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LAB-AIR System; Electronic Air Purifiers

EMS Catalog #64490-56, 64491-56, 64491-98

Lab-Air Models PA 2500 and 1200, 110 VAC and 220 VAC

The Lab-Air System is an electronic air purifier which complies with OSHA Regulations and minimizes Occupational Exposure To Toxic Vapors. This is the system that destroys the odors and fumes and doesn't just mask them. Toxic vapors are reduced as well. These Lab-Air Units are designed to eliminate harmful fumes and annoying odors from the laboratory workplace as well as the following:

  • Kitchen fires or fireplaces
  • Flood or water damage
  • Vacant houses or food left in the refrigerator
  • Previous tenants smoking
  • Pets, pet hair, pet urine
  • Body odors of all kinds
  • Bars (keeping lounge, bar, or lobby continuously fresh)
  • School rooms, gyms, and locker rooms
  • Paint and glue
  • Mold and mildew
  • Insects of all kinds

Approximate Output Range (varies with changes in temperature and humidity)

Odor Strength Light Odor Medium Odor Strong Odor
Ozone Required Approx. 0.02 ppm Approx. 0.03 ppm Approx. 0.04 ppm
Cubic Feet 125,000-500,000 34,000-138,000 17,000-69,000
Cubic Meters 3,540-14,165 960-3,910 480-1,955

Features and Specifications

  • An easily programmed timer
  • The PA2500 can produce a "true" 2,500 milligrams of Ozone per hour
  • Beige Hammer tone scratch resistant aluminum cabinet with protective bumper guards and attached power cord
  • Quadruple, low maintenance parallel plate generators powered by heavy duty transformers
  • Size: 14" long, 15" wide, 5.5" high. (36 cm long x 38 cm wide x 14 cm high)
  • Weight: 22 lbs (10 kg)
  • Twin fans: with a combined output of 210 CFM. (6.0 m3/min)
  • Power Requirement: 120 volt/75 watt/60 Hz
  • Electrical Approvals: CSA (Canadian Standards Association) and the use of UL and CE approved components in building the unit. (Units are built to comply with appropriate standards.)
  • Safety: All Zontec™ units come with easy to read operating instructions to assist the operator in ensuring that usage falls within OSHA guidelines
  • Cleaning/maintenance kits are available
  • Lab-Air's Electronic Air Purifiers are CSA approved and come with a two year warranty
  • Powered by 110 VAC, 60 Hz or 220 VAC, 50 Hz

What is the best location for our LAB-AIR System?

Histology/Pathology/EM Labs – There are common odors and toxic vapors which are generated by fixing fluids, staining and embedding materials, autopsy samples, body odors, remains of dead animals and fumes, which can exceed the capacity of the fume hood. In these cases, these fumes may spread to other areas of the building.

Other Labs with Odors – There are other locations within the hospital or research lab where people are using chemicals such as xylene, glutaraldehyde, formaldehyde, etc. where the LAB-AIR System would be very beneficial.

Animal Necropsy – These are odors and fumes associated with the remains of dead animals. These odors can spread, especially in the warmer months, throughout an entire building. The LAB-AIR System eliminates this completely.

Attic Odors/Basement/Garage – Musty attic odors are a result of years of accumulated dust with little airflow or light. Mildew and musty odors can also be present in garages and basements. Run the unit for 2-4 hours in the unoccupied area. Leave the area closed for an additional 2 to 4 hours to allow the ozone to revert to oxygen. (For any upholstered furniture in the area, a thorough vacuuming before Zontec™ servicing is recommended).

Air Conditioning Duct Returns – Especially in older homes, the air conditioning ducts have mold and mildew present. This odor spreads throughout the house each time you turn the air conditioning on. To eliminate mildew odors, simply place our larger commercial unit, PA 2500 in the return and set the machine to run for about 1 hour. After you run the machine, let the building air out for approximately ½ hours allowing ozone to revert to oxygen.

Automobile Odors – Vacuum the carpets, seats and headliner thoroughly. Open both the left front and right rear windows (or available windows, if a 2-door vehicle) about 2 inches. Run the ozone unit for 2 hours on high. Leave doors closed for about 2 hours after the treatment. If possible, operate the heating/air conditioning fan on "recirculating" mode for the first ½ hour of ozone treatment so the ozone will be drawn through the internal ducts to eliminate odors from within. Follow with a thorough vacuuming to draw odors from deep within the fabrics and then treat with ozone for a further hour. In the case of strong animal odors or long term tobacco smoke odor, additional treatments may be required.

Beer & Alcohol Odors – Bar & Restaurant owners usually operate their Zontec™ ozone unit for a 4 hour period after closing time. The last person out turns the unit on. The ozone will eliminate odors and have disappeared by the time workers return the next morning. For home, use a ½ -1 hour treatment while building is unoccupied and it will do the job. These units are great to run after a party to eliminate all lingering odors.

Boat/Yacht Odors – These units are very popular for eliminating all odors inside cabins of yachts, sailboats, and boats to eliminate mold, mildew, bilge odors, pet odors, smoke, etc, periodically. Also, if you store your boat or shrink wrap it for the winter, simply run the machine in the spring once you open the boat back up and you will be amazed with the results. Run the machine 1-2 hours in unoccupied closed area allowing for an additional ½ -1 hour airing out time after you run the unit.

