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Paterson® Safelight

EMS Catalog #74327-10


Perfect for the small darkroom, or for safety spot lighting individual work areas. This compact safelight, 4" (D) x 6¼" (H), can be installed wherever it's convenient - freestanding, mounted on the wall, or ceiling. The orange globe supplied is safe for all black-and-white papers. The unit comes with a 15W lamp, 120V AC, 3-prong cord.

Safelight Placement

The safelight should be placed in a dry area, at least 47 inches away from paper handling. It can either be freestanding or affixed to a flat surface.

Installation of the Safelight

Removable Wall Mounting

  1. Determine placement of safelight on a suitable wall.
  2. Secure a screw to the wall. (Using screw with anchor if necessary.)
  3. Attach the safelight, using the keyhole opening in the back of the safelight.

Permanent Wall Mounting

  1. Determine placement of safelight on a suitable wall or ceiling.
  2. Unscrew the dome lid.
  3. Remove the two screws that are on the white reflector, in the base of the unit.
  4. Using longer screws (not supplied), screw the base into position.
  5. Screw dome lid back onto base.
  6. It is now ready to be plugged in.

Replacement Parts

Both the bulb and the dome can be replaced. The part numbers are:
15W Bulb – 74327-16
"A" Dome – 74327-18

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Paterson® Safelight