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Formaldehyde Zinc Fixative

EMS Catalog #15675

Formaldehyde/Zinc Fixative Ready-to-use is designed to be used in your laboratory as a routine fixative, denaturing your tissue specimens and achieving cellular rigidity without over hardening.

Formaldehyde/Zinc Fixative retards protein crosslinking responsible for masking the immunochemistry antigenic binding sites. This fixative will yield excellent results in routine H&E, special stains, Enzymatic stains and immunochemical reactions.

Instructions for Use:

  • Formaldehyde/Zinc Fixative Ready-to-use is to be used full strength.
  • Use as routine histologic fixatives. For optimum results tissue/fixative ratio should not exceed 1:15 and specimens should be placed into fixative immediately following removal from the patient.
  • It may be used as the secondary fixative after neutral buffered formalin, providing that exposure to NBF has not exceeded several hours.
  • If used in enclosed tissue processors, it is advisable to follow manufacturers instructions in regards to flushing and housekeeping procedures.

DANGER: Strong sensitizer, avoid prolonged or repeated exposure. Use under fume hood and adequate ventilation.

CAUTION: The Federal Formaldehyde Standard requires that all containers be labeled with a warning listing all of the hazards of this solution.

DISPOSAL: Dispose in accordance to State and local codes. Disposal may be easier if Zinc is removed from solution. Simply raise the pH to 7.0 - 8.0 with a mild alkaline solution (sodium hydroxide is recommended). Wait several hours and filter the solution. Dispose of the filtered precipitate as you would any inorganic solids of low toxicity.

Product Information

Formaldehyde/Zinc Fixative