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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Technical Data Sheets

Using The Davidson Marking System® Dyes

EMS Catalog #63021

  1. Shake tissue dye well before and throughout each use.
  2. Carefully blot tissue to remove excess moisture.
  3. Apply dye directly to desired portion of tissue using an applicator stick or brush. Do not apply excess dye as this will prolong drying time.
  4. Recap bottle promptly to prevent evaporation.
  5. Allow dye to dry completely (1-2 minutes). Once dry, the dye is permanently bonded to the tissue.
  6. No mordant is necessary, but can be used if desired.
  7. Once dry, the processing of the tissue can be performed.

Tissue Dying Examples

  • Component 1
  • Component 2
  • Component 3

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