Cottage Odors – When opening the cottage after a long period of being closed, a 2-4 hour treatment will eliminate odors from mold, mildew and stale air. For stronger odors such as skunk or a dead animal, two treatments of 2-4 hours may be required.

Cooking Odors – Operating for ½-1 hour in the kitchen to eliminate odors from unsuccessful cooking, projects, or to simply remove stronger odors, such as those caused by fish and garlic.

Dead Animal Odor in Wall/Ceiling – If an animal has died in your interior wall or attic simply run the machine in an enclosed unoccupied room for approximately 2-3 hours and air out the room for an additional hour after the application. The ozone will destroy the odor in the wall or ceiling.

Decorating & Renovation Odors – Treatment of 4-6 hours will eliminate odors caused by furniture stripping, hardwood floor finishing, painting, carpet adhesive. To be effective, paint should be allowed to dry before servicing.

Fire Damage Odors – Odors from smoke and water damage can be removed with an overnight application of ozone at full output in an unoccupied building. It is recommended that carpets, drapes & fabrics be steam cleaned and thoroughly dried prior to ozone treatment. Walls should be wiped down with chemical sponges to remove any carbon buildup. The ozone unit should be run with the central heating/air conditioning operating to help deodorize the ducting as well as other areas of the house.

Flooded Basement Odor – Carpet, upholstery and drapery fabrics must be dry before using ozone. After removing all water, and drying fabrics, operate the unit for 2-4 hours. This will start to deodorize carpets & upholstery. Vacuum thoroughly to bring "deep" odors to the surface. Repeat ozone treatment for another 2-4 hours period. Ozone treatments on a regular basis can be used to eliminate mold & mildew odors that may leak out from behind dry walled areas and from under carpets.

Home Care – Personal and illness type odors often are one of the most annoying factors in at home medical care. Occasional ozone treatment of the patient area when the patient and other residents are absent from the home will go a long way to controlling such odors.

Mold & Mildew – Mold and mildew can occur in any dark, damp, or basement environment. Ozone will eliminate the odor from mold & mildew. However, any visible mold & mildew should be removed to reduce the possibility of re-occurrence. Mold & mildew that are under carpets or behind drywall can be treated; it will require 2-3 days of non-stop treatment.

Pet Odors/Pet Urine – Run the unit for 15 minutes in the pet's area. The pet should not be present during, or for 1 hour after, the ozone treatment. Pet urine can take longer to be removed from carpet. You may have to test this application by first running the machine in the room, making sure the room is shut off from the rest of the house, for 2-3 hours. After, open the windows and air the room out for an additional hour. If the room still has the odor, you may have to run the unit in this room for up to 6-7 hours and air out for an additional 2-3 hours. Pet urine can be stubborn, but usually requires a PA 1200 unit, or larger, depending on the size of the room.

Plant Odors – Various indoor plants grown by hobbyists may give off unwanted odors. Treatment for ½-1 hour will control such odors.

Recreational Vehicle Odors – After a long winter or summer storage, an RV can develop stale, musty odors. A simple 2-4 hour treatment, with a window open on each side, will freshen the entire vehicle. Operating any internal recirculation ventilation system will also help eliminate any mold & mildew odor from the heating/air conditioning unit.

Rec. Room & Basement Odors – A ½ -1 hour treatment in the rec. room will eliminate party, smoking, beer, mold & mildew odors.

Sewer, Gas, & Septic Backup Odors – Remove all waste water with a wet dry vac. Carpets and fabrics should be thoroughly dried with an "air mover" or "carpet drying fan" before the ozone treatment. Run the ozone unit for 2-4 hours. If odors return, vacuum all carpets and fabrics thoroughly and treat with ozone for an additional 2-4 hours. If odors leak out of the walls at a later date, an occasional 15-30 minute treatment will eliminate odors as they reoccur.

Skunk Odors – Operate the ozone unit for 3 periods of 2-4 hours with breaks of at least 2-4 hours between treatments. If odors persist after 24 hours, thoroughly steam clean and dry all affected carpets, drapes and furniture, followed by the same ozone treatment.

Smoke Damage Odors – Smoke odor from a kitchen fire or backed up wood stove can be eliminated by placing the ozone unit in the area for 1-2 hours and again in front of the central heating/air conditioning return for an additional 1-2 hours.

Tobacco Smoke/Stale Air – Eliminate cigarette, cigar or stale air odors in the house or office with a simple 15-30 minute treatment in the area. If the home has a strong odor, you may have to run the machine for 4-6 hours with an additional 1-2 hour airing out time after you run the unit.

Kills Insects (Including Bed Bugs) – Our latest model PA 2500 unit has been designed to control and eliminate ANY insects such as flies, fleas, bees, ants, gnats, roaches, crickets, millipedes, beetles, waspes, moths, mosquitoes, mites, ticks, etc, eliminating the need for harmful chemicals. The PA 2500 unit also kills bed bugs with one shock treatment application in as soon as 72 hours.

*Note: Electron Microscopy Sciences recommends that people and/or pets NOT be in the same room while the generator is operating. Prolonged exposure to ozone may be dangerous to your health.

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LAB-AIR System; Electronic Air Purifiers