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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Specimen Preparation and Embedding Supplies

arrow13Slide Scribers and Slide Coating

Product SheetDiamond Tip Scribersarrow12Diamond Tip Scribers

Sturdy scribers are in wide use throughout the laboratory. It leaves a permanent marking on virtually any surface, including metal, glass, or plastic. Each Scriber features a hexagonal aluminum pencil shaped body, mill finish, natural diamond tip and protective cap. Different styles are available to fit all of your needs.

arrow10A. Straight Head

Overall length 6", Shank Length ⅛", Handle ¼" x 5½", 60° tip finish.

70030 Straight Tip Scriber each 13.00 Add to Cart
70031 Straight Tip Scriber 6/pk 74.00 Add to Cart
arrow10 B. Angled Head

Overall Length 6½", Shank 1/16" Dia. x ¼" Long, Handle ⅛" x 6" Long, 75° tip finish.

70032 Angled Tip Scriber each 15.00 Add to Cart
70033 Angled Tip Scriber 6/pk 84.00 Add to Cart
Diamond Tip Scribersarrow10C. Retractable Scriber

This is a high quality chrome pen that features appearance as well as utility. The diamond is mounted in a stainless steel tip and refills are available. The tip is finished at a 60° angle.

70036 Retractable Scriber each 16.50 Add to Cart
70037 Retractable Scriber Refill each 10.00 Add to Cart
Fine Diamond Scriberarrow10E. Fine Diamond Scriber

Made from natural diamonds. These scribers are suitable for most precision applications, including working under the microscope as well as on small circuit boards. Overall length is 120mm (4¾") with a 60 degree angle tip.

Cat. # Configuration and Shank Size Pack Price  
62107-ST Straight Mounting, 0.5mm diameter each 28.00 Add to Cart
62107-BT Bent Mounting, 0.5mm diameter each 29.00 Add to Cart
62108-ST Straight Mounting, 0.25mm diameter each 39.00 Add to Cart
62108-BT Bent Mounting, 0.25mm diameter each 42.00 Add to Cart

Glascribe® Penarrow10The Glascribe® Pen

The Glascribe® Pen, with retractable tungsten carbide tip, lets you inscribe on glass, ceramics, and plastic. The pen has a pocket clip, so it is always handy when needed.

72151 Glascribe® Pen each 33.00 Add to Cart

Tungsten Point Lab Penarrow10Tungsten Point Lab Pen

Permanently mark glass slides and all glass labware. These unique EMS pens have a sharp tungsten carbide tip which is able to etch glass, ceramic, and even plastic. The tip retracts for safe storage and it measures 9.8 mm in diameter. The pen is 137 mm long.

41148 Tungsten-Point Lab Pen each 58.00 Add to Cart

Rotary Diamond Micro-Engraver Penarrow10Rotary Diamond Micro-Engraver Pen

An amazing tool that may be used to mark samples, engrave tools, indicate a sample area for finding in the SEM, deburring, and so much more. Easy to handle and control, this micro engraver is ideal for detailed engraving on almost any surface – wood, metal, ceramic, glass and more!

The micro engraver features a contoured grip for comfort and control and a precision-ground stainless steel bit with a diamond point tip. This diamond-tipped ballpoint micro engraver is also as small as a pen, so it easily fits in your pocket or purse for easy transport.

  • Contoured grip for comfort and control
  • Pen-type design fits in a shirt pocket or purse and goes anywhere
  • Precision-ground stainless steel bit with diamond point tip
  • Requires two AAA batteries, included

Measures: 6¼" Product Weight 1.86 lbs.

50465-15 Rotary Diamond Micro-Engraver Pen each 22.00 Add to Cart

EMS Engraving Toolarrow10EMS Engraving Tool

Permanently be able to mark all of your important tools and samples. The Engraver comes with a Battery Pack and is operated on two "AA" Batteries

Our EMS Engraver Engraves Test Tubes, Bottles, Racks, Keys etc as well as anything made from glass, metal, stone as well as bone . Engravings are permanent and will not disappear in the presence of chemicals and solvents. The Engraver is 7" in Height ( 17.8cm). We offer a Stand for the EMS Engraver that is made from polypropylene and it measures (3½ x 3⅜")

72096-01 EMS Engraver Kit 34.00 Add to Cart
72096-02 EMS Engraver Tool Stand Kit 15.50 Add to Cart
Dip Miser

arrow12Dip Miser, For Slide Coating, 10 ml Capacityemsexclu.gif (210 bytes)

Slide coating cup with stand and cleaning brush. Glass cup is Pyrex and is designed to conserve expensive autoradiographic emulsion when coating glass slides. Needs only ¼ the volume of solution previously required.

