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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Tweezers and Tools

arrow13Micro-Manipulator and Probes

Micro-Manipulator arrow12Professional Manual Micro-Manipulator Model FX-117

This three axis micro-manipulator provides safe and efficient positioning of microtools.

All three vernier readings are graduated in 0.1mm increments. The X-axis, which holds the tool clamp with microtool, has an additional fine movement with 0.001mm graduations.

The FX117 employs rack and pinion drive, V-shaped guide ways and cross bearings, so movement is precise and repeatable. Contact parts are milled from hardened steel for optimum performance and long life. Design employs in-line control knobs clustered within a 8cm area in a single vertical plane resulting in quick and precise hand manipulation.

The stand , the FX117-01 has a dovetail adapter and mounting post.


Movements: X axis fine 10 mm travel 0.01mm graduations
  X axis 37mm travel 0.10mm graduations
Y axis 20 mm travel 0.10mm graduations
Z axis 25 mm travel 0.10mm graduations
Weight: 1.8 lb. 6.1 lb. with stand
Dimensions: 140 mm (H) 220 mm with stand
100  mm (W) 145 mm with stand
60mm (D) 165 mm with stand
62100-15 Micro Manipulator Model FX-117 with stand each 1800.00 Add to Cart

Stainless Steel Probesarrow12Stainless Steel Probes

These probes are scalpel sharp for fine probing. They are useful for many applications, such as micro positioning, solder probing, and band inspection.

62125-10 Stainless Steel Probes 3/set 30.00 Add to Cart
62125-11 Stainless Steel Probes #1 each 8.00 Add to Cart
62125-12 Stainless Steel Probes #2 each 8.00 Add to Cart
62125-13 Stainless Steel Probes #3 each 8.00 Add to Cart

Mini-Tools, Pin Vise, Diamond Scribing Tools, and Spatulas arrow13arrow13