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Rocker Tape

EMS Catalog #77512-12


Double-Sided Adhesive Film for Laboratory Container Mounting

Benefits of Rocker Tape

  • Convenient - No more fumbling with clamps
  • Versatile - Use with rockers, shakers, incubators or nutators
  • Strong - Easily rock and roll up to 300rpm and beyond*
  • Long Lasting - Re-usable based on load capacity and vessel number
  • Resistant - Keeps on rockin' even in the presence of most solvents and caustic agents
    * RPM limits may vary based on load and vessel contact area. Test load recommended.


  1. Before use be sure to test a small area, to check if it is easily removed.
  2. If working with heavy loads, be sure to run a test using only water first.


  1. Use scissors to cut desired piece of tape.
  2. Smooth air pockets by pressing tape firmly against surface.
  3. Rocker tape is exposed by peeling off the brown lining.

Removing the Tape

  1. Starting at a corner, lift up and pull tape in 45 degree angle.
  2. If tape is resistant, you may use warm water to help remove it.

Note: Removing the vessel can be done by slightly twisting the object.

Helping Hints

  • Any dust accumulation can be removed with warm water, rinse and air dry
  • Always ensure vessel is securely adhered to tape
  • To see how much pressure is needed, be sure to test with an empty vessel

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Rocker Tape