SECADOR Autodesiccator Cabinet Vertical blue end cap

SECADOR™ 4.0 Autodesiccator Cabinbet - Verticalarrow11A. Secador® 4.0 Autodesiccator Cabinet – Vertical

The superior dehumidification performance of the Autodesiccator model makes it a natural choice for more perishable and expensive products that require constant low humidity. Totally automatic, continual desiccation with silica beads, and generation every 20 minutes, keeps RH level in the Secador® 4.0 Desiccator at a constant level. No long regeneration lag between cycles - minimal change from opening the cabinet door. Two fans guarantee continuous airflow within the cabinet, and continuous exhaust of humid air.

  • Hygrometer, autodesiccator module
  • 3 shelves, 4 positions, 2 latches
  • Volume: 2 cu ft
  • Reduces RH from 75% to <25% in 8 hours
  • Maintains RH level within narrow range
  • Size: 20.4"H x 13.4"W x 16.3"D (51.8 x 34.1 x 41.4 cm)


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