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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Specimen Preparation and Embedding Supplies

arrow13Microscope Slide Mailers, Files, Drains, and Containers

Plastic Slide Mailerarrow12Plastic Slide Mailer

Economic and reusable. These polyethylene slide mailers have a sturdy resealable clasp. The top of the mailers is clearly labeled and slide labeling is visible through a plastic cover.

71552-01 Plastic Single Slide Mailer 100/pk 19.00 Add to Cart
71552-10 Plastic Single Slide Mailer 1,000/pk 176.00 Add to Cart
71551-25 Plastic Double Slide Mailer 25/pk 12.50 Add to Cart
71551-50 Plastic Double Slide Mailer 500/pk 112.00 Add to Cart

Plastic 2-Place Slide Mailerarrow12Plastic 2-Place Slide Mailer

These disposable slide mailers are ideal for secure shipping and storing of slides. Made from polypropylene, the protectors hold two standard slides (25 x 75 mm and 1 x 3"), with large snaps that are easy to secure.

Colors available:

  • Assorted: Blue, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow
  • Natural
71556-01 Plastic 2-Place Slide Mailer, Assorted Colors 25/pk 25.00 Add to Cart
71556-02 Plastic 2-Place Slide Mailer, Natural 25/pk 25.00 Add to Cart

Plastic 5-Place Slide Mailerarrow12Plastic 5-Place Slide Mailer

These disposable polypropylene containers are ideal for secure shipping, storing, or staining slides. They hold five standard slides (25 x 75 mm and 1 x 3") and feature slotted channels inside the walls to keep slides separated and for easier removal. The lid closes securely to keep slides safe.


EMS Cat # Opening Color L x W x H (mm) L x W x H (in)
71557-01 End Assorted (Blue, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow) 43 x 24 x 88 1.69 x 0.94 x 3.46
71557-02 End Natural 43 x 24 x 88 1.69 x 0.94 x 3.46
71557-03 Side Natural 81 x 19 x 31 3.18 x 0.74 x 1.22


71557-01 Plastic 5-Place Slide Mailer, Assorted Colors, end opening 25/pk 22.00 Add to Cart
71557-02 Plastic 5-Place Slide Mailer, Natural, end opening 25/pk 22.00 Add to Cart
71557-03 Plastic 5-Place Slide Mailer, Natural, side opening 25/pk 22.00 Add to Cart

Large Slide Holder/Mailing Containerarrow12EMS Exclusive Large Slide (50x75) Slide Holder / Mailing Container

Ideal for storage as well as transport of slides. Unique in its ability to hold and secure slides as large as 50x75 x 10/12 mm thick. Measurements: 3.195" (L) x 2.156" (H ) x 0.708" (W) (81.15 mm x 54.76 mm x 17.98 mm) Holds 5 slides.

71559-01 EMS Large Slide Container each 3.00 Add to Cart
71559-10 EMS Large Slide Container 10/pk 25.00 Add to Cart

5-Slide Containerarrow125-Slide Container

Holds 5 slides; no contact with one another. Ideal for Air Conveyor Transport System. Measures: 3" (L) x ⅝" (W) x 1¼" (H) (51 mmx16 mmx32 mm)

71550 5 Slide Container 25/pk 15.00 Add to Cart

arrow125-Slide Mailer - Open Top

Holds up to 5 slides 3 x 1" in size. These mailers are rigid, strong and durable with a convenient flip-top, snap-on lid. When it stands in its upright position, it can be used as a staining container, with a minimal amount of solution being used.

Packaged 25 mailers/pk, 8 packs/cs.

71548-01 5-slide Mailer, Model 1 25/pk 12.50 Add to Cart
71548-08 5-Slide Mailer, Model 1 200/cs 88.00 Add to Cart
71549-01 5-slide Mailer, Model 2 25/pk 13.00 Add to Cart
71549-08 5-Slide Mailer, Model 2 200/cs 94.00 Add to Cart

Cyto-Tek®¨ Slide Mailer arrow12Cyto-Tek® Slide Mailer

Sakura Finetek - Designed for safe transport or mailing of up to four glass slide 1x3". Unbreakable plastic container with flip top cap fits through mail system.

Not for sale overseas
Catalog # Tissue-Tek Description Pack Price  
62625-10 4310 Cyto-Tek Slide Mailer 100/cs 146.00 Add to Cart

71406-1061806arrowLockMailer™ - Microscope Slide Jar

This is a tamperproof multi purpose container for mailing, staining or storing microscope slides.

