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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Histology and Light Microscopy

arrow13Prepared Staining Kits for Histology and Pathology


Alcoholic Stain SolutionsarrowCrystal Violet Stain for Amyloid

Stain results:

Amyloid:   Violet-Red
Tissue:   Blue


  • Clark, G.: Staining Procedures, Williams and Wilkin co., Baltimore 3rd Ed., c. 1973, p.48.
  • Conn, H. J., Biological Stains 4th Ed. Biotech Publications, Geneva New York, 1940.
RT 26301-01 Crystal Violet Solution msds 500 ml 52.00 Add to Cart
RT 26301-02 Acetic Acid, 1% Aqueous msds 500 ml 18.00 Add to Cart

Alcoholic Stain SolutionsarrowSweat-Puchtler Method for Amyloid

Stain results:

Amyloid:   Pink-Red
Nuclei:   Blue
Elasticia:   Pink to Red
Background:   Unstained


  • Sweat, F. and Puchtler, H.: Arch. Path. 80:613, 1965
  • AFIP Manual of Histologic Staining Methods, 3rd edition, Ed L. Luna: New York: McGraw Hill Publication, c. 1968, p. 154
RT 26303-01 Sirius Red F3BA Solution, 1% msds 500 ml 46.00 Add to Cart
RT 26303-02 Mayer Hematoxylin msds 500 ml 46.00 Add to Cart
RT 26303-03 Borate Buffer, 0.1M – pH 9.0 msds 500 ml 22.00 Add to Cart
RT 26303-04 Alkaline Alcohol msds 500 ml 26.00 Add to Cart

Alcoholic Stain SolutionsarrowLaqueur's Method for Alcoholic Hyalin Lacqueur (1950)

For mallory bodies, erythrocytes, bile pigment and proteinaceous
material in liver.

Stain Results:

Mallory Bodies:   Bright Red
Erythrocytes:   Red
Cytoplasm:   Pale Brown
Bile Pigment:   Green
Proteinaceous material seen occasionally in some liver cells:   Red
Hemosiderin and lipofichsin:   Unstained


  • Laqueur, G.I., Amer. J. Clin. Path., 20:689-690, 1950
  • Luna, L.G. (ed), Manual of Hitopathologic Staining Method of the AFIP, 3rd ed, McGraw-Hill, NY, c. 1968, p 160
  • Lillie, R.D., Fullmer, H.M., Histopathologic Technic and Practical Histochemistry 4th ed., cGraw-Hill, NY, 1976, p 670-671
  • Clark, G., (ed) Staining Procedures, 3rd ed. WilliamS & Wilkins, Baltimore, p 51, c. 1973
RT 26306-01 Mayer's Hematoxylin msds 500 ml 46.00 Add to Cart
RT 26306-02 Acid Fuchsin-Aniline Solution   500 ml 68.00 Add to Cart
RT 26306-03 Light Green, 1% Aqueous msds 500 ml 39.00 Add to Cart
RT 26306-04 Phosphomolybdic Acid, 1% Aqueous msds 500 ml 37.00 Add to Cart
RT 26306-05 Alcoholic Picric Acid msds 500 ml 33.00 Add to Cart

E.2 Glycogen Stains

Alcoholic Stain SolutionsarrowMcManus’ Method (PAS) for Glycogen

McManus (1948)

Stain results:

Nuclei:   Blue
Fungi:   Red
Background, when Light Green is used
as the counter-stain:
  Green, pale


  • McManus, JFA: Stain Tech.; 23:99 (1948)
  • AFIP Manual of Histologic Staining Techniques; L.G. Luna, 3rd Ed., New York: McGraw-Hill Publications, c. 1968, p. 160.
  • Mowry, RW: Annals of the New York Academy of Science, 106:402 (1963).
RT 26312-01 Coleman's Feulgen OR msds 500 ml 52.00 Add to Cart
RT 26312-1A Schiff's Reagent msds 500 ml 52.00 Add to Cart
RT 26312-02 Light Green Stock Solution, 0.2% OR msds 250 ml 19.00 Add to Cart
RT 26312-2A Light Green Working Solution OR msds 500 ml 34.00 Add to Cart
RT 26312-2B Harris Hematoxylin msds 500 ml 35.00 Add to Cart
RT 26312-03 Periodic Acid, 0.5%, Aqueous msds 500 ml 26.00 Add to Cart
RT 26312-04 Acid Alcohol, 1% msds 500 ml 22.00 Add to Cart
RT 26312-05 Ammonia Water, 0.3% msds 500 ml 24.00 Add to Cart

E.3 Mucosubstance Stains

Alcoholic Stain SolutionsarrowMayer Mucicarmine Method

For mucosubstances stains.

