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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Material Science and Metrology

arrow13Tools - Probes, Scribers, Pin Vise, Cleavers, Sharpeners

Needle Probes and Handlearrow12Needle Probes and Handle

Needle Probes can be used for manipulating micro samples, scribing, spring assembly, and probing. The handle is finely balanced, non-rolling gold anodized with split collet and a knurled lock nut. The length is 120 mm (4.7"). Precision forged and ground tools are hardened and nickel plated tool steel with sharp tips.

62130-03 Replacement Probe #3 each 4.75 Add to Cart
62130-04 Replacement Probe #4 each 5.00 Add to Cart
62130-HD Probe Handle each 15.00 Add to Cart

Miniature Measuring Scalesarrow12Miniature Measuring Scales

These unit measuring scales may be used directly under a microscope or magnifier for quick measuring of small specimens, parts, grooves, slots, line widths, holes, chambers, etc. Precision fabricated from stainless steel, the scales are welded to bendable stainless steel shafts and mounted in color coded, non-rolling handles. Each scale is individually packed in a plastic tube. Overall length of the scale is 83 mm (3¼"), including handle.

arrow101. Scale #1: Calibrated to 0.1mm, 5mm total measurement

62135-01 Mini Scale #1 each 33.00 Add to Cart

arrow102. Scale #2 Calibrated to 0.005", 0.2" total measurement

62135-02 Mini Scale #1 each 33.00 Add to Cart

arrow103. Scale #3 Calibrated to 0.1mm, 10mm total measurement

62135-03 Mini Scale #3 each 44.00 Add to Cart

For our Entire Selection of Tweezers, Forceps, and Tools

Please see Chapter 15.

Product SheetHigh Precision Diamond Scriber Diamond Scriber arrow12High Precision Fine Diamond Scriber

This diamond scriber is the ultimate scribing instrument offering the most precision for the most delicate applications. It is available in straight or bent configurations.


  • Fine scribing under the microscope - for silicon wafers and glass coverslips
  • Precision scribing and repairing - for thin film circuits and microcircuits, etc.

These diamond mountings are 0.8mm diameter with a reduced shank size of 0.5mm or 0.25mm diameter, which holds the diamond stylus. The natural diamond has a 60° included angle and a 0.12mm tip radius. The integrated 6.35mm anodized hexagonal (non-rolling) aluminum handle has a positive finger grip in the form of grooves for easy control and nonslippage. Each diamond scriber is packaged in a protective plastic tube.

Cat. # Configuration and Shank Size Pack Price  
62107-ST Straight Mounting, 0.5mm diameter each 28.00 Add to Cart
62107-BT Bent Mounting, 0.5mm diameter each 29.00 Add to Cart
62108-ST Straight Mounting, 0.25mm diameter each 39.00 Add to Cart
62108-BT Bent Mounting, 0.25mm diameter each 42.00 Add to Cart

Precision Pin Vise Handle and Diamond Stylusarrow12Precision Pin Vise Handle and Diamond Stylus

This high precision pin vise handle is machined from the finest material, nonrolling gold-anodized aluminum, which makes it lightweight and versatile. It comes complete with a precision drawbar for positive collets chuck clamping. It features an 8mm (0.31") hexagonal barrel dimension by 100 mm (4") long (overall length is 115mm fully assembled) and it has a knurled finger-grip for positive precision control for handling and tool manipulation.

The vice is supplied with a standard collet chuck opening of 2 mm (0.78") diameter and will hold a selection of our specially designed tools - and collets adapter 0.8mm (0.003") for diamond stylus chucking.

62140-00 Precision Pin Vise & Collets each 31.00 Add to Cart
62140-50 Diamond Stylus, 0.5mm each 20.00 Add to Cart
62140-25 Diamond Stylus, 0.25mm each 36.00 Add to Cart

Pin Vise Handle and Diamond StylusFollowing are Diamond Scribing Tools, with a 0.80mm (0.003") diameter mounting shank, for use with above Precision Pin Vise and Collets

62140-02 Bent tip scriber, 0.10" (0.25mm) Diameter. 1.5mm tip length each 33.00 Add to Cart
62140-03 Straight extended tip scriber, 0.020" (0.50mm) diameter by 0.200"(5.0mm) tip length. This tool is a must for reaching into and in between high density components. each 48.00 Add to Cart
62140-04 Bent extender tip scriber, 0.020" (0.50mm) diameter by 0.200" (5mm) tip length. Use for tight places each 52.00 Add to Cart
62140-05 Straight tip scriber 0.020" (0.50mm) diameter by 0.60" (1.5mm) tip length. each 20.00 Add to Cart
62140-06 Bent tip scriber, 0.020" (0.50mm) diameter by 0.60" (1.5mm) tip length each 22.00 Add to Cart
62140-07 Straight tip scriber, 0.010" (0.25mm) by 0.60" (1.5mm) tip length each 36.00 Add to Cart
62140-60 Set of 6 Diamond Scribing Tools and Pin Vise each 256.00 Add to Cart

Diamond Stylus for Microscope Slide Labelersarrow12Diamond Stylus for Microscope Slide Labelers

This diamond stylus is perfectly suited for the Thermo Scientific PrintMate and MicroWriter, RA Lamb and TBS Shurmark microscope slide labelers. Manufactured with a consistent even coating of diamond dust. The 2.35 mm shaft is made from stainless steel.