Constructed of extra strong and opaque clear polypropylene, and high density polyethylene leakproof tamper evident screw cap (The LockMailer can also be used without the tamper evident feature by not used the lock tab), it will hold up to 4 standard 3 x 1" or 25 x 75 mm slides vertically. Inside chambers are slotted to keep slides safely separated. For color coding purposes, use Capinsert™ (#61805-series) that may be inserted on top of closure.

This LockMailer™ can be used as small staining vessel. This unit is designed for maximum stability on a bench top with liquid volume only 14 ml. Each standard volume of one slide is 2 ml, therefore when you want to stain 4 slides in this vessel you need only 6 ml of staining solution.

Dimensions: 35 x87 mm H (1⅜" x 3-7/16" H). Packaging: 100 per pack.

71406-10 LockMailer Microscope Slide Jar 100/pk 43.00 Add to Cart

Color coded CapInsert™ is available for the LockMailer™

61806-B CapInsert, Color Blue 100/pk 4.00 Add to Cart
61806-L CapInsert, Color Lilac 100/pk 4.00 Add to Cart
61806-R CapInsert, Color Red 100/pk 4.00 Add to Cart
61806-Y CapInsert, Color Yellow 100/pk 4.00 Add to Cart
61806-W CapInsert, Color White 100/pk 4.00 Add to Cart
61806-AS CapInsert, Assorted Colors 100/pk 4.00 Add to Cart

UniMailer for microscope slidesUniMailer for microscope slidesarrow12The UniMailer™

Following many suggestions made to us from our customers in the labs–The UniMailer™ is a truly versatile new model mailer which can easily be used for handling and shipping one or as many slides as needed with one type of mailer.

Made from high impact polystyrene, the UniMailer™ is a one-slide tray. Not only do they fit snugly on top of each other but they are also secured by an innovative locking mechanism. You may also want to insert a tamperproof tie or attach an ID label. Each tray allows for the placing of slide in a horizontal position for full visibility. Slides can be easily inserted or removed. As well UniMailer™ can also be used to provide safe storage for those valuable slides you want to protect.

It accommodates 25 x 75 mm (1" x 3") slides with or without cover glass. The mailer measures 89 mm x 29 mm x 6 mm (3½" x 1⅛" x ¼").

Identification can be made on three sides or on top. The mailer is available in many popular pastel colors for easy identification.

Packaging: 50 per box, 200 per case.

71537-B UniMailer™, Blue 50/pk 16.00 Add to Cart
71537-G UniMailer™, Green 50/pk 16.00 Add to Cart
71537-P UniMailer™, Pink 50/pk 16.00 Add to Cart
71537-W UniMailer™, White 50/pk 16.00 Add to Cart
71537-Y UniMailer™, Yellow 50/pk 16.00 Add to Cart

Solid Cardboard Slide Mailersarrow12Solid Cardboard Slide Mailers

arrow121-Slide Mailer

Made from 0.050" (1.29 mm) solid cardboard, measures 3¾" x 1⅝" when folded. The mailer holds one 3" x 1" glass slide with or without cover glass and has a thumb groove for easy removal. A special cut corner identifies the top of the mailer.

71539-01 Single Slide Mailer 100/pk 24.50 Add to Cart
71539-10 Single Slide Mailer 1,000/pk 207.00 Add to Cart
arrow122-Slide Mailer

Made from .085" (2.17 mm) cardboard and measures 3" x 4¼" when folded. This mailer is unprinted. Upon request the mailer can be printed with warnings for medical specimens. Each mailer conforms to U.S. Postal regulations regarding minimum size for First Class.

71540 2-Slide Mailer 25/pk 8.00 Add to Cart
71540-CS 2-Slide Mailer 1000/cs. 210.00 Add to Cart
microscope Slide Mailerarrow124-Slide Mailer

The same construction as 2-slide mailer above, but holds four 3 x 1" slides.

71541 4-Slide Mailer - Cardboard 20/pk 8.25 Add to Cart
71541-CS 4-Slide Mailer - Cardboard 200/case. 76.00 Add to Cart

Histology Containers arrow12Histology Containers

  • Designed for storage and transport of histology specimens
  • Made from durable polypropylene (except 8L size which is made from polyethylene).
  • Leak proof seal caps.

5 ml to 1L sizes are supplied with tight-fitting screw caps and warning labels for 10% Formalin with extra space for writing. All of the containers (except the 5 ml size) are graduated on three sides.

2L to 8L sizes are supplied with snap-top lids, adhesive warning labels, and bucket carry handles. No graduation.

