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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Tweezers and Tools

Downloadable PDFarrow14EMS’S Personal Fine and General Purpose Tweezer Line

EMS proudly introduces a full selection of tweezers and forceps with all hand-crafted to a perfect tip symmetry and balance, high quality and innovative tweezers, that are well suited for many applications:

EM Labs – General Labs - Electronic – Aerospace – Precision assembly – Optic – Biotech – Chemistry – Surgery - etc.


  • Type SA low carbon austenitic steel - non magnetic, generally used where corrosion resistance and toughness are primary requirements.
  • Aluminum alloy AL – low density, high electrical and thermal conductivity, good corrosion resistance in common environments, lightweight – only used for the making of tweezers handle.
  • Titanium alloy TA – relatively low density (4.5g/cm3), good mechanical properties and high use temperature (1600°F/870°C); good corrosion resistance and non-magnetic. Generally it is used in addition to the high heat and corrosion resistance, a very high strength-to weight ratio is required.
  • "PTFE" coatings, TE – superior anti-scratch, non-stick material.
    Insulation and very high corrosion resistance. Continuous use temperature 150°C (300°F)
  • Ceramic MZ – zirconia toughened alumina (ZTA). Non-porous. Superior of hardness, corrosion, heat resistance, and insulation.
  • Conductive plastic CF (PA66/CF30) – polyamide 66 reinforced with 30% carbon fiber
  • Non-conductive plastic RF (PET’GF30) – polyethylene terephtalate reinforced with 30% glass fiber.
  • PEEK/CF30: Polyetheretherketone reinforced with 30% wt% carbon fiber - High Performance Plastic Type CP. Very hard, high tensile and flexural strength, high wear resistance. High heat (260 -300°C) resistant. Excellent resistance to most chemicals. ESD safe, low surface resistivity (102 ohm). Directly substitute for all CF or RFSoft ESD cushion grip static dissipative (ESD safe). NBR vulcanized rubber
  • Synthetic fiber SV – PVDF, polyvinylidene fluoride carbon fiber reinforced
  • Nickel plating – NP, Superior corrosion resistance to saltwater, alkalies and organic acids.

EMS Tweezers

  1. EMS Biological Tweezers
  2. High End Medical Tweezers
  3. EMS Swiss Personal Line of Tweezers
  4. High Precisions and Ultra Fine Tweezers
  5. Economy Tweezers
  6. Premium Economy Tweezers
  7. High Precision, Diamond Like Carbon
  8. Super Thin and Long Tweezers
  9. EMS Ergonomic Tweezers
  10. Flat-Tip Tweezers
  11. ESD Safe
  12. Gold Coated
  13. Ceramic
  14. Ceramic Tipped
  15. General Purpose Tweezers
  16. Fiber and Fiber Tipped
  17. Replaceable Tip Tweezers
  18. EMS Synthetic Fiber Tweezers
  19. Surface Mount and Optoelectric
  20. EMS Wafer Tweezers