62538 Diamond Stylus for Microscope Slide Labelers 6/pk 186.00 Add to Cart

Adjustable Saw Framearrow12Adjustable Saw Frame

A Swiss made saw frame lightweight and perfectly balanced. Its ergonomic wooden handle reduces fatigue and provides greater dexterity. Patented blade-lock design eases blade insertion and maintains perfect alignment which eliminates wobble and reduces blade loss during use. It measures 2¼" (70 mm) deep and accepts saw blades up to 1.2 mm diameter and 130 mm long. This Saw Frame may be used ideally with the Diamond Wire and Spiral Saw Blades shown below.

72009 Deluxe Saw Frame each 19.95 Add to Cart
72009-10 Diamond wire 10/pk 25.00 Add to Cart

Product SheetHigh Precision Diamond Scribing ToolsHigh Precision Diamond Scribing Toolsarrow12High Precision Diamond Scribing Tools

A specially designed diamond scribing tool set containing eight precision natural diamond scribes in various sizes and configurations. This set is perfect for precision work in microscopy.

The set consists of eight diamond tips, 3 mm in diameter and are mounted in interchangeable tool cones and an MT-1 tool handle. The tool and handle are all housed in a hardwood instrument case. Individual scribers can be purchased separately.


Straight tip 0.02" x 0.06" (0.50 x 1.5 mm) dia. tip length

each 46.00 Add to Cart
62105-B1 Bent tip 0.02" x 0.06" (0.50 x 1.5 mm) dia. tip length each 47.00 Add to Cart
62105-S2 Straight tip 0.01" x 0.06" (0.25 x 1.5 mm) dia. tip length each 72.00 Add to Cart
62105-B2 Bent tip 0.01" x 0.06" (0.25 x 1.5 mm) dia. tip length each 72.00 Add to Cart
62105-SE Straight extended tip 0.02" x 0.2" (0.5 x 5.0 mm) dia. tip length. Good for tight areas. each 76.00 Add to Cart
62105-BE Bent extended tip 0.02" x 0.2" (0.5 x 5.0 mm) dia. tip length. Good for hard to reach areas. each 78.00 Add to Cart
62105-HS Straight, heavy duty tip 0.03" x .12" (0.8 x 3.1 mm) dia. tip length each 68.00 Add to Cart
62105-HC Bent, heavy duty tip 0.03" x .12" (0.8 x 3.1 mm) dia. tip length each 74.00 Add to Cart
62090-00 MT-1 Tool Handle, 4.75" (112 mm) long, gold anodized each 17.00 Add to Cart
62105-00 High Precision Diamond Scribing Tools, complete set each 495.00 Add to Cart

EMS Engraving Toolarrow10EMS Engraving Tool

Permanently be able to mark all of your important tools and samples. The Engraver comes with a Battery Pack and is operated on two "AA" Batteries

Our EMS Engraver Engraves Test Tubes, Bottles, Racks, Keys etc as well as anything made from glass, metal, stone as well as bone. Engravings are permanent and will not disappear in the presence of chemicals and solvents. The Engraver is 7" in Height ( 17.8cm). We offer a Stand for the EMS Engraver that is made from polypropylene and it measures (3½ x 3⅜")

72096-01 EMS Engraver Kit 30.00 Add to Cart
72096-02 EMS Engraver Tool Stand Kit 14.75 Add to Cart

Transparent Rulerarrow12Transparent Ruler

Easily measure the diameter of mounts and other objects that are easier to see through a clear ruler.

Length 15 cm (6").

Measurement increments 1 mm (1/32").

50130-60 Transparent Ruler 5/pk 10.00 Add to Cart

Micro Rulerarrow12Micro Ruler: Extended Reach


Precision etched, non-glare ruler made from surgical stainless steel, only 3 mm wide. The ruler is calibrated in 0.1 mm graduations, 10 mm total range.
Stainless steel handle 230 mm long. Balanced and angled for the ultimate in flexibility able to reach into areas which are impossible for other measuring devices.
Available without a stainless steel autoclave case. Total weight of the ruler is 26 g.
Applications include microscopy, chemistry, and anywhere precise measurement in clean and very confined areas are of critical importance.

