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Breathe-Easy®, Breathe Easier™ Membranes

EMS Catalog #70537-10, 70537-20

Introduction and Features

Breathable microtube sealing membranes offer two rates of gas exchange to meet your requirements for cell growth and other uses.

Breathe-Easy and the Breathe-Easier membrane features

  • FDA approval for blood and cell contact in wound healing
  • Gamma irradiation, which assures that no cytotoxins are introduced into either membranes
  • Pre-cut to fit a variety of popular tube sizes
  • Membranes are easily removed from the paper carrier and applied over microtube openings
  • The Breathe-Easy (1.0 mil thick) and Breathe-Easier (5.5 mil thick) microtube membranes allow microtube caps to fully close without interfering with centrifuge rotors
  • The acrylic adhesive has excellent bonding characteristics using a wide range of temperatures
  • The option to perforate microtube cap with a syringe needle and then close over membrane

Applications and Features


Membranes can be used for cell growth, concentrating samples (e.g. freeze drying), and gas exchange.


User friendly, the breathable microtube membrane is formatted with an easy use finger tab. Sized to fit 0.5 ml to 2.0 ml microcentrifuge tubes. Also, scoring makes liner removal quick and easy.


  • Breathe-Easy offers a water vapor transmission rate of 0.7 kg/m2/24 hours
  • Breathe-Easier transmits water vapor 6 times faster for accelerated growth

Thermal & Chemical Stability

Each membrane resists a majority of organic solvents and caustic agents.

  • Breathe-Easy withstands exposure to temperatures from -80°C to +100°C
  • Breathe-Easier withstands -20°C to +80°C

Centrifuge Compatible

Both breathable membranes allow microtube cap closure and will not bind in centrifuge rotors.



  • Do not use membranes more than once
  • It is recommended that the tube tops be lanced prior to membrane placement
  • Always wear gloves
  • Tightly re-seal the zip lock bag after use
  • The membranes are ideal for l.5 ml-2.0 ml tubes, but can fit tubes up to 11/16" in diameter

Breathe-Easy Membranes

Note: Breathe-Easy is a 3-layer "sandwich" consisting of an upper protective layer, the membrane and a paper liner.

  1. Remove the paper liner half, opposite the thumb tab. Center the membrane on your tube.
  2. Remove remaining paper liner by lifting the thumb tab and removing liner.
  3. Adhere the membrane tube edges and tube wall. Then remove the top layer by peeling back the thumb tab.
  4. Remove the top layer and adhere the remaining membrane to the surrounding tube walls. Lance the tube top with a syringe needle and close the tube cap.

Breathe-Easier Membranes

  1. Hold the membrane using the thumb tab and remove the paper carrier liner. It may be necessary to gently stretch the material between the liner score to facilitate easier removal.
  2. Center the membrane over the tube opening.

Note: If you will not be closing the cap, simply adhere the over-hanging membrane to the tube wall or lance the tube top with a syringe needle and close the tube cap. However, prior to closing the cap, depress the membrane into the tube slightly and close the cap before adhering the over-hanging membrane to the side of the tube.

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Breathe-Easy®, Breathe Easier™ Membranes