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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Tweezers and Tools

arrow14Fontax Tweezers

Fine and Accurate Tweezers

These tweezers were developed in 1958. Fontax is known for the manufacturing of high quality precision instruments for use in research as well as industry. The following types are available:

  • Chromosteel: Made from chromium steel, these tweezers are non-magnetic and may be used in all applications. These tweezers have a guaranteed alignment, and are specially finished under the microscope.
  • "PTFE" Coated: These tweezers are made from chromosteel and then coated with "PTFE" (the whole tweezer). Suitable for electronic work and with conductive materials.

arrow12A-1. Fontax Positive Action Style

arrow12Style #4, Super Fine Points, Short

Very accurately finished, length 110mm.
Tip measures: 0.17mm W x 0.10mm thick.

72696-F Fontax #4, Chromosteel each 19.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Style #6, Strong Hooked Points

Very accurately finished, length 115mm.
Tip measures: 0.07mm W x 0.03mm thick Dumoxel).
Tip measures: 0.17mm W x 0.10mm thick (Chromosteel).

72750-F Fontax #6, Chromosteel each 39.00 Add to Cart

Fine Points, Oblique Fontax Tweezersarrow12Style #16, Fine Points, Oblique

Used for the transfer of specimen grids in and out of the grid storage box.

72810-F Fontax #16, Chromosteel each 26.00 Add to Cart

Dumont Tweezers arrow12arrow12