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Liquid Release Agent

EMS Catalog #70880

Flat-Embedding Method Using Liquid Release Agent

Electron Microscopy Sciences introduces Liquid Release Agent, a hydrosoluble mold-release agent for use in the flat embedding of microorganisms, and as a replacement for the "PTFE" coating of glass slides to produce a smoother, even surface. A routine, flat-embedding method using Liquid Release Agent is described by Reymond and Pickett-Heaps (1983).

This article describes the selection and precisely oriented sectioning of single cells by light microscopy, prior to examination by electron microscopy.

Preparation Of The Microscope Slide:

Microscope slides are dipped in the Liquid Release Agent to the level of the frosted glass, withdrawn, and dried in a dust-free environment for two hours at room temperature. (An EMS DIP MISER - Catalog #70510 can be used to economize on the Release Agent.) The slides then are put into a slide box or a staining dish, and dried overnight at 40 o - 70°C. At this point the glass slides are ready for the procedure described by Reymond & Pickett-Heaps.


Incomplete drying of the release agent may prevent subsequent polymerization of the liquid epoxy resin.

EMS Products - Used in Reymond & Pickett-Heaps procedure:


Reymond, O.L. & Pickett-Heaps, J.D. (1983) Journal of Microscopy, Vol. 130, Part 1, p. 79

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