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Paraffin Block-Wax Trimmer

EMS #62850-10


Our wax trimmer is an appliance for removing excess paraffin from tissue cassettes. It is compact, tabletop design fits easily in any histology lab. Melted paraffin is shaved away. Collection tray stays in place by magnetic contact with the unit. The convenient PE disposable tray liner allows easy disposal of the runoff wax - no need to scrape out the collection tray.


  • Multiple blocks may be trimmed simultaneously
  • Grooved surface for proper wax drainage
  • Two temperature settings - Low setting is approx. 80°F and high setting is 90°F
  • UL listed power cord
  • Includes 5 pieces disposable drip tray liner


  • For use in histological applications such as teaching, medical or research fields
  • Removes excess paraffin from processing cassettes such as tissue, biopsy, mega and embedding
  • Not recommended for any other use


  • Keep unit in a dry area
  • FIRE/SHOCK HAZARD. DO NOT expose to rain or moisture
  • Use only with AC 110V, 60Hz in the USA or Canada
  • Always allow paraffin to cool before removing from tray. (Discarding hot/molten paraffin can cause fires)
  • Dispose of paraffin according to its manufacturer's instructions


  1. Remove equipment from packaging and place in an area away from water/moisture sources, on a stable worktable
  2. Connect AC power cord to back of unit, then connect power to mains supply
  3. Attach magnetic paraffin collection tray and insert plastic collection insert inside metal collection tray. NOTE: Brim of plastic liner can be folded down, along side of tray that is against the unit. This will not affect the magnetic hold of the tray to the main unit

Routine Maintenance

  • ALWAYS unplug unit before moving or servicing
  • Empty collection tray daily
  • Clean with a lint-free towel.
    • DO NOT use any type of instrument or tool that can scratch/damage surface
    • DO NOT use any type of chemical or water to clean unit


  • If unit is not working, make sure it is plugged in
  • If unit is plugged in and not working, replace the fuse, which is located in the back of the unit, directly under the power cord socket
  • If unit is still not working, call Customer Service at 1-800-523-5874

Paraffin Block-Wax Trimmer