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Entellan® Rapid Mounting Media for Microscope Slides

EMS Catalog #14800


 Entellan® New is a solution of polymers in xylene.


The combination of several synthetic resins makes Entellan® a particularly rapid embedding agent. It can be used for all dehydrated microscopic preparations.

Embedded preparations can be filed for years without changes occurring in their color. Constant properties ensure its high quality.


Setting time at room temperature   20 minutes
Intrinsic color   Colorless; absolutely transparent
Neutrality Acid number   <2.50
Refractive Index   nd20 1.490 - 1.500
Refraction to daylight & UV light   not turbid
Heat resistance   up to 90°C
Cold resistance   down to -17°C
Intrinsic fluorescence under UV light   <50ppb quinine sulfate
Indifference to biological stains   not to carmine, sudan III , toluidine
Density 20 o/4°C   0.940 - 0.960
Viscosity @ 20°C   <450cP
Solubility dissolves in   acetone, ether, benzene, chloroform, dioxan, toluene, xylene
Reaction to water   slight; immiscible with water
Loss on drying   about 75%


Cover the object with drops of Entellan® so that the space between the cover glass and the slide is completely filled. The cover glass must be sealed right up to each edge. Excess embedding agent can be removed with a cloth moistened with xylene.

In the case of histological and cytological preparations it is recommended that xylene be used as the final stage before embedding, so that turbidities caused by the action of alcohol can be avoided.

As a matter of precaution, we recommend that, as with other embedding agents, all work with Entellan® be carried out in a fume hood or in a well-ventilated room.


Recap the bottle immediately after use. Should Entellan® become to viscous, it can be brought back to the desired consistency by adding xylene. Store at room temperature.

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