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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Technical Data Sheets

Electric Carbon Rod Sharpener

EMS Catalog #70305

Sharpens either 1/4 " or 1/8" rods

To sharpen 1/4" rods:

  • Insert the carbon rod and push button on top of housing while holding the rod.

To sharpen 1/8 " rods:

  • Insert the small rod adapter and sharpen as above.

Depending on the pressure of the carbon rod the sharpener will produce a ¼" long point in about three to four seconds.

To reduce the possibility of tip breakage, stop the motor before withdrawing the sharpened rod.

This sharpened produces straight sided tips. To make pencil form rods, use a regular pencil sharpener.

Should the cutter blades become loose or out of adjustment , insert the brass setting gage, press the blades against it and retighten the set screws. Properly adjusted, the sharpener should produce tips 1.0mm in diameter.

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