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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Technical Data Sheets

Easy-Load Cassettes for Automated Labeling Instruments

EMS Catalog #70060

How to Insert

Note: For magazines with a metal release mechanism, load cassette sleeve from bottom of magazine.

  1. Place magazine on flat surface
  2. Insert stack of cassettes from bottom
  3. Insert cassettes until the last one is passed the metal release mechanism by pulling on plastic tie
  1. Cut plastic tie
  2. Lift and discard while holding cassettes in place with forefinger
  1. Place hopper in labeling instrument

How to Handle Cassettes after Printing

How to Install Cover

  1. Insert cover vertically until hinges click firmly into slots in front of cassette OR
  2. Cover can also be inserted at an angle
  3. Then press down on back tab

How to Remove Cover

  1. Lift tab at back of cassette with forefinger while depressing the center of the lid with thumb
  2. Pivot lid forward and it will disconnect automatically

Product Information

Easy-Load Cassettes for Automated Labeling Instruments