Evactron CombiClean System

Decontaminate specimens and columns of SEMs and FIBs. The Evactron® CombiClean™ System combines onboard vacuum cleaning chamber and external PRS (Plasma Radical Source) control in one unified system.

  • Cleans SEM/TEM samples and SEM chambers from one desktop controller
  • Stores samples and parts after cleaning
  • Uses patented Safar TEM side loaders

Innovative Design

Designed as a complete cleaning solution, the Evactron® CombiClean System features an integrated vacuum chamber for desktop cleaning samples and vacuum parts, as well as an external Plasma Radical Source (PRS) for Evactron® in-situ cleaning of E-beam instruments such as SEMs, FIBs, and other analytic instruments, by removing carbon contamination.

The system monitors operation of either PRS unit, has internal memory, and is designed for routine operation with minimal operator training. Onboard control allows for changing the cleaning modes between external and internal PRS with just the flip of a switch.

This system is compatible with rotary vane pumps without the worry of oil backstreaming. A dry nitrogen purge feature keeps specimens clean after a plasma cleaning, and a storage mode allows you to continue dry nitrogen purging a sample while the external PRS is in use.


The system features a microprocessor with embedded software to regulate a leak valve and control the chamber pressure by a MicroPirani gauge.

The microprocessor also regulates the RF power, has a clock to time the downstream plasma cleaning and nitrogen purging cycles, and records the operational and fault log.

Cleaning with the Evactron® CombiClean System may be setup from either the front panel or a remote computer.

  • VentDetect™ Technology
  • Compatible with rotary vane pumps without the worry of oil backstreaming
  • Dry Nitrogen purge feature keeps specimens clean after plasma cleaning
  • Storage mode allows continued dry nitrogen purging of samples while external PRS is in use
  • System monitors operation of either PRS unit
  • Onboard control allows for cleaning modes between internal and external PRS with just the flip of a switch
  • Wide Pressure Range

Pump Specifications

  • A dry scroll pump rated at 4 cfm/6.8 m3/h or better.
  • A pump rated at ~8 cfm/13.5 m3/h is preferred.
  • You may need to adapt the KF16 flange on the pump valve to a KF25 flange found on many roughing pumps.
  • Use a roughing line of 2.5cm in diameter or larger.

Ordering Information

Attachment Flange required, sold separately. 

Manufacturer: XEI Scientific
SKU: 91000-17
Pack: Each
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