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Aclar Film

EMS Catalog #50425 & 50426

A flexible thermoplastic fluoropolymer films with high optical clarity and a smooth surface.

Macrophages selectively adhere to its surface. Lymphocytes do not. ACLAR® films can be cut into discs (using our Disc Punches, Cat #77850-08 for disc size 7.94mm diameter; Cat. #77850-09 for disc size 9.54mm diameter; Cat. #77850-12 for disc size 12.7mm diameter, and Cat #77850-25 for disc size 25.4mm diameter), as a substrate in standard tissue culture, after washing, can produce an almost pure collection of macrophages. Discs can then be fixed, dehydrated, critical point dried and attached to SEM specimen mount stubs.

For HRP studies, ACLAR® film is helpful for LM evaluation, prior to thin sectioning. After processing through HRP , fixation and dehydration series and embedding procedure schedules, one can place a slice of tissue sample with a drop of epoxy resin on a small piece of ACLAR®. Film. Place another piece of ACLAR® on top, and press between two pieces of glass slide. Polymerize in the oven. Once polymerized, ACLAR® film peels off easily to reveal a thin plate of embedded tissue which is conveniently examined under the light microscope


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