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Staying safe while serving our customers
A Message from
Electron Microscopy Sciences,

Staying safe while serving our customers...

Yes, we are open. Based on current government closure orders and definitions of what is considered essential, we are considered an essential corporation and we will continue operations throughout the entire COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore we are working harder than ever to protect our employees and the community during this challenging time.

We are trying to keep positive and hope you are too. We are coming together in ways that rise above politics, race, gender and the other ways people find to divide themselves. At the end of this crisis, we'd like to look back and see how we met adversity head-on and succeeded.

We know that this is not going away soon and that it won't be easy for any of us. Situations may change daily. If there is any way we can adjust to help you, let us know.

On behalf of Electron Microscopy Sciences, DiATOME US, Summers Optical, and our entire family of companies, we thank you for your continued support.

Stay safe, stay healthy,

Stacie Kirsch

Electron Microscopy Sciences


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COVID-19 Updates
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