FreezGuard™ Alarm

Alarm will Sound for Up to Three Days

Prevent costly, time consuming sample loss with this practical battery operated system. The FreeGuard™ Alarm monitors freezers and coolers and detects any variance from temperatures between -20°C and 13°C (-5°F to 55°F), ±1°C, which are preset by the user. The resonant alarm will continue to sound for up to three days if the temperature falls out of the pre-set range. Should the temperature correct itself, an LED will indicate that a variance has occurred. The alarm can be reset manually. A beep will signal when the 9V battery (not included) is low. For added protection, and extra life, a second battery can be connected. The unit mounts with self-adhesive tape or screw. Unit comes with a 3 meter probe lead, and measures 86W x 35D x 26mmH (3-5/16 x 1½ x 5-1/16). The weight without the battery is 144 g (5.1 oz).

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Cat #: 72092-10 Description: Freezguard, Celsius Pack: Each Price: $194.00 Add to Quote:
Cat #: 72092-20 Description: Freezguard, Fahrenheit Pack: Each Price: $194.00 Add to Quote: