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EMS Catalog #63560-25

The Disposable Cell Counting Chamber

These Disposable Cell Counters are an enclosed chamber with two ports for sample introduction. The chamber contains precisely spaced lines in a grid pattern. There are two counting chambers per slide for replicates.

Figure 1: Schematic Drawing of a Cellometer TM

The counting grid pattern is the Improved Neubauer, as in a common Hemacytometer. The consistent pattern design allows the standard cell counting procedure to be followed.

Figure2: Counting Grid: The Liquid Volume

Under square A, B, C are 1x10-4 ml, and 2.5x10-7 ml respectively.

Procedure For Use

  1. Pipette 15-20 microliters cell suspension through sample port.
  2. Place Cellometer under optical microscope.
  3. Adjust focus on both the grid lines and the cells.
  4. Count cells following standard cell counting procedures.
  5. Count the total number of cells found in four of the large corner squares as shown in Figure 2. (Total Count)
  6. Calculate cell concentration (Cell concentration= Dilution factor x (total count ÷ 4) x 10 4
  7. Dispose cell counting chamber in bio waste.

Cellometer™ with cells

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