design with the optical path folded three dimensionally using one Z-axis mirror and two XY-axis mirrors. The objective lenses have been specifically miniaturized for the microscope in order to reduce size and weight.

The aluminum optical chassis assembly is decoupled from the external molded casing, providing a high level of protection from physical shock.

The optical system is illuminated by a white-light balanced miniature LED. The tube mounting collimates the light source providing a narrow beam. Illumination/contrast levels can be adjusted by moving the light arm angle. The PCB design provides variable brightness control with power options from internal batteries or the external mini USB connection.

Objective Lenses

Achromat, precision-ground Schott glass, multi-coated, laser aligned
Plated brass mounts
CNC machined hard anodized aluminum lens turret
Corrected for 0.17mm cover slip
x10 N/A 0.25, x40 N/A 0.65, x60 N/A 0.80, x100 oil N/A 1.25


Precision ground 2.0 mm glass, front silvered and coated
Surface accuracy, mirror No1 = 3-4 fringes
Surface accuracy, mirror No2 = 5 fringes
Surface accuracy, mirror No3 = 5 fringes

Optical Chassis and Focus Carriage

Precision high pressure die-cast aluminum alloy
CNC machined mirror mounts: Linear +/- 0.1mm, angular +/-0.25°
CNC machined bores and shafts: Diametric +/- 0.015mm
Fully hardened rotational and sliding bearing surfaces
General surfaces aluminum oxide pressure blasted and black anodizedUsed world-wide in labs as well as the world's most challenging environments.


Inverted monocular design
3D folded optical path
RMS standard optical tube length
Miniature objectives corrected for 0.17mm cover slip
Rotating objective carrier holds up to three objectives
Em1 400 = x10 N/A 0.25 and x40 N/A 0.65
Em1 600 = x10 N/A 0.25, x40 N/A 0.65, x60 N/A 0.80
Em1 1000 = x10 N/A 0.25, x40 N/A 0.65, x100 oil N/A 1.25
Standard RMS eyepiece x10 wide field
Fine focusing attachment
Built-in white LED illumination
Variable illumination
External USB power socket
Battery Power
Built in battery power saver
Battery life approximately 1,000 hours at minimum continuous power
Battery life approximately 300 hours at maximum continuous power
2 x standard photographic tripod mounting bushes
Micrometer XY slide indexer as standard with interchangeable slide clips
Cavity (fluids) slide supplied as standard
Digital camera attachable
Mobile phone camera attachable
Die-cast, CNC machined optical sub-chassis
Hardened bearing surfaces
Die-cast aluminum stage
Injection molded rubber coated PC/ABS case
Minimum Weight - (Em1 400 with slide clips, USB power, no batteries) 480 grams
Size (main body) - Length 133mm, width 110mm, height 49mm
Size (max overall) - Length 154mm, width 122mm, height 66mm

What's Included:

  • Em1 Microscope
  • Objectives (fitted)
    Em1 400: 10x and 40x
    Em1 600: 10x, 40x and 60x
    Em1 1000: 10x, 40x, and 100x (oil)
  • RMS 10x Wide Field Eyepiece
  • Custom-designed XY Slide Indexer
  • Slide Clips
  • USB External Power Cable
  • Fine Focus Adaptor
  • Specimen Slides including Cavity Slide
  • 3 x AAA Batteries
  • Instructions
  • Rugged Foam-lined Carry Case
  • Universal Smartphone Adapter for single and multi-camera smartphones (iOS, Android, and others)


Digital Photography: The standard RMS eyepiece socket permits the use of the microscope digital cameras which are available, some of which replace the removable eyepiece and others which attach to the eyepiece itself. The image requires a computer for display.

Iphone, Android And Other Smartphones: Instant visualization can be achieved by using a universal adaptor. The image produced on the phone screen can be further manipulated and transmitted to others.

Cavity Slide: A cavity slide is included as standard with the Em1 microscope. This consists of a standard 3” x 1” slide with a central 10mm hole equipped with a thin glass ‘floor’. The cavity slide enables examination of fluids and small specimens such as pollen, insects etc.

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