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DiATOME® Diamond Knives

PDF Downloadarrow13Resharpening, Exchange, and Policies

arrowA. Resharpening and Exchange Service of DiATOME® Diamond Knives

Resharpened DiATOME knives undergo the same stringent optical checking and sectioning test as new knives.

A diamond knife resharpened by DiATOME is the same high quality as a new one!

During resharpening a knife may be reworked into another type (ultra to cryo, 45° to 35°, etc).

We let you choose: You may have your knife resharpened, or exchanged against a new one. In the exchange service a type change is possible (ultra to cryo, 45° to 35°, small knives to large ones, etc). This, of course includes changing the boat to your desired style.

When we resharpen our diamond knives we restore it to its original condition.

Your resharpened DiATOME knife will have the same length, the identical cutting edge and carry the same exact guarantee of quality as the day it first left our factory.

We are the only manufacturer that guarantees that after a resharpening, the knife will be the same flawless quality as the knife you originally purchased. Other manufacturers state that during their resharpening process the diamond may become smaller (up to 5% of its original length). With our advanced techniques in resharpening you will never, and we mean never, lose any diamond length.

Other companies can not successfully resharpen a DiATOME Knife. We have found that when other companies try to resharpen our knives, the original parameters of our knives are either altered significantly or totally lost; returning to you an inferior diamond knife. Many times we have also found that other manufacturers ruin our diamonds during their resharpening process and end up replacing our diamond with one of inferior quality.

Any DiATOME knife can be resharpened an unlimited number of times due to the following reasons:

  1. The cutting edge of the diamond knife is on the narrow side of the rectangular cut diamond, leaving the large part of the stone as a resharpening reserve.
  2. Special attention is given to minimizing the amount of grind off to the diamond during the resharpening process.

When you send a knife to us for resharpening we will automatically replace your boat at no charge if it is either damaged, discolored, or at your request.

Each DiATOME Diamond Knife, whether new or resharpened, is subjected to extensive testing for its ability to cut accurately without scoring or compression. Only if its performance passes our tests will we ship it to you.

arrowB. Sample Testing and Service of DiATOME Diamond Knives

The great experience obtained during long years of development, manufacturing and application of diamond knives allows us to offer a unique service:

You send us biological or industrial samples of any nature and let us know what you would like to obtain. The more information you give us the better results you will receive. We perform a sectioning test and send you the resulting ultrathin section ( i.e. the sample face for SEM, AFM, STM investigation), a report of how the results were obtained and recommendations for the most suitable knife. This service is free of charge as long as the number of samples is reasonable.

Please allow us to help you choose the appropriate knife from our large range for your specific application.

arrowC. Custom Diamond Knives and Boats

* Upon request, we can supply you with different color (Black) and shaped boats (Huxley for instance) at no extra cost to you.

Certain applications require special knives and or tools outside of the standard knives and tools that are available. For years DiATOME has been manufacturing custom diamond blades, tools, and knives for customers meeting all of their specific needs.

If you already have in mind the type of diamond knife or tool that you require, please submit a diagram of it to us as well as your sample blocks or specimens. We, in turn, will manufacture a prototype knife for you and test it in accordance to your requirements with your blocks. Only if the knife or tool passes all of our extensive testing will we send it to you for your evaluation and approval.

If you are not quite sure how to attack your sectioning problems but you believe that you may be a candidate for a custom diamond knife or tool please send us your sample blocks and a complete description of the work that you are doing and what you would like to achieve with your diamond knife. We will take it from there. We will manufacture a prototype knife, evaluate and test it, and then send it to you for your evaluation and approval.

There is absolutely no charge for this service outside of the regular cost of purchasing the blade once you have approved it.

arrowD. Delivery Time and Shipping

All new knives as well as exchange knives are in stock for immediate delivery. For our resharpening service our turn around time is no longer than 4 weeks from date that the knife is received by us. In most instances the service usually only takes 2-3 weeks.

All of our knives, new or resharpened, are shipped by UPS or FedEx. When you send knives back to us we recommend that you use either UPS or FedEx and insure the knife for its original value.

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