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Electron Microscopy Sciences

EMS Microscopy Academy Applications

EMS Microscopy Academy

Equipment Room

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Equipment Demos

All Available Equipment

  • Bruker Esprit (SDD)
  • Diatome Diamond Knives
  • EMS 9000 Microwave
  • EMS Poly III
  • Evactron® Decontaminators
  • GloQube
  • Hitachi S3500
  • K750X FD
  • K850 CPD
  • LatticeAx™
  • Leica EM UC 7
  • LYNX II Tissue Processor
  • PP3010
  • RMC/Boeckeler Power Tome PC
  • Rotary-Pumped Carbon and Sputter Coating System
  • Vibrating Microtomes
  • X-Flash SDD
  • ...and more!

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