Catalog # Visibility Size Inside Height x Top I.D. Pack Price  
64233-11 Semi-clear 20 ml 40 x 28 mm 200 96.00 Add to Cart
64233-12 Semi-clear 40 ml 40 x 42 mm 200 58.00 Add to Cart
64233-14 Semi-clear 60 ml 55 x 42 mm 100 34.00 Add to Cart
64233-16 Semi-clear 90 ml 75 x 42 mm 400 144.00 Add to Cart
64233-17 Semi-clear 120 ml 75 x 48 mm 300 298.00 Add to Cart
64233-20 Opaque 500 ml 110 x 88 mm 100 138.00 Add to Cart
64233-22 Opaque 1L 135 x 110 mm 100 156.00 Add to Cart
64233-24 Opaque 2L 120 x 184 mm 20 146.00 Add to Cart
64233-26 Opaque 5L 190 x 126 mm 10 136.00 Add to Cart
64233-28 Opaque 8L 245 x 230 mm 10 148.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Specimen Mailers

These fiberboard screw cap mailing cases meet all US Postal Regulations in mailing biological specimens. It also meets IATA regulations regarding shipments of infectious substances. They are constructed of heavy duty fiberboard and have crimped metal rims and seamed metal bottoms. The metal screw caps are autoclavable and offer a secure closure. Available in several sizes.

arrow121. Single Mailing Container
61003 SM2, size 1¾" ID x 7" L 12/pk 220.00 Add to Cart
61004 SM3, size 2-3/16" ID x 5¾" L 12/pk 106.00 Add to Cart
Double mailers for etiologic agents or biohazard specimensarrow122. Double Mailing Container

The set consists of an inner aluminum screw cap container and an outer fiberboard screw cap mailing tube. This double type unit is required by US Postal for mailing of etiologic agents or biohazard specimens. Each aluminum container is autoclavable and the cap is lined to prevent leakage.

  Tube Size Alum. can size      
61010 DM1, 1¾" x 5⅞" 1¼" x 5¼" 12/pk 75.00 Add to Cart
61011 DM2, 1¾" x 7" 1½" x 6⅜" 12/pk 75.00 Add to Cart
61015 DM4, 2¾"x 6¼" 2½" x 6" 12/pk 128.00 Add to Cart

The SlideFilearrow12The SlideFile™

The most convenient, organized and versatile way of storing 3" x 1" (75 x 25 mm) microscope slides vertically. This impact resistant SlideFile™ Storage System can hold up to 400 slide per unit in just 1720 cm3 (105 cu. in.) and are stackable for space saving.

Each SlideFile System includes a slide box and two removable trays. A transparent hinged cover makes it easy to see at a glance the content of the box.


  • SlideFile™ System is a removable tray inside the storage box having 100 numbered slots. All slides are stored vertically for easy insertion and removal.
  • In the upright position, one is able to read bar codes without having to remove the slide from the box.
  • For space saving purposes, you can double the amount of slides simply by storing two slides side-by-side per slot. And for maximum storage space or long-term storage, simply remove the SlideFile Tray and line up 400 slides in three rows.
  • Six drain holes incorporated into the tray ensure complete emptying of the liquid when using the slide holder for drying purposes
  • Two index cards numbered from 1 to 100 are included to allow for slide recording titles.

Dimensions: 86 mm x 248 mm x 83 mm high (33/8" x 9¾" x 3¼" high). The SlideFile™ System is available in five colors: White, Blue, Green, Pink and Yellow

71450-01 SlideFile System, White each 11.75 Add to Cart
71450-10 SlideFile System, White 10/pk 111.00 Add to Cart
71451-01 SlideFile System, Blue each 11.75 Add to Cart
71451-10 SlideFile System, Blue 10/pk 111.00 Add to Cart
71452-01 SlideFile System, Green each 11.75 Add to Cart
71452-10 SlideFile System, Green 10/pk 111.00 Add to Cart
71453-01 SlideFile System, Pink each 11.75 Add to Cart
71453-10 SlideFile System, Pink 10/pk 111.00 Add to Cart
71454-01 SlideFile System, Yellow each 11.75 Add to Cart
71454-10 SlideFile System, Yellow 10/pk 111.00 Add to Cart

SlideFile™ Jr. – Storage Systemarrow12SlideFile™ Jr. – Storage System

Similar to the SlideFile™, the junior model can hold up to 200 slides per unit in just 860 cm3 (53 cu. in.), and it is stackable to save space. Each SlideFile™ Jr. includes a slide box and a removable tray. A tinted hinged cover makes the contents of the box easy to see at a glance.

