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Electron Microscopy Sciences

EMS Microscopy Academy Applications

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"We are very enthusiastic and will most certainly pursue this method!"

"The time for personal advice was excellent!"

"An abundance of practical info, built on the necessary theoretical background!"

– Aurion Workshop Attendees

"The Cryo SEM class is so rewarding; information overload - love that. Al and Mike are wonderful teachers and the unit demos are great. Your team rocks!!!"

– Kim Backer-Kelley, UF Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research

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Personal Short Courses Currently Available:

All Available Courses

  • General Lab Skills [1 day]

    • Solution preparation
    • Molar, Normal, %, stock dilutions, and multi component
    • Glassware, pipettes, and mixing
    • Weighing and pH adjustments
  • Microscopy OLM [1 day]

    • Nature of light
    • Optics and objective correction level
    • Kohler alignment
    • Focus and digital image collection
  • Sample Preparation [1 day] - Featuring the EMS 9000 Microwave

    • Trimming
    • Orientation determination
    • Fixation for OLM and TEM
    • Resin embeddment
  • Microtomy [2 days] - Featuring the Leica EM UC 7 and RMC/Boeckeler Power Tome PC

    • Thick sectioning (0.5 – 1.5 um) for OLM
    • Chromatic staining for OLM
    • Thin section (70 – 40 nm) for TEM - using DiATOME Diamond Knives
    • Post staining for TEM contrast
  • Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) [2 days] - Featuring the Hitachi 7700

    • Electron optics
    • Aberrations and astigmatisms
    • Beam specimen interaction / image formation
    • Column alignment
    • Focus and astigmatism correction
    • Digital image collection
    • Artifact identification
  • Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) [2 days] - Featuring the Hitachi SU 3500

    • Chemical specimen processing
    • Critical Point Drying (CPD) and HMDS - using K850 CPD
    • Physical specimen processing
    • Freeze Drying (FD) - using K750X FD and Q150T sputter coater
    • SEM Instrument
    • Beam / specimen interaction theory
    • Instrument parameters ( kV, spot size/beam current, WD, tilt)
    • Signal/ Mode selection SE, BSE, VP, UVD
    • Focus and astigmatism adjustment
  • Cryo SEM [1 day] - Featuring the PP3010

    • Cryo sample prep
    • Cryo transfer, fracture, coating
    • SEM cryo stage and imaging
  • X-ray Microanalysis [1 day] - Featuring the Bruker Esprit (SDD) and X-Flash SDD

    • Generation and nomenclature
    • Qualitative analysis
    • Quantitative analysis (ZAF)