Stereo Boom Stand Binocular, 6.5:1 Zoom Ratio, articulating boom

Pictured here, the Illuminated stand allows observation of both opaque and transparent specimens because of individual controls for reflected and transmitted light. While reflected or incident light is a 15W Halogen with electronic dimmer, the transmitted light can be either a 15W Halogen with dimmer or a "cool" 5W fluorescent bulb for heat sensitive samples. individual lighting controls provide ideal conditions for photographing images in a fully illuminated field.

All models include: a pair of 10X eye pieces, black/white reversible stage plate, dust cover, power cord and instruction manual.

Model Number Illumination Zoom
Range with
10X Eyepiece
Binocular Trinocular
GL6-208   Dual Halogen 6.5:1 10X - 65X
GL6-209   Halogen Fluorescent
  GL6-308 Dual Halogen

Versatility is a real advantage of EMS's GL Series

With over thirty (30) combinations of stands and optical bodies from which to choose, the GL Series has a model to satisfy your application. Which one is right for you?

GL6 Optical Body - designed for those demanding applications where you are challenged with new and different specimens requiring absolute clarity at all powers, this model achieves high magnification (1.0X to 6.5X, 6:1 ratio) at a low price. Going beyond the standard for this class of microscope, total magnification ranges from 0.5X to 260X with optional auxiliary lenses and eyepieces.

Post Stand Standard
Arm Boom
Binocular /

EMS non-illuminated stands

The Post and Boom stands are heavy duty and designed to provide ample support for many years. Allowing freedom of movement in multiple directions over the work area to facilitate inspection of large samples, their rugged structure minimizes vibration and tipping, even on a Trinocular head with camera attached.

GL Series optical bodies and stands master Industrial environments

Superb resolution meets demands in semi-conductor/high tech industries, medical device assembly and life science research.

  • Comfort First Design - long duration tasks are less fatiguing with accessible controls
  • Large Field of view - the GL7 boasts a 35mm object field size
  • Bonders & Probers - compact design/long working distance facilitate machine mounts
  • Large Zoom Range - accurate reproduction of the sample up to 260X
  • Wide range of imaging functions - fully integrated camera/software systems

Boom Stands, available in three styles (pictured on previous page), feature heavy bases for stability and tilting/swiveling mounts to facilitate observation of even hard to get to areas, but differ as follows:

Standard Boom is economical and well-matched to applications where continuous horizontal movement is not required. Used in medical device assembly where work stations and repetitive actions are common.

Smooth Boom got its name from the smooth gliding motion produced by the ball bearings in the horizontal movement. Ideal for scanning large parts, like a circuit board, simply with the touch of a hand.

Articulating Arm Boom features a counter balanced arm that moves vertically as well as horizontally, making it ideal for tight spaces.


GL6 Series 6.5 :1 ratio

Auxiliary Lens 10X Eye Piece,
Field No. 22
15X Eye Piece,
Field No. 16
20X Eye Piece,
Field No. 13
Distance (mm)
Field dia (mm) Magnifi-
Field dia (mm) Magnifi-
Field dia
0.5X 0.5-32.5X 44.0-6.7 7.5-48.8X 21.3-3.2 10-65X 13-2.0 220
0.75X 0.7-48.8X 31.42-4.5 11.2-73.1X 14.2-2.1 15-97.5X 8.7-1.3 120
1X (none) 10.0-65X 22.0-3.3 15-97.5X 10.6-1.6 20-130X 6.5-1.0 90
1.5X 1.5-97.5X 14.6-2.2 22.5-146.2X 7.1 -1.1 30-195X 4.3-0.7 43
2X 2-130X 11.0-1.6 30-195X 5.3-0.8 40-260X 3.2-0.5 30
SKU: GL6-208
Pack: Each