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EMS Catalog #1259


LiteFix is an off-white, two component acrylic mounting system. Acrylics are easy-to-use resins with short curing times and negligible shrinkage. They consist of self-polymerizing components that harden with the addition of catalyst. Hardened acrylic is thermoplastic and resistant to most chemicals.

Mounting of Specimens

Measuring of Components

The ratio for LiteFix Powder: LiteFix Liquid is 20:10 by weight and 20:10 by volume. Weighing is recommended to obtain the best mounts and for reproducibility

Note: Do not pour excess liquid back into the bottle, as this will significantly reduce the shelf life.

Mixing of Components

  • Measure out the amount of LiteFix Liquid into a mixing cup (max. 30g/30mL)
  • Measure out the amount of LiteFix Powder into a mixing cup (max. 60g/60mL)
  • Pour the powder into the liquid
  • Stir thoroughly for 45 seconds, until the mixture is homogeneous and without lumps
  • Mix carefully to avoid trapping air in the mixture

Selecting the Mounting Cups

All EMS mounting cups can be used. If possible, choose a mounting cup where the distance between the specimen and cup wall is approx. 5 mm/0.2".


To promote the best possible adhesion of LiteFix to the specimen, ensure that the specimen is thoroughly cleaned and dry prior to mounting. Each surface must be free from grease, moisture and other contaminants.


  • Place the cleaned specimen in the center of the mounting cup
  • Mix the required amount of LiteFix
  • Pour the mixture carefully over the specimen; run the mixture slowly along the stirrer or the mixing cup handle
  • Ensure that no air remains trapped within cracks or cavities in the specimen by moving the specimen or by tapping the mounting cup on the table


LiteFix is a room temperature curing system. For a 30 mm / 1¼" dia. mount, the curing time is approx. 20 minutes. We recommend keeping the mount in the mounting cup until the temperature is below 40°C/104°F.

After removal from the mounting cup, the mount is immediately ready for preparation.

Technical Data

Mixing Ratio

Components Ratio by Weight Ratio by Volume
LiteFix Powder 20 20
LiteFix Liquid 10 10


LiteFix Powder 0.95 g/mL
LiteFix Liquid 0.97 g/mL


Can be prepared (ground and polished) after 20 minutes
Peak temperature * 75°C/167°F
Pot life after mixing 3½ min
*30 mm dia. mounting cup without specimen at 21°C / 70°F.


LiteFix Liquid is soluble in Acetone


The filling material in LiteFix is calcium carbonate

Properties after Curing

Hardness 84 Shore D
Density 1.4 g/mL
Chemical Resistance LiteFix is resistant to the most common etching materials but can be colored

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