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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Technical Data Sheets

Sensidyne Gilian BDX-II Pump Charger

EMS #65241-50

Operation Highlights

  • Charger provides constant current.
  • Charge time - 15 hours. A RED indicator light will be continuously on while charging. After charge cycle is complete, the light changes to GREEN and a trickle current is keeps the battery pack at full charge.
  • A sequence of flashes will detail charger type and the internal code version when power is applied.
  • While connected to USB power, indicators flashes briefly every two seconds as it looks for a battery to be connected.
  • Once the battery has been disconnected, it continues to search for a connection.
  • If battery is disconnected or power removed, charger will restart the charge when reconnected or repowered.

Power Requirements

  • Charger receives power from a USB charging port through a micro B connector. A standard USB charging port can supply 500mA which is sufficient for all charging modes.
  • Other power supplies, computer USB power or cell phone chargers may also be used, as long as they supply the 500mA necessary to power the charger.
  • NOTE: If sufficient power is not available from the power source, charging will stop and the red light indicator will flash rapidly.

Power Charger Status Indicators

  1. Brief Flashing RED (at 2 second intervals) - Powered, waiting for battery to be attached.
  2. Fast Flashing RED (off/on once per second) - Error (Low supply voltage or shorted battery).
  3. Continuous RED - Charging.
  4. Continuous GREEN - Charge complete, trickle charge rate.

Sensidyne Gilian BDX-II Pump Charger