Removable tray inside the storage box having 50 individual numbered slots. All slides are stored upright for easy insertion and removal as well as reading the bar codes without removing the slides. To save space , you can double the amount of the slides simply by storing 2 slides per slot. And for maximum storage space, simply remove the tray and line up 200 slides in 3 rows for long term storage. This system is not autoclavable.

The system measures: 82 mm x 140 mm x 86 mm(H). (3¼" x 5½" x 3⅜" H)

71448-W1 SlideFile™ Jr. System, White each 8.75 Add to Cart
71448-W10 SlideFile™ Jr. System, White 10/pk 84.00 Add to Cart
71448-B1 SlideFile™ Jr. System, Blue each 8.75 Add to Cart
71448-B10 SlideFile™ Jr. System, Blue 10/pk 84.00 Add to Cart
71448-G1 SlideFile™ Jr. System, Green each 8.75 Add to Cart
71448-G10 SlideFile™ Jr. System, Green 10/pk 84.00 Add to Cart
71448-P1 SlideFile™ Jr. System, Pink each 8.75 Add to Cart
71448-P10 SlideFile™ Jr. System, Pink 10/pk 84.00 Add to Cart
71448-Y1 SlideFile™ Jr. System, Yellow each 8.75 Add to Cart
71448-Y10 SlideFile™ Jr. System, Yellow 10/pk 84.00 Add to Cart

Drain Rackarrow12Drain Rack™

Made from high impact polystyrene. This rugged tray used as a drain rack can hold up to 200 microscope slides in 100 individual numbered slots. All sides are stored upright for easy insertion and removal. A unique feature with the DrainRack™ is the ability to read bar codes without having to remove the slides from the rack. For space saving purposes, you can double the amount of slides simply by storing 2 slides per slot, giving you a capacity of 200 slides per tray instead of 100. The racks are not autoclavable. They measure: 75 mm x 231 mm x 25 mm H (3" x 9" x 1" H)

71446-W DrainRack™, White 10/pk 35.00 Add to Cart
71446-B DrainRack™, Blue 10/pk 35.00 Add to Cart
71446-G DrainRack™, Green 10/pk 35.00 Add to Cart
71446-P DrainRack™, Pink 10/pk 35.00 Add to Cart
71446-Y DrainRack™, Yellow 10/pk 35.00 Add to Cart

DrainRack microscope slidesarrow12DrainRack Jr.

Made from high impact polystyrene This model is similar to the DrainRack™ above but can hold up to 100 microscope slides in 50 individual numbered slots. The rack is autoclavable.

Dimensions: 75 mm x 125 mm x 25 mm H (3" x 5" 1" H)

71445-W DrainRack Jr. White 10/pk 27.00 Add to Cart
71445-B DrainRack Jr., Blue 10/pk 27.00 Add to Cart
71445-G DrainRack Jr., Green 10/pk 27.00 Add to Cart
71445-P DrainRack Jr., Pink 10/pk 27.00 Add to Cart
71445-Y DrainRack Jr., Yellow 10/pk 27.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Slide Tray Racks & Aluminum Slide Trays

Stainless Steel slide tray racks that accept aluminum slide trays. The rack alows air to circulate over the slides and both sizes of racks hold up to 100 slides. The aluminum slide trays have elevated ridges to separate 76 x 26 mm slides and finger holes for easy removal. Ideal for drying fresh mounts. The Aluminum slide trays are available in two configurations: 10 slide position and 20 slide position.

71506-10 Aluminum Slide Tray, 10 Slide - 13" L x 4" W. Accommodates 10 slides. each 32.00 Add to Cart
71506-20 Aluminum Slide Tray, 20 Slide - 13" L x 7.5" W. Accommodates 20 slides. each 46.00 Add to Cart

Slide Tray for 100 Slidesarrow12Slide Tray for 100 Slides

Made from tough, resilient ASB plastic which offers long life. Holds 100-standard 1 x 3" slides positioned vertically for easy insertion in pre-numbered grooves allowing for simple identification and retrieval. Dimensions: 14.25" L x 0.25" W x 3.75" H.

A cover which is optional is made from clear polystyrene offering full visibility and it protects the slides from dirt and dust when they are not in the drawer.

71510-01 100-Slide Tray, Vertical each 42.00 Add to Cart
71510-10 100-Slide Tray, Vertical 10/pk 395.00 Add to Cart
71511-01 100-Slide Tray Cover each 22.00 Add to Cart
71511-10 100-Slide Tray Cover 10/pk 212.00 Add to Cart

Microarray Hybridization Systems arrow13arrow13