Single piece holder permits immersion in a water bath and provides a stable darkroom stand to prevent spills, and faster temperature adjustment of the emulsion.

70510 1 Set each 92.00 Add to Cart
70520 Dip Miser Cup Replacement, each 54.00 Add to Cart
70530 Dip Miser Cleaning Brush LOA 6", ½" diameter x 2¼" brush, Nylon turned tuff 1 doz 44.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow12Slide Coating Adhesive

Prepared from 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane in acetone. Good for coating glass slides to adhere paraffin sections for further processing without sections falling off from the slide. READY TO USE.

71302 Slide Coating Adhesive 100 ml 26.00 Add to Cart

msdsemsexclu.gif (210 bytes)Liquid Release Agentarrow12Liquid Release Agent

A hydrosoluble mold-release agent for use in the flat embedding of micro-organisms, and as a replacement for the coating of glass slides to produce a smoother, even surface. The reference below describes the selection and precisely oriented sectioning of single cells by light microscopy, prior to examination by EM. Reymond, O.L. & Picket-Heaps, J.D., (1983) J. Microscopy, 130, 179.

70880 Liquid Release Agent 100 ml 16.00 Add to Cart

msdsTFE release agentarrow12PTFE-like Spray / Mold Release Spray

A TFE release agent, dry, lubricant. No discernible transfer, no migration, no build-up.

Contains: Isopropanol, Poly-TFE, 1,1-Dichlorofluoroethane and Carbon Dioxide. Contains no silicones, CFC's or Methyl Chloroform. Its working temperature is up to 140°F.

72619 "PTFE"-Like Spray 15 oz. 26.00 Add to Cart

Downloadable PDFNebulizerarrow12Nebulizer

An all glass unit for the simple production of microdroplets. An object is held vertically in front of the nebulizer outlet and by squeezing the atomizer a fine spray is created. The nebulizer set comes with an All Glass Nebulizer bulb and Atomizer.

70505-01 Nebulizer Set Set 1,695.00 Add to Cart
70505-05 Nebulizer Set 5 Sets 5,998.00 Add to Cart
70506-01 Nebulizer Only each 1,300.00 Add to Cart
70506-05 Nebulizer Only 5/pk 5,995.00 Add to Cart
60804 Atomizer each 12.00 Add to Cart

Cleamer and Removerarrow12Cleaner and Remover

This All Natural Cleaner Removes What Soap & Water Can't

XENIT contains more than five high-performance ingredients such as Citrus 66, an all natural, highly refined extract of citrus fruit. XENIT is specially formulated to break down the complex molecules found in sticky materials. With this unique character, XENIT may be used to quickly remove labels, decals, and adhesive from glass, wood, vinyl and metals. XENIT removes chewing gum from carpet and upholstery. It cleans permanent marker, crayon, and lipstick from walls, woodwork, and counter tops. XENIT also remove shoe scuffs and heel marks from vinyl and wood flooring, and grease and dirt from carpet, fabrics and upholstery. It even removes dried latex paint.

arrow12XENIT Degreaser

XENIT Degreaser is a powerful, non-flammable solvent cleaner that quickly removes grease, oil, carbon deposits, gums, varnish, and dirt from metal surfaces. It is fast drying and evaporates completely and leaves no residue.

arrow12XENIT Foaming Cleaner

This is the fast, easy way to remove dirt, grime, and food stains, pen ink, soda pop, soap scum. Cleaned surface dry quickly and leave no marks.

msdsarrow12XENIT Citrus Cleaner/Remover

XENIT all natural citrus cleaner is the fast, easy way to remove sticky stuff, stains and gunk. XENIT removes greasy, grimy soils that soap and water can't. Cleans most surfaces in seconds. It cleans crayons, dry latex paint, gum, heel mark, ink, permanent markers, lipstick, shoe polish, sticker, tape, tar and sap.

60810-20 XENIT Foaming Cleaner 13 oz. 6.50 Add to Cart
60810-30 XENIT Citrus Cleaner/Remover 10 oz. 8.00 Add to Cart

msdsGlass Cleaner - Invisible Glassarrow12Glass Cleaner – Invisible Glass

Specially formulated, Invisible Glass quickly and easily removes dust, dirt, oil, grease, fingerprints, smoke film, haze and more from glass surfaces, such as windows, mirrors, computer screens, display cabinets, and photocopiers. Invisible Glass contains no water and soaps, surfactants or foams so it will leave no residue that will either streak or haze.

60811-01 Invisible Glass 19 oz. 7.00 Add to Cart

msdsAnti-Static Sprayarrow12Anti-Static Spray

It stops static build-up on optics, disc drives, photographic materials, lenses, metal rollers ... any where that static may generate.

60615 Anti-static spray 14 oz. 12.50 Add to Cart

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