Stain results:

Mucin, Cryptococci Capsulae:   Deep Rose to Red
Other Tissue Elements:   Yellow
Nuclei:   Black

Note: The rose color due to carmin staining will be obscured if sections are overstained with Weigert's Hematoxylin and/or Metanil Yellow solution


  • Mallory, F.B.: Pathological Technique. Hafner Publishing Co., N.Y, c. 1961, p. 130.
  • Luna, L.G., (ed), AFIP Manual of Histologic Staining Methods, 3rd. ed., McGraw-Hill Co., NY, C. 1968, pp161-162
  • Sheehan, D.C. & Hrapenak, B.B., Theory and Practice of Histotechnology, 2nd ed., C.V. Mosby Co., St. Louis. C. 1980. pp 168-169
RT 26320-01 Mucicarmine Stock Carmine Solution msds 500 ml 64.00 Add to Cart
RT 26320-02 Metanil Yellow, 0.25% msds 500 ml 27.00 Add to Cart
RT 26320-03 Weigert's Hematoxylin Solution A msds 500 ml 38.00 Add to Cart
RT 26320-04 Weigert's Hematoxylin Solution B msds 500 ml 28.00 Add to Cart

Alcoholic Stain SolutionsarrowModification of Mayer's Mucihematein

Lillie (1965); Laskey (1950)

For stain mucins, especially those derived from epithelial cells of glandular tissue.

Stain results:

Mucin:   Deep Violet
Cell Nuclei:   Pale Gray Blue
Connective Tissue:   Pale Gray to colorless


  • Laskey, Alice: Stain Technology, 25:33 (1959)
  • Clark G.: Staining Procedures, Williams & Wilkins Co., Baltimore, 3rd Ed., c. 1973, p. 57.
RT 26321-01 Mayer's Mucihematein, Modified msds 500 ml 54.00 Add to Cart

Alcoholic Stain SolutionsarrowAlcian Blue Method (pH 2.5)

For stain weakly acidic sulfated mucosubstances, hyaluronic acid and

Stain results:

Weakly Acidic Sulfated Mucosubstances:   Dark Blue
Hyaluronic Acid:   Dark blue
Sialomucins:   Dark blue


  • AFIP Manual of Histological Stains Methods, 3rd Ed, Ed. L. Luna: New York McGraw Hill Publications, c. 1968, p. 163.
  • Lev, R. & Spicer. S.S., J. Histochem Cystochem, 12:309, 1964
RT 26323-01 Alcian Blue, 1% - pH 2.5 msds 250 ml 46.00 Add to Cart
RT 26323-02 Nuclear Fast Red (Kernechtrot) Solution msds 250 ml 28.00 Add to Cart
RT 26323-03 Acetic Acid, 3% Aqueous msds 500 ml 19.00 Add to Cart

Alcoholic Stain SolutionsarrowAldehyde-Fuchsin Method (pH 1.0)

For stain highly acid sulfated mucosubstances.

Stain results:

All mucins except the highly acidic sulfated mucosubstances are
aldehyde fuchsin negative at pH values of 1.0 and below.


  • Johnson, W.C., Graham, J.H., and Helwig, E.B., J. Invest. Derm., 42:215-224, 1964
  • Luna, L.G., (ed), Manual of Histologic Staining Methods of the AFIP, 3rd Ed., McGraw-Hill, c.1968, p. 166
RT 26328-01 Aldehyde-Fuchsin Solution – pH 1.0 msds 500 ml 45.00 Add to Cart
RT 26328-02 Metanil Yellow Solution, 0.25% msds 500 ml 31.00 Add to Cart
RT 26328-03 Alcohol Solution, 80% – pH 1.0 msds 500 ml 28.00 Add to Cart

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