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Application Sheet for Citifluor CFM-1 Mountant Solution

EMS Catalog #17980-10, 17980-25


This glycerol-phosphate buffered saline based solution has been specially formulated so as to have a refractive index of ~1.52 (at room temperature). This refractive index will be a close match to that of the glass of the objective lens and cover-slip. The CFM-1 solution will be particularly useful for high magnification work where immersion oils are use to minimise distortion of the image due to refraction of the viewing light. The solutions should also be particularly valuable where three-dimensional imaging of specimens is carried out using confocal microscopy.

A few drops of the solution should be applied to the specimen followed by a cover slip. An immersion oil (which may be CFM solution if its viscosity is appropriate) is applied in the usual way.

Properties and Storage of CFM-1 Mountant Solution

The solutions are of medium viscosity, are water-white in appearance and have a pH of ~7.5. They may be stored at room temperature. The cap of the bottles should always be replaced after use to prevent evaporation of water. Samples stored under these conditions for 6 months have been found to exhibit little apparent deterioration.

Product Information

Citifluor Non-Hardening Antifadents