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Dual Fluorescent Protein Flashlight – User Comments

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Soledad Miranda-Rottman, PhD, (Université de Montréal, Département de Neurosciences) purchased the DFP-CG version of the Dual Fluorescent Protein flashlight. The light includes two excitation sources: a Cyan LED for exciting yellow fluorescent proteins (e.g., YFP) and a Green LED for exciting red fluorescence (e.g. RFP, dsRed, etc.). The system also comes with the associated barrier filter glasses for each color. Dr. Miranda-Rottman is using the light to check fluorescence expression in mouse brains. She writes:

I am very happy with your product. This is a great way to check if your in-utero electroporated brains express the RFP of the control expressing vector. At just a fraction of the price of a stereo-microscope. I check in a dark room using the red glasses and the green light. I take the dissected brain out of PBS and place it over a plastic wrap on top of a black surface. The electroporated spot is much brighter and clearly confined. It looks very small because you don’t have an amplification lens and I think because you only see the brighter (middle) region. I have only used it at E18.5 and haven’t tried it directly on the head (without dissection). I also check the transgenic expression of YFP in the same brain using cyan light/orange glasses and there is almost no overlap of the 2 colors.

The DFP is available with any 2 of the 5 excitation sources that are available with our Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter.

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