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True Ultraviolet Excitation/Emission for the SFA

EMS Catalog #SFA

The fifth excitation/emission combination for the Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter is a true ultraviolet light LED source combined with a good UV-blocking barrier filter and viewing shield. The LED excites in the 360-380nm range and is combined with a UV-transparent focusing lens and a supplementary filter to eliminate any visible light interference. The light head and barrier filters are completely compatible with existing SFA Systems.

We tested this new wavelength set with a mixture of DAPI-stained zebrafish embryos ranging from dome through 60% epiboly stages (~4-7 hours post-fertilization), as seen in the photographs below. Special thanks to Dr. Jeff Farrell of the Alexander Schier Lab (Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Harvard University) for preparing and providing access to the specimens.

We also include some images of hidden fluorescence features on a Massachusetts driver's license and in US currency.

  • UV-blocking barrier filter
  • stereo microscope fluorescence
  • fluorescence adapter
  • DAPI-stained zebrafish embryos, fluorescing under ultraviolet light excitation
  • Detail of fluorescent imprint on a Massachusetts driver's license
  • Detail of fluorescent strip and fluorescent fibers in a US $20 bill
  • White light image of portion of a US $10 bill
  • Detail of fluorescent strip in a US $10 bill

Part numbers

  • SFA-UV: Complete standalone setup including lamp base, power supply, microscope adapter, ultraviolet light head, barrier filter, and shield
  • SFA-LFS-UV: Light head and filter set to add to existing SFA system

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