62136-ER Ext. Reach Micro Ruler only each 199.00 Add to Cart

Micro Mirror - Extended Reacharrow12Micro Mirror - Extended Reach

It is similar construction with Micro-Ruler above, but comes with the 2.5x magnify Mirror - made from polished stainless steel, 4.8 mm diameter. Overall length is 230mm.

62136-M Extended Reach Mirror each 193.00 Add to Cart

Hardened Steel Deburring Tool arrow12Hardened Steel Deburring Tool Set

Made from hardened steel, this tool has three razor sharp cutting edges ranging from a very sharp point to one that is approximately 10mm in length. These nickel plated triangular tools are mounted in red and black plastic handles. Tool length is 30 mm by 2.1 mm across (1.2" x .08"). The overall length of the tool is 154 mm (5.7").2 tools/set.

62161-SD Hardened Steel Deburring Tool Set each 18.00 Add to Cart

Sapphire Burnishing Deburring Toolarrow12Sapphire Burnishing/Deburring Tool

This tool will out-perform any stone for the fine burnishing of soft or hard materials such as; miniature pivots, shafts, and pins that are made from hard steel, carbide and even ceramic.

This precisely ground sapphire blade is 1.5 mm x 2.3 mm, 14 mm long (0.06 x 0.09 x .56"). It is permanently mounted in a hexagonal gold anodized aluminum handle. Total length is 120 mm (4.75").

62160-00 Sapphire Burnishing/Deburring Tool each 28.00 Add to Cart

For our Complete Line of Tools

Please see the Tools section.

arrow12Micro Sieve Set

This micro-sieve set consists of a stack of four interchangeable screen-holding sections, a catch pan, and a friction-fit cover. The entire unit is molded of poly-propylene. All of the parts of the set are very easy to take apart for changing the mesh insert or for cleaning. Complete with the unit are phosphor-bronzed mesh inserts in the following sizes: 25, 35, 45, 60, 80, 120, 170, and 230 mesh. The holding sections are 2" (51 mm) ID x 6" (152 mm) H.

50110-00 Micro Sieve Set Set 179.00 Add to Cart

arrow10Replacement Mesh Inserts

A set of 8 phosphor-bronzed screen inserts in the following sizes: 25, 35, 45, 60, 80, 120, 170, and 230 mesh.

50111-00 Replacement Mesh Inserts 8/set 129.00 Add to Cart

Arkansas Sharpening Stonearrow12Arkansas

These stones are natural with close density oil-tones, and excellent qualities that make them the stone unequaled for sharpening tools such as gravers, knives, etc. Comes in a cedar wood box and they are available in two types: translucent (extra fine); and hard (fine).

Translucent Stone Size 4" x 2" x ½" (102 x 51 x12.7mm)
Hard Size 6" x 2" x ½" (152 x 51 x 12.7 mm)

62082-00 Arkansas Sharpening Stone, Translucent each 91.00 Add to Cart
62082-10 Arkansas Sharpening Stone, Hard (Fine) each 60.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Diamond Sharpening Stone

This patented process of heat treatment which bonds the highest quality industrial grade diamond particles in a stainless alloy to a precision matched metal substrate, has been imitated, but has never come close to being duplicated.

Our stone which is set on a walnut pedestal with a cover is available in 3 grades: F- fine grit (600); M - medium grit (270), and C - coarse grit (180). Stone size is 2”x6” (51 mm x 152 mm)

62082-50 Diamond Stone, Fine Grit each 42.00 Add to Cart
62082-51 Diamond Stone, Medium Grit each 54.00 Add to Cart
62082-52 Diamond Stone, Coarse Grit each 59.00 Add to Cart

arrow12 Optical Fiber Cleaving ToolsOptical Fiber Cleaving Tools

These precision hand held tools can be used for scoring and cleaving all types of optical fibers.

1. Carbide Cleaver Tool

Made from a solid carbide rod. It has two angled sides which intersects into a very sharp cutting edge of about 4mm (0.160") in length. The third angle is lapped on the very tip to prevent breakage. The carbide shank is mounted into a non-rolling hexagon shaped anodized aluminum holder.The carbide part is 2.0 mm dia x 10.0 mm long. Overall: 120 mm long

2. Retractable Diamond Cleaver Tool

A ground and polished natural diamond which has a v90 degree included angle with a relief angle of 30 degrees. The cleaver is retained in a quality metal pen like casing with a pocket clasp. The diamond part is 1.5 mm wide x 3.0 mm long. The overall length is 133 mm.

3. Retractable Sapphire Cleaver Tool

Ground and polished natural sapphire wedge with a 60 degree included angle. The cleaver is retained in a quality metal pen like casing with pocket clasp. The sapphire part is 2.0 mm wide x 3.0 mm long. The overall length is 133 mm

62165-CC Carbide Cleaver Tool each 89.50 Add to Cart
62165-DC Diamond Cleaver Tool each 160.00 Add to Cart
62165-SC Sapphire Cleaver Tool each 85.00 Add to Cart

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