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Marking Dyes for Tissue

EMS Catalog #63020

(For Mohs Chemosurgery Technique)

Our Marking Dyes for Tissue are designed to perfect orientation of excised surgical specimens. This method of permanently marking the margins of tissue specimens is very beneficial to surgeons and pathologists testing for skin cancer. This method of marking multiple margins of specimens was originally documented by Dr. Frederic Mohs.

Another benefit of these dyes is the ability to process more than one specimen in a single cassette, saving the researcher both time and materials. Use this method on specimens where the chance of malignancy is very small.

Usual method is to apply the dyes to fresh tissue, but they are successfully used with formalin fixed tissue. Tissues must be dried by blotting or wiping fluids from the tissue surface prior to applying the dye. Small amounts of the dyes are applied with the enclosed wooden sticks or similar applicator. Larger surfaces may require cotton swabs.

Dyes will bind permanently to the tissue surface within 1 to 2 minutes when allowed to air dry. Freezing or formalin fixation will not interfere with the dye performance. Re-cap bottles after use to prevent dehydration.

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